The Coming Energy Crisis

Yes. The UK, Germany, California and other places are all experiencing energy crises. All for the same reasons – renewables. Get used to high prices, intermittent supply and less choice. That is the brave new green world. And its so needless. There are tons of cheap fossil fuels now being abandoned because well – the supposed climate crisis (fake of course). Even if you believe CO2 drives climate – which most of the science actually suggests it doesn’t (note I talk here about science not the politics of the IPCC and UN etc. and its fake pseudo science), there was always lots that could be done top remove CO2 emissions – from generation, tail pipes and so on. But rather than incremental investment to clean up existing technology (that has had over 100 years of progress), the powers that be have opted to throw all of that away for renewables and batteries. So, when the sun don’t shine and the wind don’t blow…..

But the problem is deeper than this.

Batteries need metals like Lithium and so on. These are in short supply, they are dirty to mine and process. They cause REAL environmental and social issues. But who cares! CO2 is the only focus of the world’s leadership. Razing forests, stealing the entire water supply of local populations and destroying their land isn’t at issue…

We are no where near there yet either – they are not anywhere near done. They want vehicles replaced with EVs, they want gas boilers phased out, they want so much of the current paradigm tossed out and replaced with unproven technologies that frankly, the future looks grim. I suspect, high prices, outages and lack of access to private transport is the future for pretty much all of us.

But hey, its not like that should be a surprise is it? As the leader of the WEF keeps saying – you will have nothing.

Everything is politicized and half-assed. Expertise is not wanted and experts are dismissed as fake or deniers or racists…. I will make a prediction. People will die. But that is seemingly part of the plan too isn’t it?

Meanwhile, people actually support their own demise. Well, you get what you deserve.

Let There be LIGHT

In the beginning was the WORD

The sound of consciousness formatted

It called itself into existence

Or in other words it became aware

And as the light grew, the darkness slunk off to hide from it

It glowered there out with the Sun

And waited for its moment to be done

Gnawing away at the edges of reality

Knowing that Let there be light

Meant the darkness too

It watched at first and recognized

The darkness inside of men

And found its home there

Sounding words inside fertile minds

Tricking and fooling its way

The words became a narrative

And polluted many crystal minds

And wherever it saw light

It moved to darken its sight

Soon chaos reigned

And mankind chained itself

To Satan

Everywhere the light was snuffed

So they could not see

The chains were just an illusion

But dark forgot something important

Without light, there is no dark

And some minds proved resistant

These minds slowly coalesced

And at a critical point – expanded

Into a new awareness shooting

Light out into darkness

And so the cycle began again

Let there be LIGHT

And let us have sight

Shining within the darkness

A Pulsating Web

I have come to look at the Earth energy lines and vortices as a web of rivers of light. You can perhaps liken it to the vessels and nerves of the living planet that we live on. Gaia or in the slavic realms Mokosh Herself. It is a true gift from the Divine to find that not only can I dowse some of these aspects of the living being that is our planet but that I now understand that it relates to me personally and deeply.

Not only do I now stop at energy lines and silently flood them with love and hope that I know will spread throughout the entire world but I also send healing. I have come to see the vortices as power centers that can supplement and magnify my and your efforts and beyond that perhaps even points that connect other dimensions to this one. I do think that meditating at these vortices we can help heal humanity and this planet but we can also heal ourselves and raise our consciousness to access other places of being and reality. Perhaps, we can even communicate between one another using the planetary net rather like the internet?

Over the weekend, I start to research the three sisters of Wyrd. They are found in almost all pantheons and systems in one form or another. The three sisters who spin the web of fate – connective and individual. The rivers of light that are the energy lines appear to me increasingly to perhaps be behind these myths. And anyone who has read the amazing book Way of Wyrd will know what I mean and just how perhaps this web might be used (and abused).

I believe that it is increasingly important that we work with this web, the wyrd. I urge anyone who is interested to join me and if in Moravia, contact me, so that we can work together.

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Truth and Lies – Deception and Confrontation

I guess being the sort of person I am, I just cannot fathom how people fall for lies and narrative. Moreover, I cannot even begin to understand how seemingly normal people then will take up the deceptive narrative as a crusade persecuting and attacking others who actually have a better understanding of what is really going on.

