The Dreaded Lurgy

Just about now, we should be headed down the runway of Charles De Gaulle en route for Detroit and later, Orlando. Tomorrow we had planned a morning by the pool before picking up a rental car and heading to Santa Anna Island. Dreams just dreams. Instead, we are sat at home with our 5-year old who is covered in the blisters of Chickenpox but is otherwise fine and, as usual, full of beans. We are all a bit disappointed to say the least but what will be will be.


There was moment yesterday when I still believed this wasn’t chickenpox breaking out in front of our eyes. The hospital doctor soon put paid to that forlorn hope. Then there was the momentary temptation to follow the advice of many of our friends and go anyway. The spots weren’t obvious. But, chickenpox can be a killer to people with low immune systems and unborn babies whose mothers haven’t had it. Then what would we do if things got worse mid-Atlantic? Nope, the trip was off and so I started calling hotels, travel agents, car rentals etc. and trying to unwind the whole thing. So far, all but the hotel at Santa Anna has agreed to refund in full. I am also insured and on Monday morning will start the process of filing the claim.


We are now looking at going on the 16th July albeit for a large fee with the airline (it’s peak period now…). So all will need to be re-booked – except that hotel in Santa Anna – if they don’t refund I am damned if I am going to stay there! Hopefully, we will actually make it next time.

Meanwhile, I am afraid for you all it means another 2+ weeks of spamming about my book and stuff…… sorry folks!

Promotion and More Promotion

As I have said before I think, the average book doesn’t sell too many copies. In 2004, 950,000 titles out of the 1.2 million tracked by Nielsen Bookscan sold fewer than 99 copies. Another 200,000 sold fewer than 1,000 copies. Only 25,000 sold more than 5,000 copies. This is pretty old data but I couldn’t find anything more up to date in the 30 seconds that I tried…. It just shows you though. They say – they being my publisher – that you need to promote and promote and promote…. They do some of this work but I do the lion’s share. But, I am feeling guilty. For the next 2 and a bit weeks I will be on vacation and I won’t lift a finger on the book (collective sigh of relief from everyone I have spammed to death about The Last Observer).


By the time I get back, it will be 1-month to D-day in the USA and 6-weeks to D-Day in the UK. I should also have my books – always supposing the Czech customs people are being kind that day. Promotion won’t stop there but ramp up I suppose… then it’ll be looking for reviews of the book and maybe one or two book signings.

You know, I am beginning to dream about promoting the damn book! That is bad right?

Technology is Killing Us

I was reminiscing to myself last night as you do from time to time. I recall back in the early part of my career how there where no cell phones, no smart phones, no IPads, no PCs, no windows, no Google, no Facebook…… and wasn’t it great! If I went on a trip, I didn’t expect to keep in touch with people, no one called me looking for something. Occasionally, I’d get on a payphone and call home to check in but that was it. Back then, a holiday was a holiday.

On Sunday, we leave for two weeks in the USA. Sunday looks like being miserable with three flights and around 14 hours in the air. But I am looking forward to my vacation and going back to the US. I will of course dutifully take my iPhone and IPad. I will of course, take urgent business calls and respond to email periodically. In short, I am still connected, still on line and still working….. What a contrast to my early days of work.

Two years ago, I was in Houston, TX and we went to see a major gas company to see if we could get some business. As we waited in the hallway for our appointment, we were looking at the display of archaic computing equipment (we were after all, in the IT department of the company). Most of the equipment on display was Compaq equipment (A Houston company). Much to my amazement there was a huge PC complete with connected keyboard, huge screen all neatly wrapped up into a suitcase-size portable laptop. Only 15-years earlier, I had been lugging the exact same equipment around Europe trying to sell a piece of software we had developed and which was on this ‘laptop’ to demonstrate to prospective clients. Boy – did I suddenly feel old.

In the 30-years I have been in employment, the world has changed beyond belief. Tomorrow’s world is yesterday. The impact on each of us is immense and I suspect very stressful. God help our kids as they will likely never know a world where a holiday really was a holiday without email, Facebook and such. While we have gained something, I often feel that we have lost so much more.


When I was a kid, we would play in the street with bits of wood, dustbin lids and our bikes. Endless hours of self-made fun. Many of the kids today are locked into living their lives through their IPads or PC’s. People are getting dumber because of all this reliance on technology I read. It’s true, I know because I will often listen to GPS instructions even when I know they seem wrong. How many times have I cursed the bloody thing knowing full well I KNEW it was wrong but decided it must be right because it knows better?

The art of living is observation. Reality is to be observed. We can’t observe if our heads are stuck into our phones, PCs and Ipads can we? I think we should all work at taking time everyday to look around us and become fascinated with the world as opposed to the technology that keeps us away from it. Easier said than done but it needs to be done.

Meanwhile, I don’t know if Einstein really said this but I find it rather apt anyway….


Presidential Myth Making

Those that know me also know that one subject and one subject alone can get me truly very angry. That subject is the idea that man-made CO2 is responsible for ‘global warming’ and today I am very mad because Mr. Obama, presumably to detract attention away from his complete mismanagement of Government and everything else, has decided to jump on the bandwagon. I’m sorry to my friends and eldest son who love this man, but he is to me the worst President the US ever had simply because he doesn’t appear to actually stand for anything except himself and now – the myth of global warming. People – global temperatures haven’t risen in the last 15-years.

