Perun and Closure

IMG_4192.HEICTonight, I set out on my walk with the idea that this really was my last time with Perun. Aptly, thundershowers were all around and I was treated to some amazing views of Perun’s magnificence. He was truly all around and everywhere I could see……


IMG_9934.HEICI visited my tree and decided to sit on the bench nearby. The timing of this moment was just as the Sun was setting above the Castle and so the path I had just walked was flooded with lights and it was tempting to believe that I was being given a glimpse of the force of light that is behind Perun. As I meditate on the God and being the God, the word that came into mind was ‘vigilance’ and as it did so the wind from the nearby storms rustled the treetops making it seems as if Perun was talking with me through the rustling of the trees.

As I continued my unhurried tour of the Castle grounds, He was all around me and the air was filled with magic. It was a treat – a special treat – I think. The Cathedral was ablaze in the sun yet a rain shower was behind it and a huge rainbow opposite it. The rain is seen as the result of Perun winning his battle with Velos – the horned God and the rainbow seemed to me to celebrate His victory. Even a half moon shone down on the scene so the Goddess was watching on.

A little later, I came upon a blackbird. The little creature did not move as I approached and only when I tried to reach out did it move slightly away. I knew it had meaning for me by its behavior as it eyed me out of one bright eye and then the other before hopping a few steps across the path. We watched each other for about 5 minutes before I said goodbye and the bird rose up and away into the sky.

IMG_2767.HEICIs it too much to see the blackbird as a symbol of the underworld that awaits me as I transition over to Veles and the polarity of Earth and Water? I thought it an interesting encounter full of meaning and magic.

Tomorrow, I will cleanse and banish as I have moved with Fire and Air for several weeks now and before switching polarities, I feel I must find the middle ground again – the plane of reflection. I see the relationship between Perun and Veles much like I see the relationship between Geburah and Chesed – in order to know one, one must experience both and the balance between. It is also interesting that once again, I walk the hexagram but this time, in a Slavic tradition.

Butterflies and Doves

IMG_5277.HEICAs my exercises with Perun – the Slavic God of thunder –  continue. It has been remarkably thundery weather in the region and I have been feeling a lot of … well .. anger.

Tonight as I slowly walked around the Castle here in Brno, I had to stop, sit and bask in the Sun as He lowered himself toward the horizon. His heat bathed me and I started to think again about Perun gathering energy slowly and releasing it suddenly. He had done so the night before and I photographed Him in the skies spitting and snarling with anger. Maybe my anger is a reflection of His anger? Maybe my anger has been slowly building while focusing on Perun and will suddenly discharge somehow?

butterflyI have been asking also about Totems. As I walked away from where I had been sat, a beautiful butterfly appeared from nowhere and danced around my head. It landed briefly in me and then disappeared only to reappear a little ways down the path. Again I sat and watched the butterfly dance its fluttering dance several times almost landing on my head. I have never seen a butterfly behave this was before and so I took note.

Apparently, the butterfly represents spiritual rebirth, transformation, creativity, endless potential, vibrant joy, change, ascension, and an ability to experience the wonder of life.

IMG_3589.HEICI continued my walk taking in the sheer beauty around me. I stopped at my tree and touched it trying to feel its healing presence and thinking about how Perun had marked this tree by smiting it with Lightning.

IMG_0054.HEICIMG_2885.HEICI stopped for a while also to look over the city and photograph for the 1000th time the Cathedral on the hill opposite bathed in sunlight. It was at this point I noticed the grayish colored birds swooping and diving between the trees. At first I thought Pigeon but then realized I had never seen Pigeons flying like this and so I looked up these birds – doves! Again, I wondered what a dove might represent?

The dove brings forth a calming presence in times of pain, strife, and difficulties. It signifies love and peace, and it serves as a messenger or a liaison between your thoughts and your reality. The dove meaning resonates with the balance between sky and earth, and thought and matter.

The dove meaning reassures you love and grace will always be in your life. There will always be that promise of something beautiful and meaningful. When doves appear to you in your dreams or in your daily life, it signifies devotion, holiness, and divinity. It’s a wake-up call for you to be in touch with your spirituality and to develop your higher self.

How apt I thought as I walked a little further and watched as a dove dive bombed me just to make sure I understood it was there for me in that moment.

