Has Anyone Noticed?

Why is it that the UK and US Governments (well, many others too), are trying to force vaccination on their citizens with an experimental, emergency use ‘vaccine’ threatening to make it mandatory and to create a second class of citizens in the process. They even go after the kids who really do not require vaccination against COVID at all. Meanwhile, a constant stream of illegal immigrants are whisked away to hotels, given board and treated like honoured guests and not one of them is vaccinated at all? Can no one else see the ridiculousness of this? It is absolutely the kind of nonsensical and agenda-motivated idiocy we have all become used to and apparently simply accept without a murmur….. Meanwhile, those who have contributed to their society are treated with contempt.

These politicians were elected by you and are accountable to you (not me – I refuse to vote). Isn’t it time you kicked them out?

Really, it is all lies and lies and lies….. about climate, COVID, immigration – everything.

I believe nothing and prefer to rely on my own intuition, judgement and analysis.

Did You Know You Were an Evil Far Right Winger?

As Biden’s Borg march relentlessly on Paypal is now also impacted. It has teamed with the far left hate group – the anti-defamation League – to identify far right use of the paypal platform and eradicate it. Now, you probably think well, good for them and I am not far right.

Yes – that is what I thought too. I’m neither right nor left wing. I detest politics and politicians. I detest agendas and narratives though and I am NOT in favour of the ridiculous censorship being perpetrated by the Biden Borg and that extends to use of platforms like paypal. Who they define as right wing and far right wing is probably more than 50% of the population! Meanwhile, the vile hatred, racism and plain utter stupidity promulgated by the left is just fine.

If you show an ability to use common sense

If you question the narrative and agenda

If you can think critically and for your self

If you believe in the responsibility of the individual

Or value individual liberties

Then you are what the Borg define as far right wing.

Make no mistake about it. This is a war on ordinary people like you and me.


Quit using Facebook, Twitter, Google and Paypal now.

Free Speech Is Being Killed

Youtube continues to ban and remove any channel that offers alternative viewpoints and/or mentions Ivermectin – a proven and safe COVID-19 prophylactic and treatment (many peer reviewed papers published now). Any channel mentioning protests or highlighting Biden’s progressive descent into full fledge dementia are also removed. The censorship in western media now ranks alongside that of China. Our freedoms and our voices are being removed by the techno elite and Biden’s Borg.

I left Facebook and may leave youtube too as a result of this suppression of free speech. I also not do not read the media at all including Reuters which has become the Voice of the Borg in the last 18-months.

There can be little doubt that the vaccines are very dangerous. If they weren’t there would be no need to censor criticism of them would there? I suspect they want to make these ‘vaccines’ mandatory and force us all into destroying our natural immunity and falling victim to the blood clotting nature of the spike protein.

The world is insane. The agenda is now obvious. The narrative is everywhere. It is 1984 in 2021.

Resist and fight back.. subscribe to alternative news on other platforms. Share the alternative news via email and text. Walk away from youtube, Facebook, Google and so on…..

But most of all, smile and be happy. They think they can win. But they can’t and they won’t. The human spirit is unquenchable and human freedom is our natural mode of life.

Fairy Tales and Biden’s Borg

Do you believe in fairy tales? You only have to tune into the UN, CDC, Biden, Boris, WHO and their followers and we are in fairy tale land. Had you told me 10-years ago that you could subvert science and replace it with feelings, I would have laughed out loud. But now all we hear from these organisations and people are fairy tales, lies and nonsense. Common sense has been replaced with rabid idiocy. There are people foaming at the mouth literally while spouting such ridiculous ideas as the one that COVID comes as a result of climate change. No madam – it comes because, Fauci, one of your ilk, funded gain of function research at a lab in Wuhan. It has nothing whatsoever to do with your fictitious climate crisis at all. These are dangerous fairy tales. Told by people that think blocking out the Sun, for example, is a good idea. These fairy tales will end in disaster for much of humanity as in fact, they are stupidity wrapped up as a narrative that anti common sense and anti science.

What disturbs me most about the whole thing is how the individual is despised. Have you noticed? It’s all about groups, tribes and minorities? People who think and act as individuals are despised by Biden’s Borg. Yes, they remind me of the Borg from Star Trek. Remember the Borg?

The Borg are cybernetic organisms linked in a hive mind called “the Collective”. The Borg co-opt the technology and knowledge of other alien species to the Collective through the process of “assimilation“: forcibly transforming individual beings into “drones” by injecting nanoprobes into their bodies and surgically augmenting them with cybernetic components. The Borg’s ultimate goal is “achieving perfection“”

Take a look at this narrative – it includes ideas like microchips in the brain, merging humans with machines – they are promoting a Borg-like future for us all in which the individual is subsumed by the group and is taught to believe the mantra whatever the evidence presented to them. Zombie-like, they can no longer make decisions, reason or differentiate right from wrong and lies from truth. Injecting nanoprobes it says above…. hmmmm

Well, I am an individual capable of thought, and capable of managing my own health decisions. I will NOT submit to Biden’s Borg and its hive mind fed fairy tales.

Author G. Michael Vasey Signs with Raven Tale Publishing

July 2021– Raven Tale Publishing is pleased to announce its partnership with author G. Michael Vasey. Vasey signed on with Raven Tale in July to publish two terrifyingly true paranormal novels with an option for a third book in the future.

