In Search of Veligrad

Who would have believed where connecting with the land would take me?

Starting from a weekend of magic and synchronicities in Albion with Sue Vincent and Stuart France, who took me on a whirlwind tour of their own esoteric mysteries documented in The Initiate and subsequent books, I am now in the midst of my own weird journey. I’m not joking either in using the word weird – as you will soon see.

Stuart, Sue and myself retracing the Initiate

About 18-months ago, I began my own quest. It started with the Templars and the realization that two of the largest Templar sites in Moravia are within 50km of Brno. At an ancient church in the river Jihlava valley where Templštejn is located, I discovered a Templar church and in that church reference to a Hungarian Mongol army – among other things. This linked rather strangely to an ad hoc visit to a place called Hostyn. It was rather an unplanned trip with my then Hungarian (!) girlfriend and we discovered a basilica and ancient site dedicated to Mary. Although it had been a Celtic fort and a Slavic site of healing springs for many years, the victory of the Slavic forces over the Hungarian Mongol army nearby was attributed to the intervention of Mary, Mother of God by the local aristocracy. She had caused a thunderstorm to create havoc that had helped ensure the defeat of the invading force. Just one minor issue. The local everyday Slavs, still largely pagan, attributed this miracle not to Mary but to Perun, God of thunder. This helped to explain the puzzling depiction of the baby Jesus in Zeus-like state directing lightening at the ground on the basilica and shrines at Hostyn.

I’m simplifying a lot here. But you can see one or two strands of sheer coincidence permeating this story right? I document all of this in Chasing the Shaman and Chasing Dragons in Moravia in significant detail. Trust me. Synchronicity city!

The link to Perun got me to look at the Slavic pantheon of deities. I took time to meditate and invoke Perun and Veles – a duality of gods noting in the process that Perun is often shown defeating Veles in the image of a warrior on horseback piercing a dragon – now where might we have seen that image before? St. George? St. Michael? (Now, perhaps the dragons in the book title start to become more understandable?). I am in the middle now of working with the goddesses – Morana, Vesna and Živa in similar fashion. However, I digress….

Perun and Veles

Suddenly, I am intrigued by the Slavs. I need to dig and dig I do.

In this region, the western Slavs built a princedom called Great Moravia. It incorporated Czechia, Slovakia, parts of Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria and Austria. During the 800-900 period, rumors of a vast city with unbreachable walls named Veligrad spread throughout Europe and beyond.

Great Moravia

Now as it happens, I had been to Velehrad. It is the site of yet another basilica also dedicated to Mary and also to the two saints said to have brought christianity to the Slavs – Methodius and Cyril. There, I also found dragons and earth energies (healing energies per the Church) and butterflies…. but you will need to read my books for that detail. I also found the first stone circle so far in the King’s Table nearby. It too has a Slavic origin it seems and may be older still. But Velehrad isn’t the site of Velegrad it appears. Close but not. So where is this mysterious city of Veligrad of which traveling Persian merchants said “Veligrad rules in their country, a completely excavated city where jrwab (Veligrad) lives. And they have a market in it in a month (calendar) for three days in addition to what they milk. And it has walls (patrons) excellent, impregnable unusual (rare). (He) is called the ruler of rulers, the eldest son and therefore the king (malik).”

In researching the location of this impregnable walled city with 50,000 troops at its disposal, I discovered that actually, no one really knows. Archeology has two candidates neither of which seems to match the descriptions and both are sited in the valley of the Morava river south of Brno. Now that valley comprised a number of Slavic settlements, fortresses and churches – one situated on St. Georges island with a St. Georges church. Dragons? It certainly piqued my interest! And what about Methodius’s original church? Where might it be?

That is when I started reading about this river valley in more detail. To its north was the Moravian sahara – a desert of sand dunes that remained in existence gradually spreading until recently when someone had the idea to plant evergreen pines – so now it is a huge area of forest. Even stranger, around a small hill called Náklo, is one of the few Czech oilfields no longer used but just half a century or so ago, it produced oil and gas. The natural deposits caused mud volcanoes and natural fires written about since Roman times. Further north, conglomerate deposits are rich in Iron….. yes, iron ore, fire, lignite, natural gas and oil seeps…. a desert?! A very weird landscape indeed. Yet, everything needed to fit a large army with weapons and armor?