I’m not going to get into all the arguments because frankly I have made them all before – Google me and ‘global warming’ and I am sure you will find them. Please, don’t be like an old school chum of mine who asks if I am paid by the oil companies! I bloody wish! In fact, this is the enemies’ defense and one they use all the time to discredit the truth – all so called skeptics are paid by the oil companies they say… another myth – haven’t you noticed that all of the oil companies are spending millions convincing you they are green? They don’t have any cash for the likes of me.

So let us just take a look at some of the myths around this myth…

1. Global temperatures are warming…. – wrong. global temperatures are about the same today as they were 15-years ago. Real scientists ‘back test’ their results and adjust their theories accordingly…. not in this area they don’t – no – they just keep repeating the same myth until everyone believes it.

2. The ice caps are melting – No, they are not. What we are seeing are normal oscillations in the ice caps and while the Artic cap has shrunk a bit the Antartic cap has grown a bit – and, as pointed out by a friend on Facebook, “the northern ice cap is floating. Archimedes tells us that if the entire thing melted tomorrow the sea level would remain the same. Something that floats displaces the same amount of water as its mass. Technically speaking, because Ice expands when it freezes so if the entire thing melted tomorrow sea levels would go down slightly.”

3. But I can see it with my own eyes… more storms, bad weather etc. – No you can’t. You have, as does everyone, a habit of forgetting about bad things in the past so that it simply seems that way. In fact, if you do the research, nothing outside of normal cycles has changed.

4. But these people know what they are talking about – this is the best myth. No they don’t. Science create hypotheses based on observation. Peer review is then required to agree this. When the observations don’t fit the hypothesis, it needs to be reviewed and changed. Theories change all of the time. Once Newton described how gravity works until Einstein came along…. The problem is this – there is too much vested interest now in the status quo and too much money funding business as usual….. if you dig a bit, all is not well in the land of climate science. The cracks are appearing all over the wall and soon…. it will fall.

So what is this pseudo-science about? Money. Getting more of your money, taking more control into central Government… and more money for folks like Al Gore.

People – wake up. Don’t let these people create your reality for you. Start to use the brains God gave you and think! The truth is that this is a myth.

Take a look for yourself at the graph below…. now, time to observe and think. Is CO2 driving temperature or is it simply the Sun?


And I always felt that Obama’s redeeming factor was his intellect!

Shifting Sands

So, let’s get something straight before we begin this. I don’t care if any government is logging my calls, tracking my internet usage or even listening in to those calls. I have nothing to hide but I am sure there are others that do have something to hide and need to be listened to very carefully.

I really don’t care too much about this stuff. Maybe I should but I don’t. Nor do I particularly care that some guy is running around telling the world’s media that the US Government does this. I should hope that they do. I don’t either much care for the Chinese government pretending that they are innocent of such things (nor the Russians for that matter). The fact is, if for a minute I stopped to think about who is spying on who, I would absolutely assume that all governments spy on all other governments and also on their domestic population. Information is power and Governments crave absolute power whatever they say. So who – just who – do they think they are fooling? Not me.

I also don’t know much (nor do I wish to) about what goes on in the power struggles between countries on a daily basis. I just do not care to know. It is all part of the matrix of distractions in my opinion designed to keep everyone chained and bound in the control system that relies on building fear and desire for things in order to keep us all focused on anything but the truth. I know this to be true. No – I am not crazy nor am I a conspiracy buff. Its just obviously true and I think most people know this to be true if they actually think about it. This is simply the way our world works and not much has changed in millenia in that respect.

But I do have to say, the sands seem to be shifting. Apparently, some people care and they care a good deal. Enough to put their future at risk by disclosing the details. Whether in the end this has any real impact is debatable but something is up in the matrix folks….. something is changing.


Viral Thinking

What if The Last Observer took off? I mean really took off. If it sold, hundreds of thousands of copies. I have been just occasionally letting myself dream such things in the hope that, if I think and believe it, it will happen. Funny though because this thought is always rapidly followed by that other little voice that says ‘You stupid bugger! Who would buy your book?‘ It’s that second little voice that stops us all from dreaming too much but actually, if we listened to it too much, we would never do anything at all.

I set myself a goal with The Last Observer. It is this – minimum 3000 copies sold. 3000 isn’t that big of a number is it? Actually, I do think 300,000 would be achievable if only I could get the book into people’s hands. Everyone who has read it says the same thing…. it draws you in. Herbie Brenna read it and said this ‘I didn’t think I’d have time for more than a glance, but it pulled me in. Well done.‘ Today, I saw a review by WitchHazel and she says this… ‘I love a book that draws you in and lets you submerge yourself in the world it creates around you, much like Stan, but this book had me actually leaning in, desperate to turn the page and find out more.‘ I am pretty sure that this book has the je ne sais quoi that could tip the balance into it being a good seller. SC Vincent said ‘This slim volume packs a thought provoking punch and is an addictive read. The fast paced story leads the reader through the twists and turns of the plot with a feel of being caught within the story. As indeed we are.


