Jesus and Mary

A few days ago, the Bardon group I follow was discussing the fact that there is a website that purports to be written by the returned Christ. The site is simple and contains a number of communications or letters presumably channeled. I haven’t had time to really read everything there yet but I have to say that this material is extremely enlightening and in line with what I see is a general trend or unfoldment of truth. In his first letter, Jesus gives an account of his childhood and his experience of baptism and what he then learned during his 6-weeks in the desert. You have to laugh at his account of how he was as a child and how he reacted against the devout nature of his mother – it seems, well, so normal. But as you read this document and the others, there is a ring of truth in there. Take a look for yourself.


Funnily enough, about a year ago, I came across another website of material written by a lady in Berlin who believes herself to be Jesus’s mother Mary. Again, if you read this material, it seems to be full of truth and by the way, it is very similar in nature to the Jesus letters.

Could it be that Jesus and Mary have returned and are alive again in the World?

I don’t know that anyone can answer that question but I will say this, there does seem to be something going on. There seems to be a thread of enlightenment that in the past, would have been held secretly and jealously for the precious few but it is now being made available to the masses. OK, so its not called ‘occult’ but it is certainly esoteric. Take a look and see what you think.

The two websites discussed above are: – Working with Light and Love – I AM MARIA, HEAVENLY MOTHER AND MOTHER EARTH, THE FEMININE PART OF GOD, BEING HIS GRACE, BEING HIS LOVE, WHO HAS COME TO HELP HER CHILDREN, BEING AS HUMAN AS THEY ARE, BUT WITH ALL THE LOVE OF HEAVEN,TO BRING YOU HIS GRACE, TO BRING YOU THIS LOVE, THAT YOU ONCE KNEW, TO FREE YOU FROM SUFFERING, PAIN AND DARKNESS – HEALING of Body-Mind-Soul, FREEDOM from all Problems, REVOLUTION OF HEARTS – – Letters From Christ. Christ has made it possible for himself to return authentically by preparing an English woman’s mind to receive his messages without distortion. Many channellings are distorted due to the beliefs and prejudices already within the mind of the receiver. To avoid this drawback, Christ first carefully de-programmed the woman’s mind of all dogma and other false beliefs, and then, over 40 years

Aghhhh – Nothing Fits

I am struggling with weight gain as I have previously blogged. However, today, in anticipation of going to Florida Tuesday, I tried all 12 pairs of jeans and casual trousers I have. Now, just 18-months ago, every single pair fit me as of today just FOUR pairs do…..Just 4!! How the hell can this happen? How can I add 3 inches to my waistline in a little over a year while eating less and exercising a bit more? By quitting nicotine is how.


Luckily, my shorts still do fit and hopefully, that’s all I need over the next two weeks. When I get back its a crash diet and more exercise for me….I can’t afford clothes right now.

Meanwhile, who has read that JK Rowling tried to sell a book under a different name? (See cover below). It got good reviews – very good in fact but was barely known and had only sold 1500 copies. Then they let the cat out of the bag and said novel is now rocketing off shelves and climbing the charts. So, what can we learn from this? That there isn’t much hope for the rest of us? I dunno, all it takes is a little luck and some positive visualization! I’d be happy to sell 1500 copies of The Last Observer (he lies….).


The Countdown to D-Day(s)

Well, the book is printed and the eBook ready and on August 17th and 30th it will be D-Day (USA and Europe dates respectively). Why we have two different dates is beyond me but we do.

Six years ago, I was visiting with my son Paul who was taking a semester at King’s College in London and we were sat in a pub drinking some real good English beer. The conversation turned to the nature of reality and magic (as it does if you know me!) and I began to outline a basic idea for a story. The basic idea was that certain people with magical training observe better than others and really do have some ability to create reality. These people were being killed off until all that remained was one last observer. Paul listened to this quietly until I had completed the idea and simply said “Dad, you should write that as a novel.” observing in the process what an awesome film the story would make. Of course, through the haze of a good beer or two things always sound good.


Later, at home, I sat down and I wrote what is Chapter One of the book. That was that. Periodically, I would talk about the novel idea but I couldn’t bring myself to write another word. Paul asked about it from time-to-time too.