And then I came full circle yet again. Right when I started Sue had said research dragons – often associated with earth energies she had said. I published a blog which was really just a bunch of dragon myths in Czechia at the time. One revolved around a place called …. Náklo. I revisited this story as I went to Náklo to investigate around 18-months ago. It is close by Hostyn but it is a small village on a flat plain. Although the story has been adopted by this Náklo I’m sure the legend actually relates to the hill Náklo in the Morava river valley – there, the ancient Slavs saw fires burn and smoke rise for days on end. There they worshiped their gods and buried their dead. Surely, this is where the dragon story originated?

So this weekend, after the lifting of the travel restrictions here, I am off to the Morava valley in search of dragons, deserts, lost ancient walled cities and the Slavic gods……. What an adventure this will be filled with incredible synchronicities and earth magic!

Stay tuned.

Goodbye My Friend


Permeating some other place


A lingering and loving goodbye


A life filmed on the akasha

Miss you

Oh how I miss you

The humor, practicality, the zest

The wisdom, unselfish friendship, best

Buddies, smoking partners, co-authors

Players in the land

Always on hand to make me see

The way to be happy

Your suffering done quietly

Never a moan, well maybe one or two

But not founded in you

But rather in truth

Where you shone a light

And were usually so right

Miss you

Friend so far away

Miss you

Friend so close

Yet now so far away

You taught me well

Yet, I never felt taught

You guided me home

Mostly over the phone

I hope I gave back some

Of what you gave to me

Along the way.

Vesna and a Slavic Spring

Earth Magic Brno

Vesna is the Slavic goddess of spring and she is currently busy making her presence felt with signs of her arrival all around. Yet, Morana, the winter goddess is proving more difficult to dispel this year it seems.

For the three winter moons, I meditated on and invoked Morana. I called her the snow queen for that is how I saw her. On the spring equinox, I too an efficgy I had made of Morana at the beginning of winter and burned and drowned her in the Slavic tradition. Now, for the 3 spring moons, I meditate and invoke Vesna.

While Morana was an ice cold bringer of withdrawal, sleep and death, Vesna is the warm bringer of renewal, rebirth and vitality. She constantly gives me a feeling of pushing out – the pushing out of life and energy. I cannot help but think of breathing when I think of…

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Velehrad and the 7 Chakras

Do visit the sourcing site please….

Earth Magic Brno

There is a story that, despite my best efforts, I cannot source yet it is all over the internet particularly as in articles about Earth energies in Wawel Castle, Krakow, Poland. The myth or legend states that “many moons ago, Lord Shiva threw seven magic stones towards seven parts of the world, one of which landed in Krakow, in the Wawel Castle. The places that had been hit were instantly imbued with the God’s energy, and remain so to this day. The seven places, known as the world’s chakras, are: Delhi, Delphi, Jerusalem, Krakow, Mecca, Rome and Velehrad.”

Now I can’t be certain that this isn’t some invention made recently to promote Wawel Castle. What I can say is that dowsers and sensitives flock to the place to experience the energy, which is said to be very, very strong. Apparently, the place was even visited by famous theosophists…

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The Bigger Picture

Having kids often gets you into places that are awfully difficult to explain. Kids can ask questions that cut to the bone as well. Over the last few days, there have been a couple of conversations where I have had to step back and put on a different and more thoughtful hat.

Being human, we are all subjective beings prone to thoughtless reactions. The subconscious biases readily flow through in such reactions and can be passed along to our kids without us ever really knowing or realizing it. It’s at times like that that I recall my own father’s statement that he sometimes used – “None of us got any formal training in parenting Gary,” he would say and when he did, I think I understood that he was struggling to separate personal biases from what he thought was good moral instruction.

My daughter had been on the internet and had read a series of interactions around an incident around a very high profile case of the police and a black man in the US. She had already formed some judgements based on what she had read. The first thing I wanted to do was encourage her to research the incident further. I told her that most websites were biased, pushing an agenda rather than anything useful. I wanted her to be exposed to the different agendas in play. After a while, she came back. She had modified her opinions and now had a series of questions.

At was at this point that I realized my natural subconscious biases were likely to emerge. I’ve lived in the US – for many years and I have my own experiences of these sorts of situations as well as my own moral convictions. Got to be careful here. I have no formal training as a parent either!

So I told her this… more or less.

I never felt comfortable around the police in the US. Often, they seemed to me to be vindictive, heavy-handed and biased. One or two I interacted with (traffic stops and kid issues largely) should never have been allowed in the police force at all in my opinion. On the other hand, they are facing people who can be legally armed and can legally hide their weapon. People who will use that weapon. It must be a scary job to be dealing with the prospect of death or injury at any point at time. It must be worrying for their relatives as well that they get lousy pay for such a dangerous job. They too are just people in the end.

