It is Friday already. The week shot by didn’t it?

Since it is Friday and for 1-day ONLY, My Haunted Life is FREE on Kindle. After that, it will be back to 99cents or even more. So now is your one and only chance to save money.

If you do download it, do me a favor back would you please? Write a review and if you enjoy it, tell your friends, the postman, the guys down the pub and the women at work – anyone who will listen in fact!

gary vasey new cover

I am busy at work on My Haunted Life Too. It will be out before Christmas. Of course, I had intended to keep working on the prequel tho The Last Observer but…. I got distracted. I find I quite like writing these short true stories and I can see more next year in different genres. I am still working on the follow up novel but I want to get it right so I am taking my time. My Haunted Life Too will be a few additional stories about my life but mainly stories from relatives and friends about their bizarre and often frightening experiences. They will, in places, be a little more creepy, a little more frightening and a bit more lurid… Should be scary fun.

Meanwhile, it is almost the weekend. Have a good one all!

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