This weekend, sat in Budapest, my girlfriend became quiet distraught reading the news that it would close its borders starting September 1st. After all, its not like Hungary is flooded with COVID-19 or anything – quiet the reverse in fact. It has got off lightly like many countries in this region. Could it be that vacation countries like Croatia were seeing a splurge in new infections? Well, you would be hard pushed to make that case in my opinion – yes, infections are increasing everywhere but hospitalizations and deaths are not. And when we say increasing we mean from under a hundred a day to just over a hundred a day – not a runaway exponential curve. And anyway, half the Government were in Croatia vacationing and the other half were quarantined after attending some party party and not obeying their own rules regarding distancing and facemasks.

But COVID isn’t the reason why Victor Orban closed the corders. Europe’s wanna be fascist dictator sees COVID as his route to a lifelong position as head of state and shutting in the country allows him to do as he wants.

Meanwhile, in the USA the continued politicization of COVID continues. Given that the recent CDC report actually says -now you do have to look hard but it is there) that only 9% of so called COVID deaths in the country are actually down to COVID – the other 91% were people who had the misfortune to catch it on top of two or more other conditions. Now, try catching a virulent flu on top of two or three other conditions and see what happens….

Look, I’m not trying to belittle the threat of COVID and I’m not trying to avoid seeing the tragedy of these deaths but when we are dealing with matters like this we have to look scientifically and dispassionately at the basic information available, think critically and then make decisions that are warranted.

On my way home from Budapest, I sat in a 4-seat business class compartment (its not expensive and very good service on Regiojet). No facemask required as I am alone. I was reminded almost immediately to put on my facemask. I did not. When we crossed the border in Austria, another agent told me to put on facemask. I did not. On crossing the Czech border no one asked me to put on a facemask as it is not required. See the idiocy here? First – I’m alone in an airtight container yet I am supposed to suffocate myself? For what purpose? To say I am a good compliant citizen? No thanks. Then two, there is no such requirement in Czechia. No one asked me twice. Everyone understood how stupid it was to ask – they did their duty and nothing more. I think this extended to other areas of the train too as when I went to the bathroom, only 50% were wearing masks – in an area where I probably would wear one.

Meanwhile, in Berlin tens and tens of thousands of ordinary people gathered to protest the silliness of many of these restrictions as well as the Government’s willingness to act in a totalitarian and anti-freedom of speech way. Of course, major media outlets like CNN for example true to form reported a ‘few thousand virulent right wingers gathered…’ To get the truth you needed to go to blogs and small local news sites where you would find that the crowds were addressed by one of the Kennedy family who spoke passionately about freedom of speech and how his uncle had spoken there before him on a similar topic.

We live in a dangerous time where politicians are curtailing our liberties using fraudulent science and a bought and biased media. I’m not belittling COVID – it can kill and I do not wish to get it nor the flu for that matter. Yes, there are all kinds of strange conspiracy theories to navigate as well. But, if you cannot see that our freedoms are being challenged then honestly, you don’t deserve those liberties. There are many who seemingly sucked up into the ideology and rhetoric no longer think but follow like sheeple off the cliff to their imprisonment.

Not me.

I just joined the Free Speech union. I will continue to speak out and ask others to think hard. This is not about right and left. That duality is for the sheeple. It is about doing the right things for the right reasons.



Post Modernism is the REAL Pandemic

In the last 20-years, the young in academia have been indoctrinated with a thing called post modernism. Originally a way of looking at literature, this ideology has now spread into all aspects of life. If you don’t know what post modernism is here is definition to help from wikipedia – now a platform for post modernist views.

Postmodernism is generally defined by an attitude of skepticismirony, or rejection toward what it describes as the grand narratives and ideologies associated with modernism, often criticizing Enlightenment rationality and focusing on the role of ideology in maintaining political or economic power. Postmodern thinkers frequently describe knowledge claims and value systems as contingent or socially-conditioned, describing them as products of political, historical, or cultural discourses and hierarchies. Common targets of postmodern criticism include universalist ideas of objective realitymoralitytruthhuman naturereasonsciencelanguage, and social progress. Accordingly, postmodern thought is broadly characterized by tendencies to self-consciousnessself-referentialityepistemological and moral relativismpluralism, and irreverence.”