Point in case is the narrative in the US about Ivermectin. The mainstream media and left-wing continue to talk about people choosing horse dewormers over the ‘vaccine’. The mainstream media promote this message and their zombie followers jump on twitter and so on repeating the mantra ad nauseam.

This leaves me wondering what is wrong with these people? All they have to do is open their eyes and read a few papers in The Lancet and other medical journals, do a bit of research on Ivermectin, its 30-year history as a safe drug for human use, the fact it is on the WHO list of essential drugs to start to realise – they are being LIED to. Played. Made to look like zombie morons.

Then, perhaps they could extend their reading a bit beyond the usual mainstream liars and narrative pushers and actually find articles in the global media about the success of Ivermectin in Indonesia, India, Czechia and a myriad of other locations on the planet where the emphasis is on treating and healing people as opposed to political BS narratives that allow people to die.

These very same people will often claim science… yet, anyone who has the slightest bit of knowledge looks at them thinking they need psychological help. The science is all around but these people can’t see it because they are narrative zombies.

And please note that Twitter, FB, Youtube and many other social media platforms are complicit in this crime against humanity that denies people life because – politics!

Luckily, I live in a reasonably sane part of the world and should I contract COVID, Ivermectin will quickly be prescribed along with treatments like corticoid steroids and platelets… perhaps living in an ex communist country, the people here have had enough experience with blind political narratives and the subsequent toll of death and destruction?

Announcing The Magical World of G. Michael Vasey podcast Series 3!

In a bit less than a week, season 3 of my podcast will begin!

I’m excited to say that the first 3 or 4 episodes are already in the can. I will be talking to Thomas Sheridan, Phoenix, and Stuart France,

We will kick off with Thomas Sheridan, author, artist and film maker from Dublin, Ireland who came to international recognition in 2011 with the book Puzzling People: the Labyrinth of the Psychopath. We talked about magic, the ‘consciousness firewall’ and the narrative and black magic amongst other topics.

I will then be talking to Phoenix who holds a sacred space for those on a spiritual path focused on self-healing as the self-awakening process. Those seeking the wholeness of all four of their bodies, and those who reach for the Moon and Dreaming unity within our Solar waking life with the depth of the mystery of nature, the elements, animals, birds, rivers and oceans.

The last of my first three guests is Stuart France a director of the Silent Eye. Stuart is a writer and mystic who has a deep and practical knowledge of the Western Mystery Tradition, having followed a Path that has taken him hopping through the branches of the Trees of Knowledge and Delight. His astonishing work with symbolism and the interpretation of myth comes from a profound understanding and love of life, laughter and humanity.

One thing I know is that these three guests have all had a powerful impact on me and as I talked to them, there were synchronicities in the conversations that at times hurt my head…..

Join me in the new podcast series starting next Friday….

Make sure that you subscribe now so as not to miss these and subsequent episodes through the fall and winter of 2021. Here is where you can find it…

Chasing the Goddess

A little bit of magic.

The journey of discovery continues via the invocation of and meditation on the Slavic goddesses Morana and Vesna through the three Moons of winter and three Moons of Spring. The Goddess of winter and death followed by the goddess of spring and fertility. The outer life mimics the inner life through the long COVID-19 lockdown and colder than usual gloomy winter into an epic battle between winter and spring.

Like the Hero’s journey, I descended into the depths of the underworld with Morana, but did I emerge again with anything of value? An initiation of self that echoed the duality of polarity, the change of the seasons, and much more. I emerged a different person in many ways on the way discovering connections between earth energies and the ancient Slavs.

Strange Timing?

I just watched this trailer on Youtube….

How timely that we are reminded that this world is a matrix – unreal and becoming more unreal everyday with its nonsense narratives trapping the zombies… It is time for us all to awaken and fight back. Time to take the red pill and look a bit harder at the nonsensical agendas, anti science, anti individual and anti reality of the modern world.

Wake up. Fight back by ignoring them, questioning them and getting them tied up in their own lies.