Revisiting Holy Hill

Last week, a friend of mine and I took a trip to Holy Hill in Mikulov. It’s a trip south toward the Austrian border – which you can see from Holy Hill. I wanted to introduce him to the dragon…..

IMG_0218.HEICAs we climbed the rough pathway up the 350m hill, slipping and sliding on the hard angular limestone, it began to rain and for a moment, we considered turning back. Instead, we sheltered in one of the mini chapels on the hill (stations of the cross) and it was soon over and the weather turned into a lovely early June evening.

I soon found what I think is a circular structure with central stones and amazing Earth energy – a vortex – but it didn’t feel quite so strong this time for some reason. My friend could feel nothing but he could make out the circle. We tried to dowse the spot but he got no response at all while I had a very strong crossing over the stones. So, we got a bottle of water, laid it on the floor and did a quick training session – still nothing!

IMG_5515.HEICAfter some sandwiches and a bit of a meditation, we went off to explore a bit more of the hill. I hadn’t managed that last time and still didn’t really manage the entire hill this time either… I guess I will just have to go back again. We went to the imitation Holy Sepulchre and walked around it and then higher on to the hill and into the forest. The whole place has an energy about it and I can imagine that the Church was very keen to claim it for their own and displace the pagans who used it for healing and fertility rites and probably more besides.  The hill was originally Tanzberg Hill after all (Tancovat – to dance in Czech!).

IMG_3344.HEICI was pretty sure, we found another energy center higher up with very strong energy and it too appeared to be in a circular depression with rocks exposed at its center. Here, my friend did feel something – he said he could feel it in his chest – something. That tuned him in just a little because as we left and visited the original circle, he also felt something there. The dragon was making itself felt – possibly because we were acknowledging it.

IMG_4081.HEICI will just have to go back and spend an entire weekend exploring the hill. I cannot find much in terms of its history beyond the same basic information about the way of the cross and so on so more research is required. As always though, I cam back home refreshed, re-energised and with a whole bunch of amazing pictures – oh, and a friend who maybe has started to become attuned to it all.




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