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There is a ‘wishing squirrel’ tied around my wrist. Its cord matches my dressing gown. The red squirrel. ‘Tufty’ to most of my generation in this country… has been under threat from the invasion of its grey cousins for years and where once they were a common sight, they are now a rarity across most of the land. I have caught glimpses on my travels, but no photographs… no snapshot to hold and remember.

Memories, though, I do have… of watching them as a child with my grandfather, deep in the Fall Woods, dodging the small missiles they threw at me every morning as I walked through the trees on my way to school, excitement as a red flash ran across a road near Glen Lyon… And, while photographs and keepsakes may perish or be lost, memories persist, even when our minds may no longer be able to access them.

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What is a Medical Intuitive?

The latest episode of my podcast is a chat with Dr. Rita Louise, a Texas-based medical intuitive. So what is a medical intuitive? Well that is one of the questions I asked her during our chat last week….. She is also a prolific author with books across a wide variety of paranormal and other topics and a comprehensive website.

She also has made some really interesting videos and these can be seen at her Youtube channel.

New Interview

I was recently interviewed by Jim Harold for his Ghost Insight podcast series available to his premium members. However, he kindly made the interview available to me for distribution. If you wish to listen in – its here.

We chatted a bit about my book True Tales of Haunted Places out in its 2nd Edition as well as generally about ghosties, ghoulies and things that go bump in the night.

The Last Post?

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

This may be the final post that I get chance to write for the Silent Eye… that decision has been taken out of my hands. I spent much of last week in hospital, having, as many of you know, been diagnosed with incurable small cell lung cancer last September. It has been an interesting and informative journey on so many levels as familiar things have been stripped away and a gift of love left in its place… rather like the tooth fairy leaving something of real value in place of a discarded incisor.

First to go was the illusion of near-immortality that gets us through life, one way or another. We know there is a certain inevitability about life leading to death, but we tend not to apply it to ourselves until we are forced to pay attention. Dealing with the situation that made me sit up and listen…

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Castles and Caves

The area north and east of Brno is formed by the Moravia karst – a limestone landscape and natural park of considerable beauty and filled with attractions. Today, I went to the tiny hamlet of Holštejn. A remote village at the end of a dead end road in the middle of nowhere about 35km outside of Brno (see map).

There on top of a limestone hill with two sheer sides is the ruins of Holštejn Castle. Built in or around 1278 by Hartman, the son of Crha of Ceblovice. Sometime around 1320, it is purchased by Vok of Sovinec and just four generations later, it is owned by Hynek from Valdštejn, Půta from Sovince and Dobeš Černohorský from Boskovice. In 1493, Holštejn bought Hynek from Popůvek, after his death in 1528 the estate was inherited by his daughter Markéta. In 1531, the castle is listed as desolate.  The Castle ruins are directly above a large limestone cave called the Hladomorna cave (famine Cave). It was bricked up in the middle ages but was connected to the castle.

As with many locations in these lands, the cave is associated with some interesting tales. One revolves around a buried treasure guarded by a black man who lives in the cave. There is also another legend that one of the Vok’s (IV) fell for the charms of a nearby maiden and not able to win her over with gifts, took her and her Mother by force of arms. He imprisoned the Mother in the cave and would only release her if Agnes would marry him. Unfortunately, Agnes’ Mother died of starvation and Vok had to go off to war. Agnes was rescued and Vok met a nasty end in battle. Interesting, a local historian of an earlier era states that the black man is actually a red woman! Perhaps the ghost of the poor lady who was starved there? Indeed, the Vok’s were not very nice people it seems and they routinely held travelers for ransom and imprisoned them in the walled up cave.

Whatever the history and legends, I felt an energy there and next time I visit, I will take my dowsing rods. It seemed to me to be an idyllic place for meditation and working with the Goddess Živa (due to the stream) and I sensed no evil presence in the cave or area of the Castle. Behind the limestone hill on which the Castle stands is a beautiful stream that when I was there was full of water due to melting snow. It bends around and eventually disappears underground. The area is full of underground rivers, stream and caves of course and I believe the water comes back to the surface again at the nearby Macocha cave. The Macocha cave area is reputedly the site of a dragon and therefore I believe strong Earth energies. The area behind the Castle and to one side of the stream seemed to me to be a very peaceful and strong energy area.

Sing Me a Song

The ongoing lockdown is stopping me from making more music as I need some new strings. At the moment my guitar sounds awful. So, how I thought I’d revisit and introduce you to a few songs I already made….. if you like them, please subscribe to me on Spotify or where ever you get your music – G. Michael Vasey.

Girl on the Phone

I wrote this in a period of single ness about a woman I met who lived in Berlin….. she was calling me all the time and then abruptly stopped…… Never did figure out why?


Women seem to be the motivation for much of my music….. this is about an ex-girlfriend who at times I thought truly certifiable! She thought I was crazy! There was no talking to her about this…. Today, we remain friends, but she is still a little crazy…..

Far Away

No idea what this is about….. I sang the lyrics stream of Consciousness style to the backing track. The video was shot in Brno with my daughter and we had a lot of fun making it…… just wish I’d held the iphone the right way to get a bigger picture. This song, however, remains the most played song in my repertoire.