I would argue that almost everything wrong with the world in 2020 can be laid squarely on this ideology which inverts everything normal and good and makes it evil and abnormal. It has perverted science from an objective pursuit of truth to defense of an ideology through selective choice of evidence. It has polluted the minds of the young and is the reason why our media no longer provides news (perhaps with a slight editorial leaning) but churns out propaganda of fear and conflict. It obligates its zealots to see things in terms of a war between a majority and a minority in which the minority must be promoted at the expense of the majority. It is why pedophiles and criminals are allowed to post on Twitter and other social media but if you or I say something perceived to be remotely politically incorrect – we are banned from the platform.

It has turned our world into one in which is is OK to vandalize, loot and burn but it is not OK to voice a contrary opinion. It has birthed wokeness (an utter stupidity in of itself) and political correctness. To a mind educated in the 70’s and 80’s and encouraged to soar and explore, it is an evil backward step that seems to proclaim the end of decency, truth and beauty.

Post Modernism is evil. It’s followers are zealot-like ideologues recognized by their approach to discussion – start with an insult and finish with a blatant lie. It is destroying north America as I write and has already infected western Europe. It is the true pandemic that threatens humankind.

It is a threat to magic as well as it does not value self responsibility nor imagination. Indeed it vilifies both. Instead, it is a form of anarchism that is totally destructive to all concerned. It has taken root in our institutions and educational establishments and is spread like a virus by ideologues pretending to be educators. It may already be too late to fight as anyone under 30 who had a liberal arts education is now infected with this monstrosity and most left wing politicians see it as their vehicle to power not realising they are its next victims.

I may sound a bit overdone but seriously, this ugly ideology is the true pandemic threatening our existence.

It is why the past and history is being corrupted because rather than accept that past values were what they were, they revise things in the light of this ideology. It is why statues are torn down and historical figures cancelled – as if you can cancel a historical person. If you destroy history, then you can no longer learn from it.




It Started with Climate Change

Once upon a time, science was what it was. Objective.

Scientists created objective hypotheses based on observations and invited their peers to have at it in terms of critiquing the hypothesis. Little by little, the hypothesis was tweaked, modified and changed until, for a short while, it seemed perhaps to have reached a sort of status quo. Then, abruptly, someone would come out with a hypothesis that destroyed the previous one altogether and the process started again. We even built predictive models that would throw out predictions that could also be tested against reality. Models became a real tool in the pursuit of scientific ‘truth’. But while some science may be accepted for a while, truth it is not and never will be… it is just a hypothesis.

Now, I will hear some say ah but planes fly and that is science – proven science. Well, we know planes fly but why they fly is always going to be open to debate of one kind or another – about the very nature of reality. We have a hypothesis as to why they can fly.

Also – before I get too deep into this. Let’s explore the difference between science and statistics. You see, the media and politicians love to quote statistical studies as proof. Yet, statistics never prove anything at all. Even the most complex multivariate model only approximates reality and if we overlook something – perhaps a correlation we would never even look for, then the model is actually nonsense.

For example, did you know that statistically there is a correlation between movies starring Nicholas Cage and deaths by drowning in pools in the USA. Does it mean anything? Nope. So next time you read something beginning with ‘scientists say’ only to discover it is a statistical study, you can more or less ignore it. I wish we had done that with the one that suggested margarine was good for you, for example.

About 40-years ago, the first articles about climate change began to appear. Back then it was global cooling or global warming – take your pick. Then someone suggested a correlation with CO2 and a whole lot of models were constructed to see if that worked. At this point, all was well.

Then politicians got involved. Pushing an environmental agenda they pounced on this possible relationship between CO2 and temperature. The UN’s political IPCC body started a study into the ‘science’ – climate science. They found a number of scientists to work with each had a hypothesis but one fit the political agenda very well and the young scientist proposing it was very ambitious. By the time the IPCC started coming out with its reports, Michael Mann, was the favoured scientist and his hockeystick chart showing a relationship between CO2 and temperature that, if continued, could be catastrophic, was just the message sought. Thus began the belittling of the other scientists with different hypotheses.

Suddenly, if you wanted a UN grant, you needed to agree with the hockey stick. As time went on, it became political suicide not to agree even though the hockey stick had been shown to be manipulation of statistics and quietly dropped from the IPCC reports.

