It’s a Funny Old World

I was thinking this morning – dangerous I know, but still, occasionally I do think. My thoughts raced spurred by the excellent article by Stephen Tanham that I reblogged below this one. The ridiculousness of the modern world in which everyone has a strong opinion about everything versus the reality that most everything is so complex, it cannot be readily understood at all. I also laughed to myself (yes, I do that too) thinking that in some ways, telling people I believe in faerie is less controversial than saying that climate change is a normal part of the processes taking place in our world and nothing to be overly concerned about.

You see as regards the latter statement, one is a simple belief for which I have no objective evidence at all but only subjective personal experience. The second is something for which, if you sat down and gave me the time and an open mind, I could objectively demonstrate to you utterly convincingly in a few hours.

Then based on some interaction I had that was delivered only with curiosity and respect by someone eager to learn and after I was slapped down in a rather offhand way, I thought to myself – why bother at all? Our ability to communicate is diminished by the lenses that we see things through. People believe things subjectively just like me and faeries without even being aware that they do. They interpret what you are trying to say through their lens often jumping defensively to an incorrect conclusion and focusing not on the substance of what was said but perhaps the periphery of it?

I don’t know but I do know this. Communication isn’t easy for all manner of reasons. And sometimes, I wonder if it is worthless anyway.

It reminded me of poor old Joe Biden who talking about science used gravity as an example of proven science. First, science is about hypotheses and second, if there is one area where science is at a loss its gravity.

Sums it up really. We have to dumb down reality to communicate but in doing so , we often miss the mark.


Tango in the key of sorry

Very interesting article…. thought provoking.

Sun in Gemini

As the years pass, I continue to wonder at the marvel of human communication, and the sadness of how little we use its potential…

The world appears to be full of conflict and strife. But much of it is happening at the psychological level. The Trump era in America and the Brexit ‘civil war’ in the UK were both fuelled by similar (if not the same) media barons, but they continue to feed on two common elements of human nature – hatred and anxiety; in most cases related to things that were not present.

The power of fear plus the well-placed myth of taking back control are a potent brew… and a complete lie.

This lowest state, in which our desire for real interaction with those of other opinions drops to zero, is easily kindled in people who have limited awareness of the complexity and interaction of modern societies…

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Up and Down

Well worth reading and contemplating….

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

This week has been a difficult one, with so many masked faces raising the ghosts of memories that I could wish had stayed well buried… memories of moments that I will not forget, no matter how much wishing I might do. Perhaps it is fallout from the whole virus crisis, perhaps it is something in the air… a collective reaction to having held our breath for so long while life has been on hold.  It is often once a crisis begins to wind down, and the immediate need for action has eased, that the true scale of the emotions that have been simmering below the surface begin to make themselves known.

But, in spite of that, and despite it being a week of painkillers for breakfast every day, there have been many brighter moments, with Nature unveiling daily miracles and my son making plans that might make my life a…

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The Two Lights


Emmanuel Rose

key 4For those on a spiritual path, it is important to remember that there are two sources of information or inspiration. It is common to see one or the other neglected, and when practitioners do so, there is limitation and unbalance.

We might call the first the Light of Nature. We learn from nature through observation, and we process that information using reason and logic. Intellect plays a large role in this type of information. The philosophers of the 17th and 18th centuries emphasized this source of inspiration. They felt that many aspects of life and society were virtually compelled by the Light of Nature.

This sort of mental emphasis is a common aspect of spirituality and occultism. Lots of practitioners study a great deal, know a lot, and have given a lot of thought to principles, concepts, and correspondences.

This source of information has the advantage of being…

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Episode 8 – Parasitic Entities from Hell…

A couple of years ago on a night train across Germany, I had an old hag experience. Since I could see the entity after escaping sleep paralysis, I was puzzled. How could that be? The experience terrified me and led to an investigation of the phenomenon that resulted in my book – “Basic Instinct: Erotic Paranormal Contact:: The Old Hag and the Mysterious World of Sleep Paralysis” .


In this episode of the magical world of G. Michael Vasey, I use material from the book to explain why I think that parasitic entities exist and feed on our fears. Be careful what you yearn for….. it may just manifest!


As I state in the show, I am not the only person expounding such an idea. Anthony Peake suggests likewise in his book – The Hidden Universe: An Investigation into Non-Human Intelligences  and I quote material from the website – as well.