What I do need is simply channels to get the message to market. It needs that viral word of mouth component to help it take off. That’s what I will be imagining then from now on in… a little book that goes viral and steps above the other millions of books in reaching an audience. Perhaps you can all help me by writing reviews on Amazon and Goodreads etc. and by telling all of your friends?

WitchHazel’s Review of The Last Observer

Merry meet!

For some time now I have been thinking about reviewing books, but never quite managed to start doing so. All that has changed following my receiving a review copy of a forthcoming book.

“The Last Observer” is an amazingly absorbing story about the nature of reality and it’s manipulation. It focuses on Stan, a man who finds the world he can create in his head is far more satisfying than the mundane world we all live in, and how he gets drawn into a dangerous world where people want to use his imagination to change the reality we all know.

While the story itself is very well written, with characters you can relate to from the start, what I found most intriguing was the application of quantum theory to place the more fantastical elements of the story into a rational, plausible plot without overwhelming the reader with jargon or feeling like it was jarring or detracting from the events going on around our lead characters. Indeed, this is the first fiction book in ages that has made me want to investigate a topic further.

I love a book that draws you in and lets you submerge yourself in the world it creates around you, much like Stan, but this book had me actually leaning in, desperate to turn the page and find out more.

For those of us of a magickal persuasion, the concept of using the mind to change the reality around us is familiar, and Dr Vasey writes with authority about the techniques without getting bogged down in ritual for those who are unfamiliar with the practices.

In short, this is a well written book that grabs you from the start and doesn’t want to let you go. I can’t wait for you all to read it and see how much it makes you question your own reality.

“The Last Observer” will be published August 30th by Roundfire Books.

Blessed be )0(

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Another Review for The Last Observer

My thanks to SC Vincent for this one – and my thanks also to her for encouraging me to write this story by demanding the next chapter each time I sent her an update….

How would you feel if the reality you knew as intimately as your own thoughts was suddenly brought into question? If, in fact, you became aware that the two were inextricably linked, not just within the confines of your imagination, but in actuality? And if you could begin to understand this strange, unsettling concept, what would you do when it was borne upon you that someone wanted to hijack that reality, twisting it for their own ends and putting more at risk than your life?

Such is the position in which Stanley finds himself. He is just an ordinary man, a loner with a vivid imagination who finds himself dragged into an unfamiliar world where those who share his talent are disappearing in strange and violent circumstances. In a strange and unexpected encounter, Stanley meets Edward, and the dangerous adventure begins.

At the centre of this dangerous web is the enigmatic figure of Zeltan, drawing in the human threads to weave a tapestry that could rewrite history. Dr Vasey’s intimate knowledge of the world of ritual magic is used to dramatic effect as its darker side mirrors the twisted mind of Zeltan, painting a vivid and harrowing picture of the abuse of the potential of the mind.

In ‘The Last Observer’ Dr Vasey explores the nature of reality and the human mind. With his usual incisive style he exposes the knife edge where ego and ambition pave the road to a personal hell and highlights the illusions under which we live, both in regard to the manifested world we see around us and our role within it.

This slim volume packs a thought provoking punch and is an addictive read. The fast paced story leads the reader through the twists and turns of the plot with a feel of being caught within the story. As indeed we are.

Do not look for magic wands, happy ever afters and fairytales within the book’s covers. The Last Observer hits home at the point where science and magic meet and will leave you questioning the nature of your own reality and your place within it.

SC Vincent

One of Those Days!

I know its not me that sometimes has one of those days but I do wonder if what constitutes one of those days for me is the same as others? For me, such days usually start poorly. I won’t have slept well or I woke up early or I didn’t want to get up. It seems to slide from there….

Today for example, my internet is playing up. Everything is slow as a result and I keep having to go and reset the router. I have a few people I really need to follow up with but none of them are answering the phone, email or Skype…. But most frustrating isn’t whats going on out there but inside of me. You see I can’t seem to do anything. I don’t seem able to figure out where to start and so I don’t. If I do start, I meet an issue and have to stop anyway. After a while, I actually don’t want to do anything and would rather aimlessly surf the net. Problem is, I have a lot I want to do but today I seem incapable of starting any of them. Are you also like this or is it just me?


Maybe its the weather. Yesterday it was unbearably hot and then we had ferocious storms over night and today its breezy and looks like more storms….

Oh well…. its almost the weekend.


People come in types
They all look the same
Patterns swirl within larger patterns
A glitch is hard to see
Unless you watch so carefully
Isn’t this like a movie?
interactive action
Repelling and then so much attraction


A video game, but one that stars me?
Do you think I paid to take this ride?
To do stuff or maybe hide out
For a rainy day or two
From that otherworld – the dream I dream
Which is real. Which not. A real mystery
Am I just a distraction for the other me
The one that’s more real than real?
The Godlike creator, player, actor
That struts his stuff on this matrix’d stage


Do you think I really have history?
Or am I just living for a day
Programmed context for an away day
To sleep is to return from whence I came
It really is just a video game.