Oh Hell No!

Today, Facebook confronted me with a cheeky little message. It said – Gary Michael Vasey soon to be 55. I haven’t been the same since.


Where did they go? Those 55 years? Do I have many left? How fucking depressing.

I’m sort of just starting to get the hang of this you know – I mean life. It took me over half a century to get to that point. Fifty-five. That’s old isn’t it? I don’t feel old. I feel just the same as I did well – thirty tears (that was a typo but I will let it stand – it seems apt) ago.

There are so many things I still want to do, go visit, write, watch, dream about……

Silent scream……. Cruel, cruel Facebook…

3 thoughts on “Oh Hell No!

  1. Hey! I’m older than you! 55 may seem old to a 30 year old… but to a nonagenarian you are still a spring chicken. 🙂 Happy birthday in advance, Gary… gives it time to sink in gently!


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