A New way To Pray?

Something else written before I moved the blog to WordPress….

The Magical World of G. Michael Vasey

In between work items yesterday, I found myself watching a video on Youtube that claimed to be a new way to pray. a more effective way to pray. It wasn’t a long video and it featured someone being interviewed about this radical new discovery. The key to prayer is not asking for something because when you ask for something you simply confirm that it doesn’t exist in your reality. No, what you do is IMAGINE it already is.

This wasn’t an occultist or magician talking but it might as well have been. I recently wrote about imagination on my other blog. Imagination is the engine room of magic. Its the engine room of reality. It is the engine room of our very existence. It is imagination without any frontier that creates. It creates not just in terms of inventions and ideas but it creates in the plastic substrate on which…

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