Mother Nature’s Rhyme


The evening darkens
Light dying to the night
Eye of Horus horizon
Sol dies to be reborn
Rising on the horizon
In the new pinkish dawn
An eternal cycle
Of life and death
Rising and Falling
Patterns seared in time
And the certainty of
Mother Nature’s cyclic rhyme


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I Must Just be Getting Old

I recall being a teenager. There was nothing better than a good discussion around a really meaty and controversial topic. On into my twenties, I still had the energy to try to change the world. These days, I look at the world and I fear that it is being discussed and managed by people younger than I. The initiative for change has started to slip from my generation’s grasp as younger and more energetic people try to make sense of the world and figure out where it should go. I ought to be excited by this prospect – but I’m not.

With age comes, well I won’t call it wisdom but shall we use the word experience perhaps. Youth is rash and quick to judgement. I know that now. I know a lot more now in fact. I can see how the younger generation in their over confidence and rush to power out the older folk have insufficient experience and will make the same mistakes that we made. It seems like it is our destiny to go on repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

It sounds like I am in my eighties doesn’t it. I am just over fifty but already I feel the impatience to change and to act by the younger generation. I can see the same cycle being set up that we set up in our era. Inevitably little will change. The quagmire just gets deeper in a more complex world.


We miss two key ingredients among others;

1. We need to restore the balance in terms of bringing the female aspect of deity back into everyone’s lives. 2000-years of crusty male imperialism has ran its course. I’m not saying throw out the male nor the Male deity but to truly balance it with a recognition of the eternal feminine – we need to bring back the Goddess for God is seen as a wizened old man, sterile and bereft of any new ideas. He needs to be revitalized and reinvigorated and restored to his youth as indeed he would be if he were joined by Venus as his equal and opposite. For too long, all systems on the planet have been shifted toward one pole. We need to restore the balance.


2. We need to again treat the older generations with the respect and dignity that they deserve. We need to listen to their voice of wisdom and reason. Just as the world has veered dangerously to the Male force so it has also increasingly moved to worship youth, energy and vitality. Again, the balance needs to be restored and the pendulum needs to swing back a little to find the point of balance.

I fear that without an appreciation for finding the balance – finding the middle ground, we will continue to make the same mistakes over and over again. Are we then such fools?

It’s People That Have to Change Not Systems

Apparently and according to Mr. Brand in the New Statesman, it was Billy Connolly who said ‘Don’t vote it encourages them’ and that ‘anyone who wants to be a politician should be banned from being one’. Funny, I thought it was me that said those things and I have been saying those things since my early 20’s. I guess Billy Connolly and I would get along. Of course, I am being facetious. Anything I say is irrelevant as I don’t have an audience like Messrs. Connolly and Brand. But say it I must anyway for the sake of my own sanity. So I will.

Something stinks around here. It’s the system. It doesn’t matter if the system is a parliamentary democracy, a representative democracy or a centrally planned economy. The fact is they all stink. Funnily enough, on paper and theoretically, every single one of these systems would work and work very well if it wasn’t for one neglected and overlooked thing. People. Yes – people.

Let’s be honest. Most people aren’t really living are they? They are like water droplets in an ocean jostled and sploshed around depending on which way the wind is blowing, what state the Moon is in and under tidal influences. Most of us don’t actually think – we respond. We follow the crowd, keep up with the Jones’s, we want what we are told we should want and we get indignant, angry and even downright murderous when we are told by a man that God objects to certain behaviors (I say ‘man’ as unfortunately it invariably is a man – we so need the feminine back in our religious systems).


Yes, if you want to change the system then we need first to change ourselves. We need people to be conscious and live in mindful awareness. We need people to question, discuss and work for a common ideal. We need people to understand that in fact, they really don’t have the expertise in many instances to understand an issue. We need people to be gracious, charitable and kind. I will tell you this. Unless we change people, any revolution, any change of the current system will involve bloodshed. It will be about hate. We have seen this before throughout history and arising out of all of this change and bloodshed and hate will arise a new group of controllers and manipulators. In fact, these ‘new leaders’ may even be working for the very same people we thought we were ridding ourselves of in the first place.

I read Brand’s article in the New Statesman. Its nicely written and he almost gets it but his penchant for a socialist solution betrays him and in the end nullifies his argument altogether for what he is arguing for isn’t revolution at all but a change back to something that already failed. Yes, he talks about connections and so on – all nice words but fundamentally he argues for a return to a system that failed and will fail again. He doesn’t look to change the paradigm but to switch polarity in the same paradigm. I applaud him for getting the discussion underway but this is not the solution.

