Alan Richardson and Magic

In this episode, I was delighted to chat with British magician and prolific occult author – Alan Richardson. Alan talks about how magic has always been a part of his life, talks about his interactions with some of the magical personalities of our era and about his love of writing books on magic.

Alan has written books about Dion Fortune, Aleister Crowley, William Gray and others as well as a host of books on a variety of magical topics. You can find his books on Amazon at Please do stop there and buy a book or two! Books mentioned in the podcast include The Old Sod, Sex and Light , The Templar Door, The Sea Priest , Dark Magery and by G. Michael Vasey, Chasing the Shaman and The Mystical Hexagram (co-written with SC Vincent) also available on Amazon.

Reviews of a number of Alan’s books may be found at and a written interview conducted by G. Michael Vasey with Alan may be found at that site as well.

Intro music – It’s not right by G. Michael Vasey
Outro music – It’s my Life by G. Michael Vasey

All music – G. Michael Vasey

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