CZECH REPUBLIC - PRAGUE PUBWhen I was younger, I yearned to reach the legal age to drink beer. Alcohol seemed to be an adult thing and it always seemed to be associated with fun and good times. Until recently, the fact that alcohol exists, is promoted and readily available didn’t concern me in the slightest. It is and was a part of life. I enjoy a beer or a glass of wine and an occasional whiskey anyway.

Two things have changed my perceptions of alcohol. The first is that I have developed an allergic reaction to it. It started with yeasty beers and now seems to include cheaper wines and spirits. I drink a couple of drinks and the next day I sneeze, blow my nose and am miserable all day long. Eventually, you stop consuming alcohol or minimize it anyway. It simply isn’t worth it.

The second is a realization I had just recently. Alcohol ruins people’s lives. So many people around me are afflicted by this need to drink to excess. In doing so, their behavior changes and never in a good way. Drink becomes their escape from problems and yet it creates a deeper hole and many more issues and problems for that person. I guess I have always known this but now I see it in my own family – close to home so to speak. The demon drink doesn’t help… it just makes things worse and in the end ensures the person involved spirals downwards ever deeper.

Well, thats their fault and problem I hear you say. Yep. It is. But how their worsening situation impacts other people is also very poorly understood as well. How do you help a person who drinks themselves into oblivion? How do you trust them if you know the minute you turn your back, they hit the bottle? Worse still, what if they have kids? What damage is being done to those kids? What dangers are they experiencing just because their parent has a drinking habit?

Society has a very negative attitude towards things like smoking and some drug usage. Yet, drinking is normal and acceptable. It shouldn’t be. Alcohol is not only a significant poison that is hurting your mind and body but it causes many, many issues that ripple out across society in unimaginable ways.

Think of the John Lennon song Imagine – but imagine a world without alcohol….

I think that world would be a far better place.

As for me? I’m so glad for my allergy.