The answer is to change how people behave and think. How that is achieved is, I fear is beyond me, for I need to continue work on myself and my flaws and weaknesses.

Yesterday, a friend posted an article on Facebook about how in Paris cafe’s people buy extra coffees or meals. Others, who have no money can come in and receive one of these coffees. This is an example of how we will change the current paradigm. But this is where the human bit comes in. You can well imagine that in Paris there are cafe owners who will pocket the cash without honoring the agreement and yet others who won’t allow ‘filthy smelly homeless folk’ in their cafes anyway. Its all about people people – it really is. It’s not about systems.

Astral Messages – Reviews

Gordon Strong and Sue Vincent both kindly reviewed my new book of poems – Astral Messages. Here they are…


Astral Messages
The Poems and Thoughts of a Troubled Mind
Dr. G. Michael Vasey

Here’s an interesting idea, to juxtapose prose reflections with poems. Of the latter, `A Dream’ and `Life’s Tapestry’ are gems of composition. The poems get my vote straight away because most of them rhyme, thus they have an inherent melody and rhythm. That is not to say blank verse cannot have these qualities, T.S. Eliot – for one – did pretty well on this score. It is a rare talent, however, and the experiment often misfires.

What is very endearing is the honesty of the writer. In a gesture of great affection he dedicates the book to his father. Gary is not afraid to reveal his fears, loves and his puzzlement about the world. Never maudlin or sentimental, he debates the pros and cons of an argument, and only goes slightly off beam when he has a mini-rant.

Could it be that the work reads best when the analytical and the lyrical complement each other, and are perfectly balanced?

Magic is mentioned, as one would expect from a recognised pundit upon the esoteric. The deep anxiety that may accompany exposure to the occult, the profound responsibility of owning magical power, and the nature of reality are all examined. The views of Dion Fortune upon relationships and the polarity of the sexes are given a welcome airing, all in the context of Gary’s own marriage.

The author despairs of the current evil of `dumbing down’ and the embracing of received opinion. For this sensitive and perceptive artist, ignorance is most certainly not regarded as bliss.

Gordon Strong. September 2013.


Writers can be mysterious creatures, their personal presence and character divined only vaguely and often erroneously through their work. The phenomenon of blogging has opened a portal into their lives and allows readers to catch a glimpse of the person behind the persona.
In Astral Messages Gary Vasey has collated a selection of posts from his blog, Asteroth’s Domain. These posts, written over a number of years, allow the reader to see into the mind and heart of the man. This vision is expanded by marrying each of the posts with a poem. On the surface that may not seem of much importance, but read side by side this opens a whole new level of perception.

You have only to read the first pairing in the Amazon preview of the book to see this in action. There is a depth and openness to beauty in the poetry, a realisation of the multi-levelled nature of reality and perception in the prose… and already it shadows the thread of magic woven through this little book.

Every page gives food for thought and further reflection. Yet this is not a manufactured collection, these are thoughts that have arisen and been written as a response to a moment in time, a mood, a whisper of inspiration… and they show the man behind the words for any who take time to look.

A thoughtful, thought provoking little book. Highly recommended.

Sue Vincent

New Book Review up on Strange Book Reviews

My new book review site at Strange Book Reviews is gradually growing in terms of the books that I have managed to read and review. If you pop over there, you will find three categories;

1. Book reviews – where I have actually reviewed the book
2. Informational listings – Just the book cover and blurb from amazon – most of these I would like to read if I ever get the time.
3. Being reviewed – These books are on my reading list and I expect to review them in the next several weeks.

Do pop over from time-to-time and take a look…

Meanwhile, my latest review was for the Initiate by Sue Vincent and Stuart France…. Here it is in full.

Firstly, this is a deeply unique book and very few analogies for it spring to mind. I like analogies, because, deep down inside, I like to classify and label things up neatly. Those analogies that I can think of would be books like ‘The Zelator’ and perhaps even ‘The Da Vinci Code’, but it is a stretch. ‘The Initiate’ defies being boxed, labeled or classified and probably rightly so as it is a work of brilliance.