Words Matter

France & Vincent

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Words matter to us. Those that are said, those that are not said. The precision of a phrase, the use of one word rather than another can make all the difference to how we feel about something or someone. Often they make even more difference to the way we feel about ourselves. Words can be a source of revelation or cause misunderstanding. They can give deep comfort and beauty and the lack of a word can cause just as great a pain as the wrong ones spoken. A thoughtless phrase thrown out in temper can stay with a child a lifetime, holding it back, just as the right words can inspire confidence. Yet most of the time we take them for granted and barely even notice them on a conscious level.

Yesterday a friend posted a story on Facebook. I have no idea whether or not it is true. I…

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Where is the Sense?

Having been in a form of lockdown since Christmas, the ‘infection rate’ as measure by the unreliable PCR and even less reliable antigen tests, is increasing dramatically in Czechia. So, rather than standing back and saying, this lockdown thing isn’t working. In fact it is destroying our economy, livelihoods, mental health and relationships, what did the health minister here do? Well, after blaming us for the situation, he mandated the following. Everyone must wear respirators, double surgical masks or equivalent on public transport and in shops. He is a politician. In the light of the failure of every policy he has instituted, he had to double down to be seen to be doing something, anything!

Now, let’s examine this latest idiocy shall we. Forgive the little hint of anger here – I have good reason as you will see.

So, a respirator – what is it? It is specialist equipment for health professionals. It isn’t designed to be worn by the public at all. A double surgical mask? Why? What value does that have according to any science anyone can point to. It simply means its harder to breathe and harder to get the oxygen we need and therefore it will have a detrimental impact on health and immunity. The science on facemasks – despite what politicians say and what you will be told, is actually pretty clear. Paper after paper, researcher after researcher has concluded that facemasks have little if any value at all for the general public. In fact, there is more evidence that it actually makes matters worse… but that isn’t the topic of this post..

The average monthly salary of the average Czech is about 40,000CZK. A pack of 5 respirators is about 200CZK. A respirator is only good for up to 4 hours or, until wet, at which point it must be discarded and replaced. At that point, it really is useless and possibly harmful to use. A family of four using the tram 2 times per day then will require 8 respirators. 8 times 5 days a week is 40 respirators – lets throw in 8 more at the weekend. So, 48 respirators a week. 192 a month or 7,680CZK per month…..

So, at a time when many people are struggling to make ends meet, struggling because their livelihoods have gone, etc. they are suddenly supposed to spend 20% of their gross income on respirators???? Really!!! And what did they use before? Well, home made, home sewn masks for free…….

What kind of idiot politician does this to the people they are supposed to protect?

Investigating the Ghosts of Gettysburg

I spoke with Don Allison about his haunted home and his interest in the ghosts of Gettysburg.

 Don Allison, a veteran journalist and author, is a lifelong resident of Williams County, Ohio, where he shares a historic home with his wife, Diane. A 1976 graduate of Stryker High School, Don earned a bachelor of arts degree in journalism from the University of Toledo in 1980.

As a high school student Don got his start in journalism as a sports writer and photographer with the weekly Advance Reporter newspaper, now known as the Village Reporter. He joined The Bryan Times in 1981, where he served many years as news editor and recently retired as senior editor. He has received numerous Associated Press and United Press International awards for his news, feature and column writing and special section design. Even in retirement, Don’s weekly column “On My Mind” continues to be a Bryan Times fixture.

Drawing on knowledge gained from a lifetime of studying the Civil War, Don has written extensively about that conflict. He and Diane are the founders of Faded Banner Publications, which publishes books on the Civil War and Northwest Ohio history, as well as the paranormal. Currently Don is co-authoring, with fellow Northwest Ohio historian Richard Cooley, a book on the 38th Ohio Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War.

For nearly four decades Don has served on the Williams County, Ohio, Historical Society Board of Trustees, and through the years he has held various offices with the organization. He spearheaded the successful effort in which the society acquired and preserved the 1845 Society of Friends Meeting House in western Williams County. Don also is a founding member and past trustee and officer of the Stryker Area Heritage Council. Currently Don serves as a historical interpreter with Sauder Village, Archbold, Ohio.

Don’s previous books include “I Met a Ghost at Gettysburg: A Journalist’s Journey Into the Paranormal,” “I Met More Ghosts at Gettysburg: A Journalist’s Paranormal Journey Continues,” “Hell on Belle Isle: Diary of a Civil War POW,” “The Best of On My Mind: The Bryan Times Newspaper Columns of Don Allison” and “Almost Award Winning Christmas Carols: Holiday Hilarity.” Each is available for $16.95 plus $3.50 shipping and handling from Faded Banner Publications, PO Box 101, Bryan, OH 43506. Order online at

Watched from the Shadows

Out today on Kindle…. Paperback coming soon….

Watched From the Shadows – an all-new collection of creepy true stories of the paranormal selected and edited by G. Michael Vasey.

Ever had that eerie feeling of being watched? There is no one there – at least nobody you can see anyway – but still, you can feel those ghostly eyes upon you. The watchers in the shadows waiting for their moment to scare you, haunt you, or something even worse. That is the theme for these carefully selected creepy true stories of the paranormal designed to have you wondering if you too are being watched from the shadows. Thirty all new creepy stories designed to chill!

This all-new collection includes stories about the Hatman, black-eyed kids, shadow people, poltergeists, UFOs, the premonitions of a dying man, forest demons, and much much more. All chosen by the master of the paranormal himself – G. Michael Vasey.