Listen in Stereo

Since I have had a home studio set up and been making music, I find I often return to an earlier song and remix it. Inevitably, I end up adding some new tracks – vocals, synth or guitars. I then have a dilemma as I never know which I like better – the original or the remix!

So, I’m gonna ask you all…

Here are two songs redone. Let me know which version you prefer please….. The links will take you to Spotify – its free.



FIRE – Original Version

FIRE – Remix

Risky Business – Original Version

Risky Business – Remix


My obsession with revisiting songs has found new expression in my latest release – out soon. Yes – its a remix of Talk Talk….

Talk Talk


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A Magical Tradition…

Stuart France’s insights are often remarkable. For example….

The Silent Eye


The Roman Catholic Church’s criteria

for ‘conferring sainthood’ rests upon intercession.


Intercession can be described as,

‘the predilection of disincarnate entities

to effect the incarnate world in a positive way’.


If enough people report a successful outcome

or outcomes from their prayers of supplication to such entities

a case can be made for ‘promotion’ to sainthood…


A history will be written, icons and relics will be manufactured,

more people will pray to the new saint and seek their graces…


This process, apparently, applies to both humans and angels

which gives us the seemingly incongruous phenomena –

Archangelic Saints!


Of which, St Michael is one…


All this is a far cry from the early scriptural tradition

which seemed loath to even name ‘God’s Messengers’.


Strange as this process might be it does suggest

that calling on the Archangels for help actually works!


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My Supergirl

So yesterday, I told you about making a video with my daughter as a summer time project. That got me thinking about the summer project from 2018.

We had been together to Tolo in Greece and everywhere we went we would hear this song – Supergirl. Well, when we got back, I did some research and discovered it was a European hit by the group Raemonn.

I quickly figured out the song and recorded it myself – my version if you will. I then got my daughter to sing backing vocals for me on the chorus….. It was such a laugh listening to her attempts – she took it soooo serious like! I wasn’t allowed in the room while she sang.

The result? I rather like it. I think she does too… She is my supergirl!

Listen here.


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Far Away – The Video

So what do you do during the hot long summer vacation with a kid of 11? Last summer, we decided to make a video.

We chose one of my songs – Far Away – and then my daughter developed a ‘script’ or plan shall we say. We then acted this out recording with my phone. The concept she came up with is of a daughter visiting her father for a day. Unfortunately, we hadn’t appreciated the fact that you can record video on a phone landscape or portrait and that landscape is better…….

However, here it is….

Some nice views of Brno along the way too…..


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Feeling Sheepish

For years, I have churned out books, music, poetry, photography, thoughts, podcasts, videos and goodness knows what. I’m not sure I ever built much of an audience or following except maybe around my paranormal books. To be honest it never used to bother me that much – I’m an addicted creator – an artist who cannot help himself. I always thought I would make a few bob off of the back of the content I produced and maybe one day, I could ease up a bit and live off of my creativity and hobbies.

Unfortunately, I like many others never saw the shift to free stuff. People simply expect stuff for free now… or pretty much close to free. And then there is Amazon that on the one hand opened the world of publishing to everyone but, with the other, took all the profits. I sell books for 2.99 and see only a small part of that sales price. I could make a little on running ads on my websites – but adblockers have put paid to that as well. Every which way you turn….. but I churn on and have even added a podcast series now.

Where am I going with this? Why do I feel sheepish?

Well, I make a reasonable living so you know I just basically put up and shut up making nothing on stuff I liked to do. It’s a hobby after all. I enjoy it. Then as I hit 60, I thought well, I’m going to have to keep the day job til I drop because books and stuff generates only net expense. (ex wife had and already spent my private pension). I was aware of Patreon and platforms like it where people support you with small monthly sums in return for stuff. I dismissed it.

But recently, I realised this could be another way to help pay the cost of generating better content. This could be the way to afford the website upgrade I want to do and…. maybe it could be an alternate way of getting paid for books, photos, blogs, podcasts and so on. EVERYONE else seems to be doing it even if I feel sheepish copying them.

So….. I set up a Patreon account. Check out my page and see if you might like to support my future efforts. Like I said, I have no following or fans that I can appeal to – but I will give it a try and maybe I will be surprised.

Here is my page – check out what I got to offer for a small monthly payment.

And thanks – for looking.