Then, just before Christmas, and I have no real idea why, I sat down and looked at that chapter again. Slowly, I started to type and then suddenly the story finally began to emerge. In just three weeks, 40,000 words spilled out one after the other as my obsession to finish the story that was writing itself grew. Every couple of days, I sent the emerging MS to co-author of The Mystical Hexagram, SC Vincent and she would write back “What, you can’t stop there….” or something similar.

Finally, sometime in February, it was done. It was short – a novella really – but it was exactly what I had imagined it would be sitting in that pub 6-years previously. The Last Observer was a reality – my reality. So on the D-day(s), I will be watching and hoping that many, many others will share the story with me and perhaps think a bit about what we are, why we are here and what it is all about this thing called life.

The Last Observer: A Magical Battle for Reality is available for pre-order now on all Amazon and many other sites. It will be released August 17th and August 30th respectively in the US and Europe.


Here is hoping….

Astral Messages

Deep and deeper into the fiery depths
Down and down ‘neath the cooling stillness
Where obscured symbols serve for words
And standing stones encircle scented voids
Ancient primordial creatures stir
And other strange images form down there


Midst blue and emerald mind mists
And the elemental mysteries of inner Earth
Where fires’ flames lick and dance
And the shimmering air swirls entranced
Crystalline waters trapped as precious opals
Sublime and regal royals enthroned
Through all eternity as cold and darkened stones


Images move and rise and fall
Emerging, emerging and then not at all
Half-formed figures born floating linger
Whispers and soundless sounds as tinder
To spark and fuel those inner flames
Astral messages calling ancient names
Billowing, enduring truths exclaimed

Obsession with a Symbol

The hexagram. It’s a beautiful symbol of balance used extensively around the world and in everyday life. The hexagram might be said to represent the ALL THAT IS and because of its internal symmetry, it represents the ALL THAT IS in perfect harmonious balance – pure perfection. It is a symbol of perfection but it suggests too that perfection or harmony is something very delicate, immensely fragile, and it is easily lost. It is something that must be purposely sought for.

It is the symbol of the Sun and, it is the symbol of the Son holding Tiphareth at its very center. It has a golden heart. The hexagram signifies the Great Work of Alchemy. It signifies the emanated and the source. It is the ALL and its creation or reality. As the symbol of the Sun it emphasizes this idea that all originated from the Sun or central point and all will eventually come back to the central Sun. The Hexagram represents the polar opposites that we must reconcile back to the single point. It is the six days of work using polarity and the seventh day of rest in which those polarities are reconciled.


The Hexagram can be used to reconcile many occult systems and in doing so it is a key to showing that each system is designed consistently and with a similar purpose. They each show us how to achieve the Great Work of alchemy. The Hexagram shows in multiple different ways that we were created to create. It also shows us that in our current state we are unable to create perfection as we should because we are unbalanced and out of harmony.

A study of the hexagram brings many thoughts and contemplations. I spent several years obsessing on this symbol and then, together with SC Vincent, wrote The Mystical Hexagram: The Seven Inner Stars of Power from which the above italicized quotes are taken. The book is available from Darura Press, Amazon and from me. You may also like the promotional video posted below….

Big Trouble

Having just come back from a quick 3-day camping trip with no real connection to the world due to a flat phone battery and no time to charge it for more than a few minutes, I was immediately inundated with the news this morning on CNN. As I read about all the problems, wars and mayhem I have to say that there is just one thing that if applied by everyone would solve most of all of these issues…. live and let live.

Why is it that folk feel like they are bound to force others to believe what they believe, live like they live and behave like they behave? OK so you may think I need to be ‘saved’ from myself. I have news for you – go fix your own issues before you tell me how I should live. All these fundamental religious types who try to tell us how to live our lives where do they get off?


Often they tell us that God wants this. How do they know? All I ever see if some man telling them what he thinks God wants. God wants Islamists to rise up and kill all unbelievers, God wants all gay people to go to hell, God wants women to stay at home ignorant. Where does it say any of this in the Bible or the Koran? What it actually says is You should not kill. There are no ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’

Rather if people would just focus on living their own lives to the best of their abilities and quit finding fault in others, there may actually be some progress.

The ‘Bad’ Review

One of the things you have to develop a thick skin for if you put yourself out there, is the bad review…. No one likes a bad review and I have heard many actors, writers etc. state that they never read reviews because they simply can’t abide it when they get a bad one. Having said that, a bad review is inevitable. Everyone is different and has their own view.

