Having ditched my four twitter accounts recently I felt good. Twitter is the silliest social media site of all. People shouting from rooftops and others taking up the shout. Ridiculous.

Add to that it’s a veritable cesspit of the ugly side of life – extreme politics and opinions, porn and tons of other nasty stuff. I was pleased with myself. Good riddance!

Then, I have a conversation with a marketing expert over at where I chose to host my new podcast – The Magical world of G. Michael Vasey (Do follow or like…. please!). How to market a new podcast?

“The biggest thing by far is to have a twitter account….”


“Twitter is the best place to attract visitors and listeners..”

Big groan

Or, as Alan Richardson says (and it makes me laugh every time).. fu..k, fu..k. fu…kety fu..k…..

So. I have another and new twitter account.


Please do follow me and I will follow you back.


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