On the other hand, the victim wasn’t a hero. He was verifiably a career criminal whose prior actions had endangered innocent lives and he didn’t appear at all concerned about that. He was high on drugs and he resisted. But perhaps he was that way through no fault of his own. Maybe he had been raised by a mother on the breadline, with an absent father who didn’t care. Maybe he had been bullied at school, subject to abuse at home….

The thing is, I told her, we can never really know what was going on here or why things went the way they did. We can judge and apply labels guided by our subconscious biases but is there any need to do that? Just because political groups with an agenda of hate want us to? Maybe the best way to look at this is through the eyes of the heart – a tragedy for all involved with very deep roots that were planted many years ago?

I don’t know if she got anything from this but I did. It reminded me just how very quick we are to act as judge and jury. How very quick we can be to ‘automate’ our response to events based on a bias planted within us by others. How little we think at all about anything and as a result, how little we learn from our experiences. Finally, it made me realize that thinking with the head is not enough. We must look with the eyes of love and with our heart brain as well. In many situations, there are really only victims – victims of everything that came before and that managed to culminate in a single instant of madness.

Where is Truth?

This morning a FB friend posted something in reply to a statement I had made. The gist of it was that viruses did not exist and had been disproven to exist 200-years ago, and that oil and plastic were at the basis of all illnesses. He then attached a video showing various foods being shown to be willfully full of nasty chemical additives. I watched the video. On first sight, it is disturbing. However, I am a scientist and a curious individual as well and so I started to research the claims made in the video and quickly understood that all were fake – either deliberately or as a result of a lack of understanding of food science. I found another calm and methodical video by a food scientist debunking the first in ways that, as a scientist, I understand and acknowledge as being correct. My FB friend, despite being shown the evidence to the contrary continues to believe what he believes. This made me think – what is truth?

We live in an era where making videos can make you a lot of money. Youtube allows you to post videos and at a certain point, pays you for views. Facebook and other similar platforms allow the sharing of these videos and other content – with which people are making money. There is an entire cottage industry of youtube presenters whose content is critically commenting on other youtube presenters content. Both sides make money.

Now, what gets me an audience? Truth or Lies? How as a content provider do I make more money?

Well, I think sensationalism and shock horror is the way to go generally if you want something to go viral. Tell people their food is killing them and back that up with some nice video and you got a winner. In fact, if you want things to go viral for a cause as opposed to money – the same strategy works. A few years ago, a video emerged that purported to show someones water out of their tap being lit. It was a video made by a group against the oil and gas industry and it purported to show the impact of fracing. i.e. pollution of the water supply. It was a very effective piece of propaganda going viral and it can still be seen and still provokes a shock/horror response. The problem is the video was made by attaching the hose to the gas mains in the home and not the water faucet. It was a fake. It was for effect. It worked.

So just how do we determine facts and fiction? Especially when these days the mainstream media is engaging in the promotion of fiction over fact as well? It is a game for control of your mind that is being played out and none of us are remotely qualified to determine what is true and what is not. There are areas where we are qualified by virtue of education or experience but no one knows everything. This is what these people are banking on. That you cannot really determine fact from fiction and truth from lies. It is all about manipulation and the people doing that manipulation have a purpose.

So what is truth? Truth is subjective and your ‘truth’ is shaped by who you are. In the world of magic or self-psychology, we work diligently to try to discover who we are and peel away – often painfully – layer after layer of programming and habit. We try to discover the true self – the selfless self for only then might we see the world around us as it really is. But unless you are Christ, the selfless self doesn’t exist and all we perhaps are are less imperfect selfs. But as you go through the process, I can affirm that your view of truth changes and changes a lot.

Certainly, the manipulation becomes clear. The purpose behind it does not. We enter the world of conspiracy theory no matter what you do. I mostly see humanity as an imperfect thing that constantly tries to ascribe reason to chaos. It maybe that there is no purpose per se just a heaving mass of conflicting thoughts and actions that for one reason or another sometimes coalesce to look like an overall purpose? There are purposeful groups everywhere pushing agendas but I don’t subscribe to the view that one such group has the upper hand. In fact, I doubt it very seriously.

So again, truth is subjective and it is your truth. The harder that you work towards understanding who you are, accepting personal responsibility for your own life, and taking ownership of your own problems, the more truth shifts and changes. I believe to a more truthful version of the subjective truth. The levers used to manipulate certainly become more obvious. The strings can be seen. But those pulling the strings and moving the levers? Their motives remain unknown. Opaque.