Then, all opposition was made to look like ‘deniers’. Climate change deniers it was suggested should be jailed, lose their jobs, be banned. This took place over a 30-year period in which I was always part of the debate and watched in horror as things like wikipedia sided with one hypothesis and how people jumped on the bandwagon – for the money was now in green anything.

Entire alternative hypotheses were removed from the internet or from Google searches as ‘false news’ promoted by climate denier criminals.

Yet, here we are in 2020 and papers are being published daily that show that there is no greenhouse effect as it was understood (physicists), that CO2 has no or very minimal effect on temperatures and much much more. But it never gets reported because science has been hijacked by politics.

The very idea that humanity can control climate! Step back and think about that… it is ridiculous. The geological record shows that climate has always changed, sometimes dramatically overnight geologically speaking leaving wholesale destruction in its wake. CO2 has varied from a large percentage of the atmosphere to virtually nil over that time and apart from a short and fortuitous correlation (the hockey stick era), shows no relationship to temperature. In fact, the real planetary emergency seems to have been avoided and that is too little CO2 to maintain life on the planet.

Yes, at 180ppm plants start to struggle and at 120ppm suffocate and die. No plants means real trouble for planet Earth.

Anyway, my point isn’t to argue climate change but to say that the politicians learned very well from all of this. They developed a good model to get their way and add controls over us. So now we hear about science from politicians with regard to COVID and every thing else.

It’s funny to me that these people don’t seem to know that to an actual objective scientist, they come across as idiots. Science is about hypotheses. Science doesn’t prove anything. If there is a consensus in science then it has become religion or ideology.

Every day now I hear politicians use their version of science to promote their left or right wing ideology.

I’m fuming.

But it all started with the climate change issue. Science is now political. Post modernist. Rather than be objective, observations are selected that support the political objective and anything not fitting is ridiculed. Any opposition is ridiculed and can get you cancelled…. Models make predictions and rather than those predictions being tested against reality, they are used as gospel and the data ‘modified’ to fit.

This isn’t science.

This is stupidity.

Into the Underworld

As I walked around Špilbirk Castle this morning, I realized that I had very much lost my connectedness to Veles, the Slavic God of the underworld, after my vacation punctuated summer. Hardly surprising I supposed as vacations were designed to be a switch off – a reset – if you will. I also wondered if I had ever really connected with Veles at all? With Perun, God of thunder and the sky, I felt His presence and His power very plainly. Veles was a bit more tricky.

IMG_0054.HEICTricky is an apt word as Veles is the trickster God in the Slavic pantheon. A horned God of the underworld but also of cattle and so on. As I walked, I decided to re visualize Him and as I did so, step into Him and walk as One.

It is strange but this simple imaginative act of magic sometimes brings the most profound results. Today was no exception. I suddenly felt myself shorter and more squat. Muscular with a strange walking gait and two horns. The blackbird sat on my shoulder. A thought sprang into my mind almost immediately.

53Veles, the trickster, can represent our unconscious mind whereas Perun can represent the conscious mind. The unconscious mind where the shadow, the child and all of those other Jungian archetypes live. Suddenly, there was clarity which has now faded and I now have difficulty explaining myself – or Veles. That happens.

In essence, I suddenly saw Veles’ underworld as the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is the great trickster is it not? It is where we hide as the shadow, the inner child and so on as I said above. Occasionally, our shadow will rise and peek through into the conscious mind who is the controlling side and pushes it right back again where it came from – the eternal battle between Perun and Veles can be thought of in this analogy.

So, as I take on the form of Veles, I slip into the underworld of my unconscious mind. Here there is trickery afoot but also there is great wisdom. The darkness holds secrets and getting to the bottom of those secrets is perhaps one aspect of the mastery of self.

The horns? Mostly I have seen horns as a representation of personal experience – the kind that entraps us and holds us back. The unconsciously learned behaviors and habits that bind us. Perhaps Veles’ horns show this aspect of ourselves?

It is also strange how themes repeat in various mythologies and pantheons as my mind conjured up Hathor – the horned Goddess – associated with cattle and welcoming the dead!

Suddenly I saw Veles as an invitation to explore the underworld – visit the interior of myself. The unconscious mind can be our enemy – fear, unresolved emotions, our inner demons reside in its darkness. It can also be our liberator, symbolically showing us who we are and informing us what we should be.

In a simple moment of imagination, I realised I had connected with Veles.



Who says you can’t?

You CAN….

The Silent Eye

“Wanted: Experienced male window-dresser.