The book follows two partners in crime – Wen and Don – as they visit some ancient sites in a rural part of England. Engaged in the formation of a new school of consciousness at the time, their minds and souls are open to the spiritual and the miraculous. As they conjecture about the function and usage of various ancient stone circles, white horses or dragons, and mounds, they begin to notice birds of prey – namely Kites. The behavior of these birds leads them to a small church and then another and another. In each of these chapels, they discover symbols, artifacts, and windows with shared themes, which they spend some time attempting to unravel. However, it is the discovery of the ‘light’ in these chapels along with the Kites that frequent the locations of these ancient sites that begs for answers on both a spiritual and energetic level. Don and Wen attempt to answer.

Intertwined with their journey of discovery is a variety of almost ‘path workings’. These are deeply poetic narratives that are interspersed with the main text to shed more light on the antics of Don and Wen and their discoveries that work very effectively. One begins to gain hints of concepts and ways of thought that have been largely lost to humanity via these narratives. Indeed, in a sense, they pull it all together and present to the consciousness a picture of times when the land’s energies were sanctified, defended and protected as precious channels of power to other worlds and to other states of consciousness.

As Don and Wen work their way through these sites of wonder, their insights and discussions are shared with the reader and there is a level of inner knowledge of the Mysteries that does remind me of The Zelator. The quest itself from place to place, always guided by the Kites, with the discovery of various symbols and potential meanings along the way is a little reminiscent of The Da Vinci Code. However, this is a work of Art and it is very definitely unique.

I will need to read this book several more times, as I suspect that there is much more to unlock and ponder about between the words and bound in the poetry and riddles placed throughout it too. The book is illustrated beautifully with color photographs in which one can really see the tints of colored light that speaks to the presence of a precious energy that still lights the heart of Albion like a network of energy motorways.

Come On Americans!

OK. This is gonna be a self-serving article. Apologies and all of that.

However, I am wondering why The Last Observer isn’t selling as well in the US as elsewhere….. Having lived most of my adult life in the USA I am a tad disappointed and dismayed by this. Come on you Americans….. where are you? Step up and take a look at The Last Observer.


Here is what one American reviewer says….

“To the seekers of hidden knowledge everywhere, the way is long and hard. Don’t cut corners!”
from the book

The foreword, by Anthony Peake, begins with the statement that for centuries there has been a secret, occult tradition that developed in a parallel fashion with science. Identical in form in the beginning, their approach to reality included both the outer, physical world, and the inner world of thoughts and ideas. Mind and matter were both aspects of a deeper reality, to be investigated through experimentation and observation.

Gradually the investigation of our inner and outer worlds began to take the form of two separate paths. Natural philosophy split into two conflicting world views – the Physical and the Magical. Vasey takes this perspective into the “real” world, in the form of a story of alternate realities, magic, and murder. Straight out of Alfred Hitchcock! Black and white magicians out to manipulate the power of an ordinary man with extraordinary powers of visualization and observation. (If you can picture it in your mind, you can manifest it!)

The story begins with the death of a psychic – a psychic that had been helping the police solve crimes. We meet Edward – an individual who reads about this crime, and realizes that it resembles many others that he had stumbled across, and they were all psychics!

We meet Stan … an individual who lives through books, lives through the images he creates in his mind. Here is where we meet the quantum world. Then we find Edward and Stan together, in a pub, awkwardly discussing the nature of reality. Edward brings up the thought that there are two realities … and that they are not compatible. Stan is getting a little nervous! It turns out the Edward is there to tell Stan that he is in danger. When Edward shows Stan why he thinks Stan is in danger, the story deepens. Hundreds of deaths, and the one connection between them all … they were keen observers! Through these deaths someone is trying to change reality. And, by the way, Edward is a magician! A White Magician. And the reality is … there are also Black Magicians!

Other character are brought in, and through them, we see the magical world, the world of elemental power. We see how personal will can be used to manifest a new reality. From the book:

“Reality is a set of observed symbols to contemplate and learn from, and if we miss an important symbol, then it keeps arising in our consciousness until we finally notice ”

We enter magical worlds, which are presented in a very realistic fashion. The rituals and thoughts as they are presented here are presented in a manner consistent with doing ritual/magical work. We are also grounded it the real world of a “safe house”, with a large library. And in that house, we start to see the importance of imagination. We also find a ritual temple, with a black and white tiled floor. It is also a safe haven from psychic attack. Or is it?

I found this to be an incredible book, with a strong plot, well defined characters, and a very in-depth understanding of the material discussed (quantum physics, reality, the power of observation and more). It so reminded me of a Sherlock Holmes era story, with its twists and turns. I am sure that I will find the need to read this story again and again!

