Science Wins Again….

It has been accepted as a basic scientific fact that vaccinating in a pandemic is wrong. It is wrong because it causes the virus to mutate and adapt and to find ways around the vaccination in the process running the risk it becomes even more dangerous than it once was.

Of course, these days, this basic science is denied by the people shouting trust the science… They say it is wrong for humans yet these very same people accept that this happens in chickens, sheep and so. There was just a bunch of articles in mainstream media talking about a problem in chickens brought on by vaccinating in a pandemic. But, you know, these people who say trust the science don;t actually mean it – they mean trust the narrative.

But science usually has a way of winning in the end….

Here is a paper published in Nature showing how COVID-19 has circumvented the vaccines due to morphing and changing in response to mass vaccination – just as the real scientists predicted.

Yes – you can deny reality until you are blue in the face …. but it comes with a price.

The vaccines are useless – that is a proven fact. They come with a high rate of side effects and totally unknown longer-term impacts… let’s pray they aren’t as bad as some expect with Dr. Cahill saying that mRNA vaccine recipients have 5 -10 years to live. I don’t believe her but I do think we will see a major health crisis in the coming years directly attributable to this ‘vaccine’

No – I am not anti-vaxx. I am fully vaxxed except for COVID-19 where I do not trust emergency use, untested novel vaccines pushed by media, big tech and Government to protect from a virus that is 99.9% survivable for most people and you need to be tested to know if you have it.

Interesting Improvement

I have been writing the last couple of years at my surprise that Governments around the world haven’t been promoting natural immunity and health by giving basic advice on diet, sleep and stress etc. I have even gone so far as to suggest that many appear to encouraging people to do everything to become sick. When combined with the knowledge that many now use psyop units against their own people to get them to comply (along with what can only appear to be black magic), this isn’t a surprise.

Constant washing of hands with disinfectant has been widely blamed for lowered immunity, for example. Wearing masks is shown by many years of good research to have no value at all and may even be harmful but it shows a willingness to comply and that was its true purpose. Not mixing with others also serves to reduce our natural immunity as does stress – like the stress of constantly changing the rules and regulations perhaps? Yes, it is almost as if they want us sickened and weak. Perhaps that way, we are likely to be more compliant?

So imagine my surprise when yesterday, I went to look at the new measures put in place here in the Czech Republic and found this…

This just appeared – I had never seen it before. Yet there we are – at least something. They push Vitamin D….

Let’s Go Brandon!

When I first heard about this, I gave a wry smile. At least some people have started to appreciate that the President of the USA, rather than leading the free world from tyranny is trying to impose it I thought. Now, I see this everywhere. It has got beyond Biden. It is becoming the call of normies worldwide. It is the rally around which people can signal their resistance of and objection to the woke left and its ridiculous pursuit of totalitarianism.

The pattern is everywhere the same. World leaders are determined to lock us down, turn us against each other, drown us in immigrants, indoctrinate our children and overturn everything that normal people believe it – including God and family – upside down and backwards. It doesn’t seem to matter what their supposed politics are. It is as if they were all bribed, drugged or in on some secret. But it is we who have the power not them! The leader of New Zealand has shown her true colors and many of the others too. Their evil and depravity is matched only by Dr. Mengele, Adolf Hitler and that ilk.

Every one of us that refuses to comply, that ignores them, that won’t but goods or services from a woke business, that ignore pubs and restaurants that want to test or check us to go elsewhere, every one who resigns and tells their employer to go shove it is having an impact.

They control the narrative by controlling the media and filling it with lies and anti science (anti common sense too). They control social media deploying biased and false fact checking and outright banning. They think that they can then control us. They cannot.

All we have to do is not comply. To develop a parallel life style of self-reliance and ween ourselves off central Government then, at every chance, vote the bastards out.

Yes, Let’s go Brandon!

Freedom, choice and integrity.

