The Podcasting Monster

They say the problem with blogging is that you have to keep feeding it. Well, I never found it difficult to think of something to write about so feeding a blog isn’t so hard. Then I started podcasting……

I think if you wanted to just throw stuff out there, podcasting would be easy. Just record something every week and throw it up…. But if you want to do it reasonably right then you have to;

  • Have a recognizable intro
    • I started using one of my own songs called ‘Silly Me’ but decided I preferred one of my other songs as it had a longish instrumental beginning that sounded a little creepy and edgy so I switched to It’s not right for that reason…
  • Sound effects or background music help the ambiance…
  • You need to edit…. edit out the mistakes, the errs, you knows and other vocal ticks…. it takes a long time to do
  • You need an outro too

And then you need a steady stream of material…..

Podcasts are monsters when it comes to feeding them!

I have 7 episodes out now and an 8th recorded and scheduled. I reckon each takes me 4-5 hours to produce. Did I say podcasts were a monster?

The Magical World of G. Michael Vasey Podcast

And yet…. I am building an audience – slowly. I enjoy doing them – especially the interviews with interesting people and maybe they put my other work in front of new people? We will see.

For me the issue is promotion and building a following. I’m crap at it. Really! Its bizarre that I make a living advising on marketing and ran a top 10 PR firm in Houston, TX at one point but when it comes to promoting my stuff…. clueless, useless, crap.

I have been blogging since 2001 – you would never know it based on how many people read my blogs….. I make the music no one listens to, take the photos no one sees…However, I can’t complain too much as my books do get read and by quite a few people… but I have never built a following on a facebook page or anything. I’m crap at that. Tips welcome – just comment below please.

Meanwhile, if you thinking about podcasting, it isn’t hard but it is time consuming. Additionally, you do need some equipment and software – mic, editing software and so on. Since I make music anyway, I have all of that stuff already. I had also started podcasting for my main business with a thing called CTRMRadio – it has an audience of around 500 commodity trading and risk management people and I learned a lot doing it.

Anyway, since I am so crap at building an audience, I wondered – might you follow, share and like my new podcast? Its called The Magical World of G. Michael Vasey (Cos I’m crap at thinking up titles for stuff too)….

Here is where you can find it… (its a long list but pick your favorite and click through..). And…. if you are feeling a tad generous – a small review?

Phew – that is a monster of a list!