Synchronicities and the Flow

51dDKpIDJsLWhen I wrote Chasing the Shaman, I was excited by my change in feeling about the Czech Republic. I felt I had made a connection finally after living here some 14 odd years. Yes, I was aware of coincidences or synchronicities building but I have always seen that as a sign of being in the flow and on the right path. I have often called this ‘the magic.’

In the weeks following the publication of Chasing the Shaman, I had engaged in an exercise that will produce my next book (on magic – there maybe a paranormal book before it). An extension of what I had started but with deliberate intent and I have been blogging glimpses of that magical work as I went along. Today, as I took my lunchtime walk around Brno Castle, I was again mobbed by butterflies……

Almost immediately the Chasing the Shaman book was published, the shaman ceased activities. Was that related? I do not know. However, he moved all of his stones to areas both sides of the gravel seating area and arranged them in patterns. For days, there was no change and no  tell take sign of ash, cigar or roll ups left on or around the stones. I was a bit disappointed as I had really wanted to meet the shaman. One day, I noticed that where the major stone design had usually been, all the stones had gone. I checked the other side and found the arrangement was still there. I held onto the metal fence and leaned over to get a better look – nope, no tobacco either. Damn! It was then I noticed that on the top metal bar, between my hands, there were words painted on the bar. I had never seen them before. Unfortunately, the middle of the phrase was a bit smudged but I photographed it anyway.

I checked all along the fence in the area and found no writing anywhere else. Where the writing was aligned exactly with the site he had used. Could it be?


“Slysim sum tve xxxx ve svem tele,” it said.

I knew what the words meant but what was the missing word? I showed it to one of my Czech friends who managed to decipher the missing word as krev – blood.

I can hear the flow of your blood also in my body

Was it a message? Was it for me? Was it just part of whatever ritual the shaman had been engaged in? Was it written there by some other person and if so, why? Lot’s of questions…… What does it mean?

Meanwhile, my magical exercise continued and I today started to focus on Veles, God of the underworld and immediately, things flooded in. I mean engulfed me! Even something I haven’t seen anywhere – that v les in Czech means in the forest and given the Pan-like nature of Veles… why wouldn’t it?

downloadWhile all of this and more is going on, I returned from vacation and set up an interview with Anthony Peake. Friday last, I noted a reference he had made on his Facebook page to something called Hellier. I had never heard of it but I decided to take a look and soon found it on You Tube. I spent much of the weekend watching this paranormal series with an increasing sense of WTF! (Excuse me but really, it was WTF). The parallels were incredible. They talk so much about synchronicities in the show, they have even been criticized for it but trust me, not only is their show full of synchronicity, but all I could see was synchronicities surrounding my work here. Things were to get weirder….

The Magical World of G. Michael Vasey PodcastMonday night, I Skype Anthony and we begin. I wanted to talk about synchronicity as it a part of his work and I knew he would have a lot to talk about on the subject. I was not wrong but as we drifted into talking about Hellier, the synchronicities started to pile up…. one on top of another. As we wrapped up the show, Anthony and I discussed my bilocation book and found amazing synchronicity even there. Powerful stuff.

The Hellier people have been told they may be enacting a ritual. Well, I am sure they are and that ritual might just involve us watching it too.

Listen to the podcast here…