As I state there…

I’m always creating things – blog posts, books, photos, poetry, podcasts, music and magic. I cannot help it! I must have an outlet to create. These days, artists and magicians must rely on the goodwill of the world to make any money with their art. The world has essentially moved to a content for free or virtually free model and those who suffer are the artists and magicians. So I decided to do what others do and seek sponsors on –  People to support my passions – my magic.

Will you?

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Episode 9- Dr. Andy Cooper and Helios

Andy (enlarged)Tonight a new episode of the Magical world of G. Michael Vasey is available. It features Dr. Andy Cooper, founder of the Helios School of Esoteric Sciences. If you do not know Andy, he is a Third Degree Initiate of the Western Mystery Tradition and the Founder and Director of Studies of the Helios School of Esoteric Science. He personally trained for many years with Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, the former Director of Studies of the Servants of the Light School of Occult Science (SOL).

His lineage comes from Dion Fortune, the founder of the Society of the Inner Light, through Ernest Butler, the founder of the Servants of the Light and Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, the now retired Director of Studies, who took over the mantle of leadership from Ernest Butler when he retired.

Andy holds a B.Sc in Electrical Engineering, a Ph.D in Esoteric Studies and is a certified trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), a Reiki Master and an initiate of the Huna tradition of ancient Hawaii. Andy lives and works in the magical town of Glastonbury, UK and is the father of two grown-up children.

In our discussions, Andy relates how NLP got him started in the magical world and defines what NLP is. Among other topics, we talk about the issues that sometimes surround initiation and how the Helios’ school takes a different approach to minimize them. He discusses why he started the school, what its’ aims, objectives and methods are and how to join up if interested. He emphasizes how the school uses NLP and other techniques in its approach. we also touch on the idea of devotion and the Lords of Light. Andy is a very experienced magician and it is interesting to hear his views and benefit from his experience.

Please do listen in and share the podcast.

My Best Sellers – July

Every month, I go through various reports and tot up my book sales. I sell around 300 books per month at the moment which is significantly down from the heady days of a few years ago. Not complaining however.

26a6dfbd-b0a4-4a8c-acba-bb9ca489287cSo in July, my best selling book by far was in fact my latest True Paranormal tales book…. – The Scary Best of Myhauntedlifetoo.comSo it is a compilation of some of the most popular stories submitted there by me and others. Lightly edited for readability and with a cover photo I took myself. It sells around 60 books a month right now and is almost a consistent top 50 player in certain categories. I think, in part, it is that that keeps it selling. You can also buy merchandize with the front cover image on them – The hoodie looks great!

51TcDhCeoPLThe second best for sales in July was another long-term favorite – Chilling Tales of The Black Eyed Kids. This one continues to sell month in, month out and has totted up 1300 sales since release. It is actually a compilation of Your Haunted Lives 3 – The Black Eyed Kids and a shorter book of stories that is no longer available stand alone. The Black Eyed Kids book also sells well and has totaled 1500 copies since release.


gods pretenders coverMeanwhile, my last book, Chasing the Shaman, is also continuing to make a few sales. As this is a different genre, I am very pleased with the take up of this book helped by a couple of very nice 5-star reviews during the month. However, to my surprise, the 3rd best selling book of July is an old one – God’s Pretenders – and it achieved its position via audiobook sales as well!

Unfortunately, my book sales are not enough to be my only income…. so I am writing two more to join these and other titles that I hope will see the light of day this year.

You can find all my books on Amazon at my author page. Here you will find a mixture of poetry, novellas, ghosts books, books on magic and more……


What if Nothing is Real?

Anyone that knows me will know I am not content with mainstream explanations. I will go away and read the science – the papers written by scientists and usually peer reviewed to boot. They will also know I am interested in reality and what it is probably down to two things that happened to me as a child. The first was having this vision that I wasn’t really here but attached to what you would now term a virtual reality machine. The second was the little green man that jumped out of my wardrobe mirror, shot me and then jumped through the window. I can hear one of two of you murmur I may not be quite sane. OK but do bear with me.

rede1If you get into physics – quantum physics in particular – it becomes apparent rather quickly that nothing is what it seems and everything is vastly confusing. There may be billions of parallel universes and it may be that the observer decides on what happens to them. It may even be that none of this even exists unless there is an observer. This is something that prompted me to write the novella – The Last Observer – as it seemed to me that magic – the real kind – is a way to play with reality. Magic? I hear you say….. mad as a hatter. Let me tell you, if you read some quantum physics you would also be mad as a hatter. It has that effect.

