Hull – A Great Northern City

Today I realized that I hadn’t mentioned the Hull City Tigers and their return to the EPL. Well now I have. Yep, we got beat 2-0 at Chelsea in the opening game but I suspect most teams would have been swept aside by that performance. It will be an interesting ride this year but I am pumped! By the way, has anyone been to Hull recently??? I know most southerners get lost in the back woods north of Watford and that Hull is a really tough place to find but, it hasn’t half changed. Its really rather worth a visit chaps.

Of course, anytime now, some lazy sod of a journalist is going to come up with the oh so original article title “To Hull and back” in relation to soccer. Do these people really think they thought of it first? Do they realize that parts of London are significantly more hell-like than any part of Hull? No, I thought not.

The only thing I don’t much like about Hull is the accent. The accent is well….. bloody ‘orrible if you ask me. I even moved and spent 17-years in Texas hoping to lose my ‘Ull vowel sounds. It didn’t work of course. I am lumbered with it for my entire life albeit in mild form.

Hull Docks these days...

Hull Docks these days…

Obviously more affluent than it used to be?

Obviously more affluent than it used to be?

What a lot of folk don’t know is that Hull is located amongst some gorgeous scenery. The Holderness plain is so flat you would swear the flat earthers were right all along. The wolds are beautifully green and punctuated by amazing little villages and pubs while to the north you have the Vale of Pickering and then the bold North Yorks Moors. Its great and as a few wealthy soccer players have recently discovered – very livable.

The flatness of Holderness

The flatness of Holderness

The Wolds

The Wolds

The Wolds

The Wolds

And what about all those famous folk from my home town? Let’s see…. er, well there is Tom Courtenay of course and er…..Mick Ronson and Trevor Boulder of the Spiders from Mars, Roland Gift of the Fine Young Cannibals, John Alderton – my mother’s heart throb, Ian Carmichael, Roy North of Basil Brush fame, John Venn – yes he of the Venn diagram, William Wilberforce who worked so hard to abolish slavery, and the man I love to hate – John Prescott – buffoon, idiot and former Deputy Labour Party Leader. There are a few more…not so well known including three members of Sade including my former school chum, Stuart Mathewman…. and me? Oh well. Maybe one day.

Hull…… worth a visit.

Old school chum done good - Stuart Mathewman

Old school chum done good – Stuart Mathewman

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