I often try to show people what I see as truth. Sometimes, I get angry that even when it is right in front of them staring them in the face, they cannot see the subjective truth. The lens that they look through life at distorts it. Currently, that lens has been magnified by social media and the chaos is even worse than usual. Not only that, but guiding principles learned over countless centuries that help humanity steer a course are being willfully destroyed. Things like family, honor, duty, personal responsibility, religion and even spirituality. Things like myth, legend and history are being deformed and canceled. Without these guides to life I fear humanity will become even more chaotic and life more dangerous, unfair and difficult.

Part of the problem with subjective truth is that it is a graduation of truth. If you look at climate, for example (a pet peeve of mine!), there is truth in the idea that humanity has an impact on climate and certainly on the environment. But to use this degree of truth to promote the falsety that CO2 is totally responsible is a lie. It is bogus. The science is demonstrable that CO2 is not the climate driver but the current agenda say it is and it says the science says it is. It is a verifiable lie. But many people believe this to be truth. It is their truth. It is not mine.

For me, truth is subjective colored by the coccoons we build around our true selves. Real truth is unknowable in the human condition but the more we strip ourselves of predispositions, the closer we can get to the truth.

Meanwhile, the battle for your mind goes on and only an attitude in which you query and challenge everything will get you through.

The Demise of Common Sense

I had hoped that my approach towards retirement would be one in which I could spend some time in the US with my sons and in Europe for the remainder of the time perhaps eventually moving to live by the sea in somewhere like Greece. Being an EU citizen and a US citizen gave me those possibilities. I had imagined the world would get better and better with increased enlightenment and education.

The days, I wonder what my retirement will actually hold – if I ever can afford to retire that is. I now see a starker totalitarian future in which common sense and the ability to think are life threatening capabilities. I can’t understand how people are willing to willingly and thoughtlessly sacrifice freedom of thought and speech. I do not see how a humanity that is scared to be offended and needs safe spaces to survive will have any kind of future at all to be honest. A society that has reached a time when people barely have to work at all to live a good life courtesy of cheap fossil fuels now seemingly wanting to go back to an era in which travel was more or less impossible except for the elite and one in which periodically, cutting down trees may offer the only way to stay warm.

If you think I’m being over the top, then I beg you to look around. The world is upside down and anything that smacks of faith or religion – or family – under attack. The police in the UK now barge into churches and stop religious services…. The soccer leagues take a knee for a marxist, anti -family organization. Corporations like Coca Cola think that proving your identity in order to vote is somehow racist – the MLB which requires an ID in order to pick up tickets also thinks that showing an ID to vote is a bad thing… the hypocrisy reeks – its a bad smell everywhere.

I keep wondering is there a place I can go where sanity prevails or where I can live my life how I want without being ostracized, canceled or persecuted? If there is – someone let me know please?

Every time I see a person walking alone in the forest wearing a mask, I want to scream – “What kind of a fool are you?” and then I realize they probably know the mask is silly, may even know it is hurting their immune system unnecessarily, but common sense is so fascist these days….

And if I see another person boasting that they got vaccinated with an experimental, emergency use only, improperly tested gene therapy against a virus that is survivable by around 99.6% of humanity when it doesn’t actually stop you getting it or spreading it, I will scream. I suppose in the coming years, I will be ostracized and persecuted for not following suit. It is already being suggested by the state that those who chose not to do this extraordinarily stupid thing to themselves should be denied the right to travel, visit pubs and so on. How long before they round us up and lock us away? I give it less than 5 years to that point and you? Well you will cheer them on as they do it… that is my prediction.

Unless…. you say STOP. Now.

Lucid Dreaming – With Sarah Janes…

Another edition of my podcast – The Magical World of G. Michael Vasey is now out. I talk with Sarah Janes about lucid dreaming and other dream-related topics…

Sarah Janes is an independent researcher with a particular interest in sleep and dream culture in the ancient world. I have written about dreams and other things for The Idler, The Bohemian, The Journal of Paranthropology and Ancient Origins. You can learn more about her and her activities at her website.


A flicker of a sun beam

Dancing on the wall

In my imagination

I am ten feet tall

Peering into the glass

Defocused vision sees

All that there should be

And though I may question

And though I may search

The answer is another question

Echoing inside my soul

I’m falling, then rising

Bobbing along the stream

Taken where I will be

Or washed up on a lonely shore

And I’ll find you there

Endless and unseen

A duality of infinity

Just like in a dream

From which I awaken

Without memories

Without me

As one

With you all