The Spring

As I walked this weekend through the valley that lays behind us, it was suggested that we take a slightly different path by my partner. We passed more deeply into the forest before coming upon a spring. It was such a surprise to find it there and, in the past, it must have held some significance as it had been enveloped in brickwork at some point in the past. I made a mental note of its location and will return in the coming days to spend some time there.

For now, here are some photos of this beautiful shrine to the Undines…




Finding Middle Ground

These days I see increasing polarization of views. As I have said many times before, you only have to go to any news or political site and check out the comments and discussions – it isn’t discussion, it’s angry, opinionated people dissing each other. I even wrote an article that I am sure raised some eyebrows and maybe lost me a few ‘friends’ called New Age Socialists – I realized afterwards it should probably have been called New Age Fascists but never mind. The fact is that people seem to hold and even gravitate to more and more extreme views and more and more despise others for holding the opposite viewpoint.


Over the last 10-years or so I have been taught to reconcile the opposites. I have delved deeply into studying polarity via the Hexagram and I have been instructed in meditation to ‘reconcile the opposites’. I am absolutely convinced this is the correct approach and it should be applied to everything in life including politics. To reconcile the opposites we have to drop the ‘ego’ bit though and that is difficult. But look, in the end, its people that ruin perfectly good political systems like capitalism and communism through their greed and desire to control, subjugate and belittle through their inability to know themselves and reconcile the opposites.

Years ago, I lost interest in politics. How many times can you argue over something without seeing both points of view? I came to the conclusion that all politicians are in it for themselves and that we shouldn’t encourage them by voting. I think they all have the same ‘boss’ anyway and they and their polarity are there to keep us all divided so we don’t actually see what is going on. Politics and politicians thrive on deepening differences, hurting old wounds and appealing to your greed, need to control and ego. Frankly, they are all deeply ill in my opinion 🙂

There are always more than two sides to any coin and, depending on your perspective, one can be right and the other wrong and this can switch as your personal perspectives change. We need a good evil in our lives sometimes from which to learn and grow. But, we should also know better shouldn’t we? There is no true right or wrong in politics unless you resolve to find the middle ground at least or even better reconcile the opposites to understand the issues and obtain the product of that reconciliation. Even this can change because there are three levels of polarity and while we may resolve one, the other two remain (see The Mystical Hexagram for an explanation of this latter point).

So, I am sorry, but if you are following the path I am following, you can’t label yourself Labor, Republican, Tea Party etc. The only thing you are is you at this moment. You cannot surely hate someone for holding opposite views because this in itself is a reflection of the hate you feel for yourself and it is a warning that you have unfinished business in knowing yourself.


I’m not sure what the answer is for right now, I dislike all politicians and their lies and divisiveness. As I look at various issues, I try to look at all angles and find a solution that is workable for the majority. Imperfect but not meant to be divisive. I suspect that the real truth here is Love. Love is the secret ingredient to reconciliation of the opposites. How many of you approach your politics with love? I suspect not many as you are made to feel the bitterness of injustice and divisiveness that politicians thrive on.

Personally, I think our political structures and systems have ran their course. I would like to see some real and fundamental change but I fear it will be slow coming because too many are addicted to the divisiveness and the need to be right. Look for the middle ground.

Man in the Sky


Imagine a Man in the sky
Sitting all alone, poor guy
Thought he’d had a bit of fun
Play a game and then be done
He imagined so very, very hard
Opened his eyes and sighed
Seeing the beauty of it all

Better than being so fucking bored
Now I will be the one and only Lord
Mini me’s to worship me
And proclaim my divinity
They strut upon my stage
Hoping to avoid my rage
When they turn their back on me

Look at how they multiply
Many are born and fewer die
They deny that I exist at all
Chasing money and having a ball
I grow weary of watching and waiting
Find them so bloody aggravating
It’s Time to play another game




Heavily scented paragraphs
Interlaced with passion
Pale luminescent skin
Shining under full moonlight
Radiantly twitching
Beguiling, bewitching
Mouthed words of silence
Hallowed places
Boiling emotions scattered
Floating raggedly by
An endless chastened sigh
Belonging yet constantly longing
Heat dashed vibrant thighs
Senses on the edge of darkness
Entwined they simply lie
In one soul searching cry

Poem from Astral Messages

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