Tingles Up My Spine with Author G. Michael Vasey

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When I think of paranormal I now think of G. Michael Vasey. His bestselling series of true tales of horror are called “The Haunted Life” series. Don’t get me wrong– G. Michael is not a creepy guy– but he does give me a tingle when I read his stories… All true and all available on Amazon. He’s also a flying brother so I don’t want anyone saying I don’t post things with aviation connections!

G. Michael Vasey is currently touring radio stations. Catch his breathtaking interview with “The X Zone” today.
gary vasey
Who do you have in mind when you write?

Me. I write about my interests and things that I am passionate about. I trust that the end product is something of interest to others and that I have something unique to offer – my perspective and one that is entertaining and different.

How do you find “inspiration” and where…

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