Blackfield and Moon Whispers

I have enjoyed the music of Steven wilson (Porcupine Tree) for many years now and have all four albums from Blackfield, a project in which Steven wilson partnered with Aviv Geffen to create some of the most melodic and listenable music I heave ever heard. Tunes like Pain and Where is my love? have haunted me for years. Recently, however, I got a hold of Blackfield II and this is almost heaven. The songs 1000 People and The End of the World are incredible and send me to aural heaven immediately. About 3 months ago I started listening to this record over and over again finding that each time I did I had to write. 1000 People in particular seems to make my creative juices spurt in vast quantities and every single poem in my new collection – Moon whispers – was written in a semi-meditative state listening to this song and this album.

Here is the song – 1000 People. Give it a listen. Close your eyes and drift.

Later, go to Amazon and purchase Moon Whispers and as you read those words listen to this song……

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