Perun and Closure

IMG_4192.HEICTonight, I set out on my walk with the idea that this really was my last time with Perun. Aptly, thundershowers were all around and I was treated to some amazing views of Perun’s magnificence. He was truly all around and everywhere I could see……


IMG_9934.HEICI visited my tree and decided to sit on the bench nearby. The timing of this moment was just as the Sun was setting above the Castle and so the path I had just walked was flooded with lights and it was tempting to believe that I was being given a glimpse of the force of light that is behind Perun. As I meditate on the God and being the God, the word that came into mind was ‘vigilance’ and as it did so the wind from the nearby storms rustled the treetops making it seems as if Perun was talking with me through the rustling of the trees.

As I continued my unhurried tour of the Castle grounds, He was all around me and the air was filled with magic. It was a treat – a special treat – I think. The Cathedral was ablaze in the sun yet a rain shower was behind it and a huge rainbow opposite it. The rain is seen as the result of Perun winning his battle with Velos – the horned God and the rainbow seemed to me to celebrate His victory. Even a half moon shone down on the scene so the Goddess was watching on.

A little later, I came upon a blackbird. The little creature did not move as I approached and only when I tried to reach out did it move slightly away. I knew it had meaning for me by its behavior as it eyed me out of one bright eye and then the other before hopping a few steps across the path. We watched each other for about 5 minutes before I said goodbye and the bird rose up and away into the sky.

IMG_2767.HEICIs it too much to see the blackbird as a symbol of the underworld that awaits me as I transition over to Veles and the polarity of Earth and Water? I thought it an interesting encounter full of meaning and magic.

Tomorrow, I will cleanse and banish as I have moved with Fire and Air for several weeks now and before switching polarities, I feel I must find the middle ground again – the plane of reflection. I see the relationship between Perun and Veles much like I see the relationship between Geburah and Chesed – in order to know one, one must experience both and the balance between. It is also interesting that once again, I walk the hexagram but this time, in a Slavic tradition.

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