Then there is the idea that actually everything we see, touch, feel and so on is empty space. There is actually nothing there…. an atom – it’s a nucleus and electrons spinning around it. It is barely a thing – it is almost entirely … well, nothing. Space. No thing. Probe deeper than that and those particles become nothing but energy or is it data?

07-magickAlmost any topic that I look at these days and drill into deeply enough ends in a similar result. Take COVID-19 and the pandemic. Right, well, start looking at PCR tests – these are the tests used to determine if someone is infected. The more you dig, the more you can find that not only is the test probably not suited for such a use but it may not be measuring COVID-19 at all. You will find along the way that at a MINIMUM… MINIMUM! 20% of all test results are false positives. That means that out of 10 million supposedly infected globally, at least 2 million NEVER HAD IT! In fact, if you drill into tis with an open mind, COVID-19 seems to evaporate into an irrational fear. Just like the solid chair you are sat on is actually nothing at all, so does this whole pandemic evaporate into nothing at all as well.

Yes, I know. People tragically died, people have been sick. It is as real as the chair at the level of your day to day consciousness. But what exactly is that anyway? Consciousness? Hmmmm – try researching that particular thing and like grains of sand in your hand, whatever you thought it was will eventually drain away until you are again left with nothing, nothing at all.

So. What if my little vision when I was a kid was a glimpse of reality. What if this is all an illusion created by us individually and collectively? A Virtual Reality in which we, the master and creator had forgotten that was our role. What if we are the Gods but somewhere along the line we forgot?

realityWhat if COVID-19 and the pandemic was just a creation of our combined consciousness out of control because we had forgotten how to use the controls. Or, what if it were the creation of a cabal of those who hadn’t forgotten and now use us as energizers of a matrix-like reality of their making? Sounds like Sci-Fi…..

But you know what. The more I go down this rabbit hole. The more I believe that.

The Devil Within Us – Published!

A fellow author from my home town and he writes great books…

Peter C Whitaker

It was with a very happy heart that I submitted The Devil Within Us for publication. I had not intended to write another novel this year, I was supposed to be learning all about marketing in order to be discovered, become famous, and obviously rich. That is what I will – hopefully – be doing next!

I did enjoy writing The Devil Within Us, however. It was not a complicated story to work with. I found the emergence of Artemisia Montessori as the protagonist a very interesting experience. There was always the intent of having a character develop, to change from what they appeared to be to what they really are, but I did not choose her for that role initially. Artemisia just became both fascinating and enjoyable to write about. I do believe that if the author enjoys writing a character then the reader is more likely to…

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It’s a Funny Old World

I was thinking this morning – dangerous I know, but still, occasionally I do think. My thoughts raced spurred by the excellent article by Stephen Tanham that I reblogged below this one. The ridiculousness of the modern world in which everyone has a strong opinion about everything versus the reality that most everything is so complex, it cannot be readily understood at all. I also laughed to myself (yes, I do that too) thinking that in some ways, telling people I believe in faerie is less controversial than saying that climate change is a normal part of the processes taking place in our world and nothing to be overly concerned about.

You see as regards the latter statement, one is a simple belief for which I have no objective evidence at all but only subjective personal experience. The second is something for which, if you sat down and gave me the time and an open mind, I could objectively demonstrate to you utterly convincingly in a few hours.

Then based on some interaction I had that was delivered only with curiosity and respect by someone eager to learn and after I was slapped down in a rather offhand way, I thought to myself – why bother at all? Our ability to communicate is diminished by the lenses that we see things through. People believe things subjectively just like me and faeries without even being aware that they do. They interpret what you are trying to say through their lens often jumping defensively to an incorrect conclusion and focusing not on the substance of what was said but perhaps the periphery of it?

I don’t know but I do know this. Communication isn’t easy for all manner of reasons. And sometimes, I wonder if it is worthless anyway.

It reminded me of poor old Joe Biden who talking about science used gravity as an example of proven science. First, science is about hypotheses and second, if there is one area where science is at a loss its gravity.

Sums it up really. We have to dumb down reality to communicate but in doing so , we often miss the mark.