My journey with Perun is almost over I think as I feel anger and an exhaustion, which I do not much like. I feel I must now seek to balance things out with Veles the Slavic God of the underworld that engages in perpetual battle with Perun always ensuring equilibrium and balance. My focus on the Fire and Air of Perun needs a little balancing with the Water and Earth of Veles. Isn’t this, after all, the meaning of the doves?

Row, Row, Row the Boat

The Magical World of G. Michael Vasey PodcastEpisode 4 of The Magical World of G. Michael Vasey talks about my first weird experiences with elementals and ghosts but also with how I saw the world as a truly magical place. Using stories from My Haunted Life narrated by Alan Philip Ormond….. and myself, I hope to leave you with the very powerful idea that imagination is the key to everything – reality, magic and life… it uses true paranormal stories as well to emphasize the point.

41OdxZtE8gLAvailable on Saturday, please do tune in and give it a listen? And if you do, would you be kind enough to follow it?

Coming up future episodes will feature the Black Eyed Kids…. so be prepared to be scared… and a real treat – An interview with writer Alan Richardson…..

Episode 4 will be available here from Saturday morning.


Podcast Episode 3

BauerleIt’s out and getting some listens…. I talk to writer Thomas Bauerle who now lives in The Philippines but spent many years teaching English in Japan and collecting ghost stories on the side. His book, Kanashibari, is a collection of his own experiences and those of people he spoke to in Japan and is a scary read indeed.

Catch the podcast here and please do follow it, like it and generally help me promote it a bit?

And if you might be interested in Thomas’ book – you can find it here.

gary vasey new coverThe next Episode is already recorded and loaded up Called “Row, Row you Boat”, it talks about magic, the supernatural and imagination, and features some stories from My Haunted Life read by narrator Alan Philip Ormond. It will be out on Saturday.

One Moment…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

scotland trip jan 15 001

“One Moment in Annihilation’s Waste,
One moment, of the Well of Life to taste–”
Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

It was one of those thoughts that flash through the mind in a millisecond. The kind that leaves behind a flood of understanding so complete that you instantly know the whole story… and just as instantly lose your hold on it at the thought passes, as insubstantial as a rainbow. You are left with no more than the conviction that you have realised and understood an important concept… and you couldn’t put it into words to save your life.

I had been leafing through a book I haven’t read in years and was thinking about it on the drive to work. Nothing special, just an old favourite that held a phrase I wanted to put in context. Skimming through the text, I was aware that in the years since I had read…

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Having ditched my four twitter accounts recently I felt good. Twitter is the silliest social media site of all. People shouting from rooftops and others taking up the shout. Ridiculous.

Add to that it’s a veritable cesspit of the ugly side of life – extreme politics and opinions, porn and tons of other nasty stuff. I was pleased with myself. Good riddance!

Then, I have a conversation with a marketing expert over at where I chose to host my new podcast – The Magical world of G. Michael Vasey (Do follow or like…. please!). How to market a new podcast?

“The biggest thing by far is to have a twitter account….”


“Twitter is the best place to attract visitors and listeners..”

Big groan

Or, as Alan Richardson says (and it makes me laugh every time).. fu..k, fu..k. fu…kety fu..k…..

So. I have another and new twitter account.


Please do follow me and I will follow you back.


I Scared A Ghost!

Episode 3 of the Magical world of G. Michael Vasey podcast (tune in here or iTunes etc.) released June 20th, features writer Thomas Bauerle. Thomas wrote a book about Japanese ghosts and his experiences with the paranormal in Japan that has sold well called – Kanashibari – True Encounters with the Paranormal in Japan.

He discusses many of his experiences in the podcast including the time he scared a shadow man ghost…


Thomas Bauerle has lived an entire lifetime of experiencing the paranormal and he talks about many of those experiences in the podcast. A particular focus of the book is Kanashibari, which is the Japanese equivalent of the Old Hag or sleep paralysis. He says such experiences are very common in Japan. Join us and learn more about the paranormal of Japan… You can catch the show here from tomorrow.

Kanashibari – True Encounters of the Paranormal of Japan.

By Thomas Bauerle

Kanashibari: A ghost that comes to people in their sleep and holds them down so they can’t move. Often, besides being held immobile, the victim of a kanashibari will also hear voices, and be approached by various spiritual entities. 

Discover the seriously scary side of one of the oldest cultures in the world in this brand-new spectral-packed paranormal release from author Thomas Bauerle!

If you are curious about the afterlife, you will find this book intriguing. You’ve read about poltergeists? You know about the Enfield haunting? You know about Amityville? But what do you know about the ghosts of Japan?

