Chapter 16 – A Lost Soul

As we approach the weekend, and being rather desperate to see some sales, I thought I’d repost this extract for the Last Observer….. its a good little read and available on Amazon and all other book sites at a reasonable price for paperback and or ebook.

The Magical World of G. Michael Vasey

Chapter 16 from The Last Observer selected at random to tickle your fancy….

Alison’s heart was beating fast and loud. She dare not move nor look up. Around her, she was aware of movement and chanting. Inside her head, there was a shadow. She was not alone. There was an indwelling presence inside of her head and it wasn’t a nice feeling. She felt as if she could hear something breathing inside her head. Another existence now seemed to share her consciousness. What had she done?

She lay there prone in front of the altar for what seemed like an eternity; a shared eternity. Then, she felt hands on her shoulders, they pulled her upright, and then she was face-to-face with the man she knew as Zeltan. He looked her in the eyes looking from eye to eye as if checking something before finally smiling. “The seed has taken,” he…

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