Live your life. Smile and be happy. Do not comply. Do not do as they order. Avoid all complicit businesses and establishments. Relish your individuality and natural born freedom of choice

Doubling Down Is Never A Good Strategy

The UK seems all set to follow Australia into becoming a COVID prison. The Government, probably advised by its psyops specialists, is causing maximum fear and confusion but there is no doubt it wants total control over the people and everyone vaccinated. Like the gambler who doubles down on a losing position, Boris has admitted that the vaccines don’t work and his solution is more of them in the form of a booster – which is nothing more than another shot of the same useless vaccine they already had two shots of. If something doesn’t work the first time only an idiot tries the same strategy again? Or someone with another agenda.

Meanwhile the data on vitamin D is really interesting. Perhaps the solution to living with endemic COVID is some advisory around vitamin D and other supplements and lifestyle choices like not being stressed, getting enough sleep, eating a balanced diet, getting exercise, taking some C and Zinc and perhaps a few other herbal supplements for maximizing immunity? You know, the sort of advice that has been missing from central Governments, MSM and so on since Day one. The kind of things they have actively been working against almost as if they want you ill?

The evidence regarding the vaccines is now quite clear,

  • They are very inneffective at stopping people getting infected a spreading the virus,
  • They seem to increase hositalizations and infections by around 3-4% in places like Israel
  • They come with very high and serious side effects – is it coincidence that the UK’s cardiac arrest rate s up 25% since mass vaccination? I think not,
  • Their long-term effects remain unknown and we may face the biggest health crisis in a few years as a result.

The vaccines should have been withdrawn a long time ago. Yet the push to have us all pricked with the clot shot remains massively disproportionate to their value. Why?

There was a time when I was just waiting to see in order to have my shot but now, I will never take this stuff. Never. I will stick to my own immune system supplemented by a healthy lifestyle and I will continue to ignore media and politicians. I have a brain and I know how to use it. I have free will and I will not compromise on that.

Boris Johnson Admits Vaccine Doesn’t Work

They were always lying and they still are. Wake up. Watch this clip for the Boris interview that is totally revealing. But hey – I told you so months ago…


Using data from the U.K.’s Government Statistical Service, diagnostic pathologist Clare Craig has found that excess deaths in the U.K. for the week ending September 10, 2021, are showing an alarming increase in heart disease mortality. Specifically, there were:

24% more heart failure deaths than baseline

19% ischaemic heart disease

16% cerebrovascular disease (strokes)

18% other circulatory diseases

So yeah – go get your booster so they can kill a bigger percentage of you off.

Here we go – More idiocy

So as of November 1st, people who wish to dine out, visit the pub and so forth will need to show evidence of vaccination, prior infection or a negative test. It’s spreading again so they tell us despite all the vaxxed people. The state media carries stories of how people are lining up for their 3ed jab and they cannot handle the people waiting. They say the hospitals are filling again and the majority are unvaxxed.

I believe not a single word.

I know people who work in the health system. They say there are a few more COVID patients but not many. They say most are double vaxxed as you would expect given the fact that according to the Government, a majority are double vaxxed. I don’t believe that number either as most people I know are not and will not vaxx. That could be bias but I’m including in it ladies I am meeting via a Czech dating site — These are people I never met before and would not usually have any inter action with. Of those that are vaxxed, at least 50% are sick… not with COVID but with something that debilitates them and has no real symptoms to speak of. As for the third jab, I know no one that will willingly submit themselves to another dose – not one.

I don’t disagree with the testing I suppose though my argument would be we have to live with an endemic flu-like virus that eventually will become I suppose a fairly mild thing as a result of (real natural) immunity and the virus morphing. What I disagree with is letting the vaxxed not test. To me, this is a recipe for disaster as we all know by now that the vaccine is not very effective. It doesn’t stop people getting or spreading it and, it seems it doesn’t much reduce symptoms either.

On the other hand, there remains a lot of very scared and rather dumb people out there who still buy into the great reset as a medical emergency.

My daughter and I this morning bought two test kits at a pharmacy. The older lady lining up behind us was visibly panicked as we passed her by…. I feel sorry for people like that, I do. They are victims of State sponsored mental abuse and a medical tyranny the like we have never seen – other than Dr. Mengele’s abhorrent practices.

