The Devil Rode Out

When I was a teenager, I was experiencing all kinds of strange things that really scared the hell out of me. I have documented a lot of that in my book – Inner Journeys: Explorations of the Soul including the poltergeist-type activity and the visitations by some ghostly presence. It’s all in that book! However, I remained really interested in magic and the so called ‘occult’ at the time devouring many books on the subject. In the midst of the activity and the interest, I watched a film on TV one christmas that both enflamed my interest but also scared me very deeply. Looking back on the movie now the effects are pretty poor by comparison to modern movies but back then – wow! More important though was that in some ways this film has influenced my life in many ways that I would not have believed at the time.

I found the trailer on Youtube for the movie and I post it here as you can in just two minutes experience some of the horror and thrills of a hammer house of horror movie and the occult themed story telling of the maestro himself – Dennis Wheatley….

Imagine then how thrilled I am when several readers compare The Devil Rides Out to The Last Observer!

Here is my attempt at a book trailer for the Last Observer which is available on Kindle at a great price – Turn up the volume and enjoy another scary trailer….

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