So last night I found my first ‘bad’ review. I was googling to see if there were any more reviews and I found it. Actually, it isn’t all bad news. The reviewer actually enjoyed the book and gave it 8/10 for plot but he hated my writing and character development. It is hard to read negative stuff and one immediately justifies everything. I’m no Shakespeare, its throwaway fiction etc. etc. All true by the way. But it is debatable whether I can actually write well this, I know for sure.


The good thing about writing is that its fun. Its even better when someone else enjoys the result. But there is never perfection. I am still learning how to write and suspect I be all of the rest of my life. Even now, I barely know how to punctuate and being an Englishman who has US citizenship and spent nearly 20-years there, my spelling is inconsistent too.

“Anyway, so I don’t think he’s a great writer.”

I found his comments about character development interesting. This, I will never succeed at simply because I do see the world in binary terms I think. I don’t necessarily relate well to other people and confess that I don’t understand people. Given that, the characters I write about reflect my reality.

“Anyway, Doc Vasey has the same view of people: one-dimensional. There are six (seven?) characters in his novella, and they are absolutely one-dimensional – even the “twist” character is one-dimensional.”

I’m sure there will be more bad reviews. So long as there are reviews things are fine as that means people are reading the books. Meanwhile, I will continue to write in my own style and I will try to improve my writing skills as I go.

“So, crappy writing and “meh” characters . . . I know you think I hated the book. I didn’t. It was actually rather compelling. Interesting story (if rather clichéd) about the boundary of science and “magic.” He loses the thread once or twice, but I did find myself wondering what was next and where this was going, so I kept reading it. Frankly, I think if the Good Doctor found a strong editor, this little piece of work would do rather well. He ends it a bit abruptly leaves a few loose ends, but otherwise it’s a solid/imaginative piece. I recommend it to those folks who are trying to understand such things as the God Particle and whether or not entangled particles violate the laws of physics with faster than light communication, etc.”

The review can be found here.

Just Today

Have you ever wondered if today is, in fact, the only day of your ‘life’?

Ever since I was a young child, I have puzzled over reality. As I have mentioned many times, in Inner Journeys, I talk about how as a young boy, I really felt like this wasn’t real and that I was in a booth somewhere looking through some glasses and experiencing life as a ‘virtual reality’ game. Back then there was no virtual reality of course. Later, at school, I couldn’t quite understand how I could be just a bunch of atoms floating around in space! What kept me together? How did I know which atoms where mine? and many many other questions. Other kids thought I was a bit weird. Probably they were right.

virtual world

I often ponder over the thought what if today is the only day I actually experience this reality? I wake up, live through the day and then go to sleep and that is the end of my virtual reality game. Memories? Pre-programmed of course. Everything I thought that I ever did, anyone I thought I had ever know, everything just a programmed set of unreal memories to give context to that one day! Imagine it. Your one day of life here….


And when you do imagine that, there grows within you the idea that today then must be special. I must do something, achieve something beyond the norms of my programmed memories because this is my only chance. I must make today truly special.

Its a bit like the movie Groundhog Day except I live my day just once so killing myself to see if I wake up again at the same place probably isn’t on the agenda.

Imagine it. If this was the one day of reality that you could participate in. What would you do? How would you leave your mark?

The Self Doubts of the Self Employed

Sometimes, despite my best intentions, I get down in the dumps…. I think today I am shall we say, browned off. Trying to build a small business isn’t easy and I think the realization of the downside of building a business is now beginning to sink in. Firstly, people don’t have time or money and then when you actually do get a consulting gig or a client, they take simply ages to pay your invoice. Plus, right now is slap bang in the middle of the holiday season too (and the fact I should actually be on a beach today doesn’t actually help either).


So I am sat at my PC thinking. Who can I talk to? Who might buy what we are offering? Sending out emails and receiving mostly negative replies. Not much fun really.

At times like this in the past I have cheated a bit. Yes, I have used a little bit of magic and maybe I need to do that again. No – no sacrifices or blood letting or anything sinister like that, just a bit of imaginative meditation. Imagining being and feeling successful. Seeing a healthy bank balance and knowing our needs are taken care of. It does seem to work actually!

You start to sweat actually thinking what happens if the money doesn’t come in or if no customers appear. What will happen? After all, there is no regular job to fall back on and, even if I started looking now, it could be weeks or even months before I found one. I am therefore committed. Fully committed to being a success. It will just have to pay off. Time to put away the self doubts and get focused again…..