A Premium on using Intelligence

I just read an article called ‘no, you are not entitled to an opinion‘. It’s worthwhile reading. The article talks in the context of the vaccination issue but it could equally well be talking about fracing, global warming, fukishima….. anything. You see these days everyone feels qualified to hold an opinion on everything whether qualified or not.

I just read on a lady’s blog about fracing – in her opinion – backed up by a USA Today article she uses to validate her erroneous description of both fracing and the supposed issues around it. The USA Today article correctly points out that sometimes fracing can be improperly done and it can cause problems – not a reason to be anti-fracing but certainly a good reason to ensure that fracing activities are properly planned, monitored and managed. In her monologue on fracing she repeats the so disproven concept that people have gas coming out of their taps with their water and that they can set light to their water supply. You know, in some parts of Texas that’s true. It was true 80-years ago too but apparently that’s irrelevant as fracing MUST have caused this….

People just don’t seem to actually think. They are all emotional about issues and jump on anything that seems to support their position. They will then defend their opinions actually getting rude and upset as you try to show them why they are wrong. I wrote another article on this recently – Everyone is an Expert. To be honest, I despair at this point. I am sick of seeing bullshit spouted as fact and half a dozen others pick up and propagate nonsense. Everyone most certainly is NOT an expert and most are frankly brain dead. Sorry to be rude but this is the truth and unless we start to recognize that with opinions comes responsibility to formulate those opinions around provable facts, we are in serious trouble. No one thinks critically about anything anymore.

I’m going to start down a path here that will get me in to trouble but I have a Ph.D. I earned it by undertaking original research and critical thinking. A lot of doing a Ph.D. isn’t in the subject matter that you research but in how to conduct research, how to differentiate facts from opinions, how to ask the right questions, how to build hypotheses and modify hypotheses as required. How to conduct science. You know, in retrospect, I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn these skills.

I inherited from my Father the idea that people want to learn and are open to critique and discussion. Unfortunately, I have discovered that this is erroneous. Most people hold opinions and are emotionally attached to these such that any attempt to dissuade them of their erroneous opinions are met with abuse or worse. Most people simply seem to want to stand on the (imagined) heights of their ivory towers and throw stones at the rest of us. They aren’t interested in truth, discussion or facts.


I see trouble ahead because of this. Authorities, Governments, Experts (real experts) are now seen to be somehow colluding and misleading, unreliable and all part of a giant conspiracy theory. There is no truth anymore. Just emotion-based and unassailable opinion. I have a Ph.D. and twenty-one years in the energy industry. at one time, I was employed by BP. Therefore, my position on global warming and fracing is bought and paid for by the big corporations…. end of story. As ridiculous and ludicrous as it seems, some people would rather listen to a blogger who didn’t finish high-school and has an anti-authority viewpoint than me and my experience.

Where will this end up? In anarchy of course. A world with no version of the truth. A world without responsibility because in such a world there is no responsibility behind holding an opinion and deciding that its truth.

In the words of Adam Ant: –

Don’t fall for it
Don’t fall for it
Don’t want to be like that
Don’t want to look like you
Top Gun Top Gun
It’s a big con big con

Get your kids out on the street
Show them how to use those feet
I,m all for progress pretty please
If we,re not careful we,ll all end up
Right wall-ees

Well got your laptop
Good for you
Your knight in shinning armour
Promises a future
I’ll be a dinosaur baby
And bollocks if it don,t suit ya

I’m tired of your shit
Tired of your bullshit
Tired of you
Tired of your shit
Tired of your bullshit
Tired of you
Here we go
Another revolution
Hippy breadheads
And their geeky solutions
Here we go
Another revolution
Hippy breadheads
And their geeky solutions

Amen Adam!

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