Policemen and Blondie

They used to say that you knew you were getting older when the policemen looked young.

Well, that may be so but I have a different yardstick. Last night, I was listening to some Blondie and I thought to myself “Wonder what ever happened to Debbie Harry?” So I googled here and I discovered that she is 68-years old! 68! This is a woman I used to have on my wall and who I fantasized about as a teenager but she is 68….. This got me started. Cyndi Lauper – another amazing artist and I thought beautiful girl – well she is 60. Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders – she would be 62. My childhood love – Sandie Shore – now 66 and SuZi Q – 63.

Now I feel old.

There was a time I rather hoped she would drive all night to come and see me……

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