Alternate Realities?

When I look back at my life, it seems to logically break up into sizable chunks of time. There was the period of growing up until I was about aged 11 or so, the teen period, the college and academia period, the I’m scared I may screw my life up period, the Texas period, the Czech period, and now I think I am in my f**k it period. The thing is though, when I look back at any of those periods, which were rich with experiences, its as if I was another person – like some sort of alternate reality.

My Texas Period – with my three boys and ex-wife

Do you feel the same way?

Was it really me that flew around the USA visiting prospects and clients, going to conferences. Was it really me that owned a huge house with pool, three cars, a boat and spent half my life driving two of my sons to football and hockey games and practice?

Was it really me that spent 6-weeks in my college period on an island in the Inner Hebrides more or less alone? Who had no self-confidence yet later was presenting peer reviewed papers to rooms full of academics in Madrid?

Was it me really that left everything behind for the love of a woman and flew to Czechia to start a new life? Was it?

I guess it was – I have memories. Some good and some bad. I made mistakes and sometimes I got it right. A lot has gone and is no longer in my memory unless shaken back by an old photo or someone else reminding me – like the photo above that my son Liam shared on Instagram recently. I recall that day. I was visiting a colleagues ranch in east Texas and they had horses and my boys rode them. It was hot. The flies were out. It was though a very good day. I was happy.

But, it does seem to me that there is at least a possibility that wasn’t really me. Not the me that I am now anyway. It was a different me in a different reality. There were so many paths to chose from and each led to somewhere slightly different. Am I on each of those paths right now in some alternate set of realities? Perhaps I died in some of those….?

What I do know is that I am grateful for the life I have lived and hope to continue living for a while yet. It turned out so very different to expectations.


Oh let me explain the f**k it period. It means I finally understand what is and is not important in life. I finally have entered a time when I know who I am, what I am and am happy to just be.

Why Critical Thinking is Good, and this Post is Bad

Spot on!

Peter C Whitaker

I saw this post on Facebook. Please read it before continuing.

Finished? Good. Now, at first reading this post might seem reasonable, but it is not. It is an attack on critical thinking. I do not know who the author is, but they appear to have attempted to craft a criticism of the practice of critical thinking that the reader might accept. However, the author does not appear to hold the reader in very high regard to begin with. It is there in the very first sentence, couched in a rather derogatory fashion.

The first assumption is that everyone reading the post is an average citizen. The second assumption is that an average citizen cannot be an expert. The truth is that anyone can acquire an expertise in almost anything. The real point is though, that becoming an expert in one or two fields does not mean that you are…

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I do not understand

I awoke this morning with the thought that I live in a different universe to many others. I struggle to understand how anyone can believe the climate mantra when the evidence is all around them that there is no crisis and when a little basic research would show that CO2 is not a pollutant but a life giving gas and that more of the stuff would be better for this planet. I don’t understand how people have willingly not only tossed aside freedoms over COVID, which again, once you start digging into, is an endless can of worms of untruths and truth distortions easily seen through with the most basic of research. There is so much I no longer understand about humanity to be honest. Secretly, I’d like to find a place where I could be free of the vast majority of you….. blunt but true.

I don’t understand a world where violence and destruction of property by one group is lauded and criminal behavior goes unpunished. I don’t understand a world where on the one hand ID is needed to get a beer but not to vote. I don’t understand a world where kids suddenly are given more credibility than experts and where adults are willing to stop their puberty with drugs just in case they are confused by those pushing them to think they are a different gender. Not only do I not understand that world – I reject it it as fundamentally evil. That it goes hand in hand with attacks on family, religion and spirituality is no surprise then is it?

I avoid the news – mainstream variety. I increasingly avoid social media where the FB and twitter Nazi’s busy body their way through complex subjects telling people they are black and white stamping things with their seal of (un)truth. I’m frankly appalled by the gutless and spineless politicians who stand by and let this happen. The world is headed to disaster and servitude. You will have nothing and be happy reporting your friends and neighbors for having different opinions, persecuting the unvaccinated, and enjoying the antics of your new celebrity deities.

The state spent a fortune educating me and teaching me how to think critically. Now it wants people like me to go away and eventually will engineer ways to have me and people like me rounded up, imprisoned and silenced.