I do think I begin to see a broader push back. More comments from people who finally begin to figure it out. Beginning to wake up. Recently, I have been watching the image of the Volcano erupting and imagining it as humanities rising anger…..

Wake up people…. this virus is 99.9% survivable. Wherever vaccines have been deployed, more people die and become infected. What is that about?

COVID19? or COVID18?

There appears to be bits of evidence coming together that suggest the Wuhan lab leak occurred a full year earlier than we are told. These strands of evidence include orders by China of massive amounts of PCR test kits, a massive spike in excess deaths in China in late 2018 through early 2019. Then there are the specimens of COVID19 found in several places prior to the official timing. Like traces found in wastewater in Barcelona in March, 2019, sewage samples from Brazil in November 2019, and a few others. There has been lots of other strange facts like the filing of patents and so on. If you dig a bit, you find quite a lot of evidence to suggest something is quite wrong with the official timeline.

And if that turns out to be true. That the official time line is wrong and the outbreak occurred a year earlier, then a lot of other facts start to look extremely suspicious. These would include the investment by Bill Gates in Moderna in September 2019 and news that potential coronavirus vaccine candidates were transferred from Moderna to the University of North Carolina in 2019, signed for by Ralph Baric “nineteen days prior to the official emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic.”  It would also put a far more sinister light on the French decision to remove hydroxychloroquine as an over the counter medication in October, 2019. In fact, if you move the timeline by that year, the only real explanation for a whole lot of behaviour is that people in powerful places knew already and were making decisions that would enrich them.

I’m not normally a conspiracy theorist but as I look at some of the evidence along with the absolute denial of the Wuhan labs involvement, some of the cryptic things said by Gates and so on….. it is hard not to reflect a bit on the idea that just like September 11th, 2001, some people made some moves that made them incredibly rich that seem very, very suspicious.

Reality Hijacked

I first saw signs of this 30-40 years ago as bits of information seemed to disappear – usually this was information relating to climate such as volcanoes throw out vast quantities of CO2 when they erupt. Even my father commented on it in the early days of the internet when he would go to the internet cafe to do a bit of research only to discover that what he was looking for had been re-written – yes, he was an active anti-climate change via CO2 person as well. Gradually, this hacking of reality has taken on a complete rewrite status. Everything we were taught is now untaught. Common sense is now problematic – after all it leads people to question the narrative as is critical thinking and personal responsibility! Well, that is simply so right wing these days.

Wikipedia is a good example of this rewrite. It started as an online dictionary of stuff but was hijacked and rewritten to be a whole bunch of woke and nonsensical drivel.

Reality – everything that feeds into you unconsciously creating it anyway, has been hijacked. It is now all narrative, agenda and fear. Anyone who tries to think differently is denigrated, ostracized and ridiculed. Humanity is dying hacked by I don’t know what really – a cabal? They use psychological and magical techniques to do this and in the process have created a mass psychosis.

I know that many ordinary folk just want their lives back and a return to normal. They think the way to do that is to go along with the narrative. It isn’t. The way to get normal back is to reject the narrative, reject the lock downs, reject the masks, vaccines and all the other nonsense. But they won’t. It’s too dangerous, too much of a risk.

I have made a decision to basically isolate. I’m not playing ball. I’m working on creating a better reality in which common sense, critical thought, discussion and so on is the norm. I see people like Russell Brand essentially doing the same. Eventually, we will create and alternate world where sanity and science prevails (not the politicized pseudo-science they bombard us with now). Perhaps people will notice the sane and normal parallel world? Maybe that is when they will wake up.

Flouride? No Thanks….

In the UK, the Government is to mandate adding flouride to the water supply. The reason is to cut down on tooth decay! Yes, of course it is. A known and demonstrated result of flouride ingestion is a reduction in IQ. In the USA, they are reversing decisions to introduce flouride into the water supply amid growing health concerns and for those who care, floridation is thought to be a process that damages the pineal gland or third eye in humans.

The attack on humanity by central Governments never stops. It’s all done to ‘help’ us too. How nice of them. How about you simply encorage people to eat less sugar and brush their teeth?

If you are British, please consider signing this petition demanding parliament debate the issue…… here.