Allergic to Beer?

Woe is me!

I am forced to conclude that I am allergic to something in beer. I love beer, especially Czech beer, but it hates me.

Last night, I had four glasses of beer with a friend. This morning, I am dizzy, throbbing headache, my right eye is swollen up and my sinuses too and I have a sore throat on that side too. In short, I feel pretty crappy to say the least. I have been getting this sort of reaction to most beers this last few years but this time is the worst. If I drink wine, whiskey or anything else, I am fine so it really is beer.

My father suffered the same fate. The older he got the more beer seemed to dislike him. A pint of Fosters Lager was about all he could manage in the end without a similar sort of reaction.

So I am afraid that I must now stop drinking beer. Aging is such an insult.



One thought on “Allergic to Beer?

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    Perhaps some research is required. It should be relatively easy to get the list of ingredients in beers which cause a reaction, then do an at home allergy test with each one. You should hopefully beable to find the ingredient that causes that reaction and find a beer without it. For example, maybe you are allergic to Barley, see here:

    If thats the case, a beer that doesnt use barley might suit you. Celia have one which is Barley free, and and they have many gluten ree ones in case its a gluten intolerance.

    Not being able to drink beer in Brno, that would be unimaginable.


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