Listen in to this and other creepy episodes……

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Outro music – It’s my Life by G. Michael Vasey

All music – G. Michael Vasey

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The Podcasting Monster

They say the problem with blogging is that you have to keep feeding it. Well, I never found it difficult to think of something to write about so feeding a blog isn’t so hard. Then I started podcasting……

I think if you wanted to just throw stuff out there, podcasting would be easy. Just record something every week and throw it up…. But if you want to do it reasonably right then you have to;

  • Have a recognizable intro
    • I started using one of my own songs called ‘Silly Me’ but decided I preferred one of my other songs as it had a longish instrumental beginning that sounded a little creepy and edgy so I switched to It’s not right for that reason…
  • Sound effects or background music help the ambiance…
  • You need to edit…. edit out the mistakes, the errs, you knows and other vocal ticks…. it takes a long time to do
  • You need an outro too

And then you need a steady stream of material…..

Podcasts are monsters when it comes to feeding them!

I have 7 episodes out now and an 8th recorded and scheduled. I reckon each takes me 4-5 hours to produce. Did I say podcasts were a monster?

The Magical World of G. Michael Vasey Podcast

And yet…. I am building an audience – slowly. I enjoy doing them – especially the interviews with interesting people and maybe they put my other work in front of new people? We will see.

For me the issue is promotion and building a following. I’m crap at it. Really! Its bizarre that I make a living advising on marketing and ran a top 10 PR firm in Houston, TX at one point but when it comes to promoting my stuff…. clueless, useless, crap.

I have been blogging since 2001 – you would never know it based on how many people read my blogs….. I make the music no one listens to, take the photos no one sees…However, I can’t complain too much as my books do get read and by quite a few people… but I have never built a following on a facebook page or anything. I’m crap at that. Tips welcome – just comment below please.

Meanwhile, if you thinking about podcasting, it isn’t hard but it is time consuming. Additionally, you do need some equipment and software – mic, editing software and so on. Since I make music anyway, I have all of that stuff already. I had also started podcasting for my main business with a thing called CTRMRadio – it has an audience of around 500 commodity trading and risk management people and I learned a lot doing it.

Anyway, since I am so crap at building an audience, I wondered – might you follow, share and like my new podcast? Its called The Magical World of G. Michael Vasey (Cos I’m crap at thinking up titles for stuff too)….

Here is where you can find it… (its a long list but pick your favorite and click through..). And…. if you are feeling a tad generous – a small review?

Phew – that is a monster of a list!

Synchronicities and the Flow

51dDKpIDJsLWhen I wrote Chasing the Shaman, I was excited by my change in feeling about the Czech Republic. I felt I had made a connection finally after living here some 14 odd years. Yes, I was aware of coincidences or synchronicities building but I have always seen that as a sign of being in the flow and on the right path. I have often called this ‘the magic.’

In the weeks following the publication of Chasing the Shaman, I had engaged in an exercise that will produce my next book (on magic – there maybe a paranormal book before it). An extension of what I had started but with deliberate intent and I have been blogging glimpses of that magical work as I went along. Today, as I took my lunchtime walk around Brno Castle, I was again mobbed by butterflies……

Almost immediately the Chasing the Shaman book was published, the shaman ceased activities. Was that related? I do not know. However, he moved all of his stones to areas both sides of the gravel seating area and arranged them in patterns. For days, there was no change and no  tell take sign of ash, cigar or roll ups left on or around the stones. I was a bit disappointed as I had really wanted to meet the shaman. One day, I noticed that where the major stone design had usually been, all the stones had gone. I checked the other side and found the arrangement was still there. I held onto the metal fence and leaned over to get a better look – nope, no tobacco either. Damn! It was then I noticed that on the top metal bar, between my hands, there were words painted on the bar. I had never seen them before. Unfortunately, the middle of the phrase was a bit smudged but I photographed it anyway.

I checked all along the fence in the area and found no writing anywhere else. Where the writing was aligned exactly with the site he had used. Could it be?


“Slysim sum tve xxxx ve svem tele,” it said.

I knew what the words meant but what was the missing word? I showed it to one of my Czech friends who managed to decipher the missing word as krev – blood.

I can hear the flow of your blood also in my body

Was it a message? Was it for me? Was it just part of whatever ritual the shaman had been engaged in? Was it written there by some other person and if so, why? Lot’s of questions…… What does it mean?

Meanwhile, my magical exercise continued and I today started to focus on Veles, God of the underworld and immediately, things flooded in. I mean engulfed me! Even something I haven’t seen anywhere – that v les in Czech means in the forest and given the Pan-like nature of Veles… why wouldn’t it?

downloadWhile all of this and more is going on, I returned from vacation and set up an interview with Anthony Peake. Friday last, I noted a reference he had made on his Facebook page to something called Hellier. I had never heard of it but I decided to take a look and soon found it on You Tube. I spent much of the weekend watching this paranormal series with an increasing sense of WTF! (Excuse me but really, it was WTF). The parallels were incredible. They talk so much about synchronicities in the show, they have even been criticized for it but trust me, not only is their show full of synchronicity, but all I could see was synchronicities surrounding my work here. Things were to get weirder….

