Blackbirds and butterflies

This morning, and I lay in the hotel room asleep, I was awakened by a rapping at the window. As I fought to leave the dream – the very complex dream I had been dreaming – to see what the person knocking on the window wanted, it started to become obvious to me that, on being located on the second floor of this hotel, I couldn’t think of anyone who might be on our balcony at all at 6am! My slow awakening turned rather more to a sudden jump and all in one twist to look and see who it was rapping away loudly at our balcony window.

To my utter surprise, there was a very large black bird eyeing me from one of its blinking eyes while tapping its beak loudly against the window. The feeling of relief I felt on seeing it was a bird as opposed to something else was soon replaced by a sense on wonderment. Black birds and butterflies!

Throughout my entire 10-day stay in Croatia, I was beset by butterflies and blackbirds. The butterflies were every colour of the rainbow and ranged from tiny to quite large butterflies. I had remarked so often about the butterflies following me around that Tunde, my trip partner, now said it for me each time it occurred.

The blackbirds were a little rarer but they came up to talk with me. There was the one that evening in Nin that sat not three feet from me eyeing me up and ‘talking’ to me incessantly despite the crowd of passers by. This was the typical black bird encounter.

As I said in a prior post, the butterfly represents spiritual rebirth, transformation, creativity, endless potential, vibrant joy, change, ascension, and an ability to experience the wonder of life. In yet another post, I had mused on whether the blackbird was a symbol of the underworld that awaits me as I transition over to the god form of Veles and the polarity of Earth and Water? What has been apparent is that this magic followed me to Croatia….