It’s a dim view but tell me I’m wrong.

The Woke Agenda

It was just a few short years

But humanity was decieved

It came to believe that

Up was down and down up

Science proven, no second look

The deception removed family ties

And told a bunch of lies

About God

I could not believe how quickly

Everything was turned around

How the good were made bad

And the bad called good

Spirituality abandoned

Along with the means to live

All gone- even these words

Now deemed unwanted

Not in tune with agenda

It was all so quick, so fast

Lessons of history rewritten

Heroes cancelled

Criminals replaced them

The age of Aquarius

Came in with deception

No choice of perception

Shackled with the masses

Uniformity of outcome

Destroyed our drive to live

And death stalked the land

Physical or spiritual

What difference did it make?

We were dead

Or dying

No truth in lying

No point to trying

Happy to live

With nothing

Like they said.



The path you take

Has to come from inside

For the guidance you need

Is there

You must silence

The cacophony of pressures

The lies and the threats

Are where

You’d least expect them

And all around you

Automatons jostle

And dare

You not to listen or follow

To free yourself

From the herded masses

Who share

The mantra-like agenda

Echoed throughout time

Silence it, fade it away

Lay bare

Your inner truthfulness

That silent stillness

Your voice of truth


The inside is the outside

As above, so below

The Universe within you


Your divinity shared with all

Love as the riches sought

And life is a dutiful living


The X Zone

Back in 2013, I did my first podcast guest appearance on a show called the X Zone. at the time, I had just put out my novella called The Last Observer and was keen to publicize it. I hadn’t seen nor hear this podcast for years when suddenly it shows up on twitter. I guess Rob McConnell, the host, has re-platformed his back catalogue of shows or something. Anyway, I had a listen….. and it is weird but I was talking about agendas and controls and such stuff…… almost as if I knew 2020 was coming?

Listen in if you will…..It’s to be found here.

The Dream

Her locks are black

And flow like a river

Deep and dark

She turns to look at me

And beckons me on

Finger at mouth – silence

I follow but I know not where

Not sure I really care

The dream I dream

So often features her

The one

My heart

And every morning

We part

And I am left wondering

Who she may be

Is she the inner me?

Is she a memory

From another life?

Is she a god or faerie?

Or just a wrinkle

On my brain?

Her eyes seek mine

Communicating deepness

Wells of darkness

Hints of a smile

And a staring kindness

Let go, they say

Let go

Follow me

Over the edge and far away

Follow me and merge


Who you are

Between a Feather and a Heart

And when all is said and done

Is there anything to show?

Is there a legacy to leave?

All the things we did

The thoughts we thought

The emotions felt

Bitter lessons learned

Moments of sheer joy

Curiosity, animosity

Thoughts, word and deeds

Stretched across the canvas of life

Our legacy is personal

Its value weighing heavy

Between a feather and a heart

Moments spill in color

Life seen like film

All is magnified

Humanity dignified

In Death

The final breath

Echoes our sound

Around creation

Signifying nothing

And yet everything

Slips away

To play another day

What is Going On?

For a couple of years now, I have stopped watching or reading any mainstream media (MSM). I find that news is the last thing they propagate. They no longer publish properly checked and factual content but are now the primary propagators of the agenda published as opinion pretending to be be news. Fake news. Their agenda is clear – more government, divide to conquer, misinformation and globalism.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, my attention was drawn to images published by mainstream media showing women in the street dying from lack of Oxygen. The images were purportedly from India and to represent chaos and death from COVID. The only problem is that the images were actually of a gas leak a while ago (LG Gas leak -2020.) These images were used by the New York Post among others to promote the fear of COVID (though why is beyond me, the situation in India is dire enough). Then a UK breakfast show used a photo shopped image to highlight what it said was deadly pollution caused by CO2 gas….. they were caught because the photo’s which were supposed to be shot 10-years apart, showed the same people, wearing the same clothing, in the same pose in the same place in the corner of the photo. Of course, anyone who has any idea of what CO2 is would also know that it is a colorless, odorless gas that is the source of life on the planet certainly not a gas that forms smog.

The media lies and its lies are getting more brazen each and every day. That is the sad fact of life now. If you want news – don’t look for it on the BBC or in the daily paper…..