G. Michael Vasey is a collector of paranormal stories and a magician. He writes paranormal books that will keep you awake at night. He grew up experiencing ghosts and poltergeists, studied and taught magic with a real school of hermetic sciences, and these days can be found in search of the Goddess in the forests and mountains of Czechia.

To accompany his writing of all things supernatural, G. Michael Vasey hosts and produces a podcast series called The Magical World of G. Michael Vasey.Along with his podcast, readers of Vasey can also enjoy his creativeness on Spotify, where he showcases his own original music! 

Raven Tale Publishing is the horror imprint line of the highly regarded DS Publishing company, home of some of the biggest selling Western authors in the genre. DSP consistently places their authors inside the top 100 by using their comprehensive sales formula. As one of the leading publishers in Western-themed fiction, DSP has now taken its personalized, winning publishing techniques into the horror market with Raven Tale Publishing.

Please contact Emily Engwall, Executive Assistant at Raven Tale Publishing for further inquiries.


Raven Tale Publishing 


DS Publishing


The Non-Olympics

When I was growing up, the Olympics were a big deal. I recall watching hours of black and white TV, and writing and discussing it all at school. Now, the Olympics are taking place apparently and frankly, I could not care less. What happened?

The biggest issue was when they allowed professional athletes to participate. The value of the Olympics was that these were amateurs. They were people so dedicated to what they did yet it was a hobby. A secondary pursuit. To me, that was amazing dedication. When they allowed professional athletes in, everything changed. The Olympics became just another event for a bunch of over paid and egocentric characters to show off and enhance their personal fortunes. We are treated to spoiled immature individuals turning their backs on flags and national anthems or engaging in some other such childish antics to prove some point or other that frankly, doesn’t belong at the Olympics.

Not content until they politicise and spoil everything, the Olympics is like everything. Ruined by the politically motivated who are often the ones making the money and grabbing the ‘glory’.

Now we have the transgender issue – more politics, more nonsense to spoil the Olympics for everyone. They should simply create a transgender category but no, the vocal minority has a point to prove and prove it they will even at the expense of something as honourable and well meant as the original Olympics were.

With regret, I won’t be watching this sham Olympics and will take no interest whatsoever in winners and losers. It’s been hijacked by the politically motivated and turned into anything but the spectacle it is meant to be of dedicated amateurs being the best that they could be.

I’ve Done it!

This morning, I activated delete on my other Facebook account. As of now, I am no long on Facebook personally or professionally. It can no longer tell me what to think, track me and my friends nor sell my data. It can no longer place advertisements all over my profile that I have no interest in. I am FREE! Honestly, it feels good. Next, I am deleting my Whatsapp – which is also Facebook owned. I have moved to Telegram instead and WeMe. If you want to, you can find me there.

I have also made a few other decisions. Since I feel like our devices are now being used against us, I shall leave my phone at home if I do not need it and, I shall use cash instead of my debit card as often as I can. I’d like to go back to a normal non-smart phone but my device is my camera, video taker, dowsing point recorder and much more. Instead, I will carefully also get rid of location services for all apps that do not really need them.

I feel very frustrated and have done for many years about how science is being turned into a religion and how the politicians are abusing it to push an agenda. I see I am not alone. But the vast majority of people are like zombies pushed and pulled by whatever direction MSM and politicians deem they need to go. They are incapable of waking up. In fact, they have no desire to wake up. It’s all really depressing.

But, I have discovered that getting out into nature, dowsing and so on is my connection to a different, vibrant and spiritual world. That is where I shall put my efforts as perhaps a few others will find what I have found and break free from this descent into hell envisaged by the World Economic Forum and their cronies.

Has It Always Been About Control?

I sit here wondering why I am being literally forced to get a jab with a ‘vaccine’ that doesn’t stop me getting or spreading a virus that 99.9% of all people who get it survive and for which I need to be tested to know I have it.

None of it makes sense. Everything we have been told by WHO and Governments has been ratcheted for maximum fear value. The advice given is deliberately aimed at reducing your natural immunity – hand washing, mask wearing, no advice on supplements, fear and worry to increase stress and isolation to raise stress. As I have said before, it is as if the want you to get sick.

In the UK, they even went with a campaign in which you were to imagine you had COVID. Ask any top athlete how they prepare psychologically for a race and they will tell you – they imagine winning it. Ask anyone into The Secret what it is and they will tell you it is imagining you have what you have. I view this campaign as a deliberate attempt to get people to infect themselves through use of psycho-magical techniques long know to be effective.

The lockdowns are destroying small business and making people more reliant on the state. The billionaires get richer while we all get poor. They take rides to space for fun while we forego our holiday.

And now the Governments act in concerted fashion to introduce the COVID passport. The thing we were told 6-months ago was a conspiracy theory! Why?

Proving I had a ‘vaccine’ that doesn’t stop me getting or spreading COVID achieves exactly what? Nothing I suggest.

But it ensures that they have us under control. Combine that with out mobile phones and electronic cash in the form of cards and we are surveilled and tracked and followed… and later, denied access to places if we don’t ‘behave’ the way they want. It is the Chinese social credit system.

Maybe. Just maybe. That is what this entire farce and fiction of a pandemic was about in the first place.

Let’s also face facts that COVID does appear to be man-made. It begins to look like the Americans funded it in a Chinese lab. Maybe, this was the plan all along.

After all if the conspiracy theory that was COVID passports is now real…….