Thomas Bauerle provides us with story after terrifying story of true encounters with Japanese ghosts, spirits, poltergeist, and other scary phenomena including his own creepy experiences with the supernatural in his adopted home – Japan.

Some of the events described in this book are so terrifying that they may live with you for several days. But if you are serious about educating yourself about the paranormal – this book has to be on your list.

Let me ask you this. Do you want to experience real chills rolling down your spine? Yes?

Then download your copy of Kanashibari: True Encounters with the Supernatural of Japan right now.

And remember…only the strong survive….

Includes chapters on gaijin and ghosts, kanashibari, Japanese seers, Japanese ghostbusters, family ghost encounters, haunted places in Japan, Kokkurisan, and ghostly footprints….


“We began to hear the sound of someone moving around upstairs when there was no one there. The sound of walking and furniture being moved.”

“My body, arms, and legs couldn’t move! And I couldn’t breathe! And I had no voice to speak!”

“A Zahiki-Warashi is a ghost that looks like a young child and inhabits your house. If you treat it kindly, it will bring good fortune to you and your household.”

Buy the book here.


Hotel Paranormal

I noted with a degree of interest that the Travel Channel and Dan Ackroyd will be launching a new series called Hotel Paranormal.

Travel Channel has announced a new series titled Hotel Paranormal which is set to debut this summer. The show focuses on the stories of those who have allegedly come face-to-face with otherworldly hotel guests. Ghostbusters star Dan Aykroyd has been tapped to narrate each episode. Through ten hour-long episodes, the show will bring to life terrifying encounters with dramatic re-creations and paranormal expert insights.

MotelhellcoverSorry Dan – I beat you to it…. I am the author of a little book called Motel Hell – Strange Reviews of Haunted Hotels. The book came about as a result of an experience I had in Rotterdam in a hotel. I wrote a review and then I wondered – where there other reviews of ghostly goings ons in hotels?

I found quite a few….

Motel Hell – Strange Reviews of Haunted Hotels by G. Michael Vasey

Did you ever check in to a room only to find it already occupied? It happens more often than you might think, and the occupant is ghostly!

There are lists and lists of haunted hotels if you look online. Some of them have seriously haunted reputations! But, this book isn’t necessarily about them! This book used the archives of actual reviews from places like Trip Advisor and Yelp to dig into the real creepy truth about hotels around the world. Some of these reviews are … well, really terrifying and others are actually quite funny. Shadows, noises, things moving around, TVs with lives of their own, lights that switch on and off for no reason…. and ghosts who use the bathroom in the early hours. It’s all in this book.

Join master of the paranormal – G. Michael Vasey – as he navigates through the world of creepy Motel and Hotel rooms around the world.

To hijack the old Motel Six tag line –

Motel Hell – We’ll play with the lights for you!


Nice to be copied…..


Grab your copy of Motel Hell

A sense of memory

Stepping Stones

Image: Stolen from the internet (link to recipe)

I know you’ve not been wondering where I’ve been, but I’m going to tell you anyway.

In the shielding group, so working from home and furloughed at the first opportunity, I’ve taken the unprecedented opportunity afforded by this global pandemic to make a start on “the book”.

Now, now, don’t get over-excited. There is no guarantee that it will ever see the light of day.

It has meant, however, a drastic cut in time spent on social media and sharing sites. Whilst enjoying the process of a longer work, I did take the opportunity recently to post that “editing your own work feels like pushing carrots and peas around the plate, hoping to make the meal more appetising, whilst wondering who in their right mind would want to eat this shit”. It garnered more than a few nodding “hearts” and some wonderful…

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Virtue Signaling and Branding

This last week, I have had triple the normal number of emails as companies and vendors fall over themselves to send me their statements on things like race, gender and other issues. Is it just me as an ex- marketing exec that thinks these emails super crass?

In essence, these emails and their bland statements are nothing more than branding masquerading as empathy. At their worst, they are virtue signaling – meaningless. I suspect that these will back fire in some instances as brand is about my experience of a company and if it tells me it is one thing and yet behaves like another …… branding gone wrong.

Corporations that want to help with these social issues should just do and do so silently and anonymously starting inside their own organizations. They don’t need to fill my inbox with spam that in reality is nothing more than branding. And what marketing person really thinks that leveraging a tragedy is a good branding opportunity??

Rant over.