The Magical World of G. Michael Vasey PodcastMonday night, I Skype Anthony and we begin. I wanted to talk about synchronicity as it a part of his work and I knew he would have a lot to talk about on the subject. I was not wrong but as we drifted into talking about Hellier, the synchronicities started to pile up…. one on top of another. As we wrapped up the show, Anthony and I discussed my bilocation book and found amazing synchronicity even there. Powerful stuff.

The Hellier people have been told they may be enacting a ritual. Well, I am sure they are and that ritual might just involve us watching it too.

Listen to the podcast here…


Synchronicity with Anthony Peake

peakeIn the latest episode of The Magical World of G. Michael Vasey, I talk with Anthony Peake and the whole interview turned into one big synchronicity. As we discussed the recent paranormal investigation series Hellier, we found more and more aspects of synchronicity.

Anthony is a writer who deals with the edges of human consciousness. He has written books on life after death, astral projection, the nature of time, DMT and much more and over the years has gradually migrated towards the paranormal and magic. He has developed interesting hypotheses to explain many facets and aspects of the human experience that make a lot of sense to me.

The Magical World of G. Michael Vasey PodcastListen in as we go deeper and deeper into the strange magical world of synchronicity. You can find out more about Anthony and his books at his website and Amazon.



CZECH REPUBLIC - PRAGUE PUBWhen I was younger, I yearned to reach the legal age to drink beer. Alcohol seemed to be an adult thing and it always seemed to be associated with fun and good times. Until recently, the fact that alcohol exists, is promoted and readily available didn’t concern me in the slightest. It is and was a part of life. I enjoy a beer or a glass of wine and an occasional whiskey anyway.

Two things have changed my perceptions of alcohol. The first is that I have developed an allergic reaction to it. It started with yeasty beers and now seems to include cheaper wines and spirits. I drink a couple of drinks and the next day I sneeze, blow my nose and am miserable all day long. Eventually, you stop consuming alcohol or minimize it anyway. It simply isn’t worth it.

The second is a realization I had just recently. Alcohol ruins people’s lives. So many people around me are afflicted by this need to drink to excess. In doing so, their behavior changes and never in a good way. Drink becomes their escape from problems and yet it creates a deeper hole and many more issues and problems for that person. I guess I have always known this but now I see it in my own family – close to home so to speak. The demon drink doesn’t help… it just makes things worse and in the end ensures the person involved spirals downwards ever deeper.

Well, thats their fault and problem I hear you say. Yep. It is. But how their worsening situation impacts other people is also very poorly understood as well. How do you help a person who drinks themselves into oblivion? How do you trust them if you know the minute you turn your back, they hit the bottle? Worse still, what if they have kids? What damage is being done to those kids? What dangers are they experiencing just because their parent has a drinking habit?

Society has a very negative attitude towards things like smoking and some drug usage. Yet, drinking is normal and acceptable. It shouldn’t be. Alcohol is not only a significant poison that is hurting your mind and body but it causes many, many issues that ripple out across society in unimaginable ways.

Think of the John Lennon song Imagine – but imagine a world without alcohol….

I think that world would be a far better place.

As for me? I’m so glad for my allergy.

Blackbirds and butterflies

This morning, and I lay in the hotel room asleep, I was awakened by a rapping at the window. As I fought to leave the dream – the very complex dream I had been dreaming – to see what the person knocking on the window wanted, it started to become obvious to me that, on being located on the second floor of this hotel, I couldn’t think of anyone who might be on our balcony at all at 6am! My slow awakening turned rather more to a sudden jump and all in one twist to look and see who it was rapping away loudly at our balcony window.

To my utter surprise, there was a very large black bird eyeing me from one of its blinking eyes while tapping its beak loudly against the window. The feeling of relief I felt on seeing it was a bird as opposed to something else was soon replaced by a sense on wonderment. Black birds and butterflies!

Throughout my entire 10-day stay in Croatia, I was beset by butterflies and blackbirds. The butterflies were every colour of the rainbow and ranged from tiny to quite large butterflies. I had remarked so often about the butterflies following me around that Tunde, my trip partner, now said it for me each time it occurred.

The blackbirds were a little rarer but they came up to talk with me. There was the one that evening in Nin that sat not three feet from me eyeing me up and ‘talking’ to me incessantly despite the crowd of passers by. This was the typical black bird encounter.

As I said in a prior post, the butterfly represents spiritual rebirth, transformation, creativity, endless potential, vibrant joy, change, ascension, and an ability to experience the wonder of life. In yet another post, I had mused on whether the blackbird was a symbol of the underworld that awaits me as I transition over to the god form of Veles and the polarity of Earth and Water? What has been apparent is that this magic followed me to Croatia….