20+, full clean driving licence. Must be prepared to travel.”

Back in the days when one could advertise for precisely the staff member you wanted without the risk of appearing politically incorrect, that was the advert that caught my eye. To be fair, at just 16, with examination results still months away and no possibility of staying in education, I was looking at anything and everything, applying for jobs as varied as dental nurse and milkmaid. In spite of the expectations a Grammar School education might have raised, the family couldn’t afford for me to stay on at school. I needed a job. Any job. Even then, I was aware that probabilities were a numbers game; the more I applied for, the more chance I had of getting at least as far as an interview.

By this time, I had only a couple of months left…

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I Met the Enemy. It was Me.

I’m conservative with a small ‘c’. I believe in personal responsibility. If something is wrong in my life, it is I who is the cause reaping the effect. It isn’t your fault. It is mine. These days, that makes me a conservative apparently.

When I was interviewing Dr. Andy Cooper recently for my podcast, we talked about cause and effect. It is a big part of the Helios school approach. I understood it as being the cause in your life as opposed to living with your effects. If something is wrong with your relationships, look inside of you to find what it is that you do to cause this effect. You know this is magic and all magicians should be conservative with a small ‘c’ because this is what Know Thyself truly means.

Then I spoke with Steve Tanham of the Silent Eye and he spoke at length about the ego and egoic. That’s the self important part of you that actually causes a lot of those cause and effect issues. The Silent Eye approach is to help you recognise the bits of yourself that make up the whole and become a more centered person. It is based on the idea that to identify stuff in yourself that causes issues and then to change the inner workings of yourself, you can effect change in the world. Again – this too is magic.

True magic isn’t about getting what you want. It is about changing yourself to be the cause of the effect you wish to have. It ain’t easy. Ego is a big bully at times because we all want to be noticed, loved and appreciated. I see this in me but more than that, I see it in my teenage daughter where these things rage as it does with all of us in the child to adult transition.

I think a lot of issues these days are as a result of too many people not taking responsibility for what happens in their lives but rather looking to society to fix it for them. As a conservative, I am also very liberal in my acceptance of others. I try not to judge you for what you try to be and do so long as you understand, it’s not MY fault, it’s not collectively our fault, if you have chosen to be buffeted by effects if your approach to life and your self. You must own it and resolve it yourself.

So, I came across this video of a remarkable speech given by a woman who went through a magical transition even though she may not call it that. Please watch and listen… If more of us thought like this lady, many issues would dissolve away…..

Scare Tactics

Is it just me who cannot see the value of reporting cumulative COVID infections? There can be only one reason to that and it is simply to create fear. Here in the Czech Republic certain parts of the media report excitedly and breathlessly with each new total but surely what counts is the number of currently infected?

Even the map that the media helpfully provides of all the different regions uses cumulative infected per 100,000 rates to decide the strength or the red they use to signify danger. But when you drill down into the sub bullets, you discover the truth is no where near as scary.

Take the city I live in as an example. Brno. It is about 600,000 people – double that if you include the surrounding area. The highly useful and friendly Government website shows that currently, 15.73 per 100,000 are infected in the city and 6.8 per 100,000 in the surrounding area. I calculate then that about 94 people are currently infected in a city of 600,000. Don’t know about you, but that doesn’t seem very scary to me. Not that I won’t take precautions – I will – but its not stay at home territory is it.

Now, let’s go to Seznam – an online media outfit and see what appears to be the same map. It says 68 per 100,000 in the city and 20 per 100,000 outside it. That is quite a difference and much more scary!  Almost 500 people are infected out of 600,000?

Well, no. 500 people HAVE been infected – they are using cumulative infection rates. Why? I can only assume to attract more attention to its website news. As it is simply not correct and misleading to do that. By the way, the do the same thing at the country level with their nefarious headlines….. More than 18k infected people they scream…. Er no. Over 13,200 of those are healed and no longer infected. The true number is 5,300 out of 10.5 million.

The Government here is playing the whole thing down now. You can see why. The fact is that the infection is under some control via smart quarantine methods, mainly located to regional outbreaks and the hospitalized numbers are very, very low – at 131 – hardly about the break the system. The media though sees it differently. On Seznam, headlines scream things like “Infections double!!!” “Total number of infected around Plsen over 800!” “The Virus is Back!!!!” and so on.

The contrast between the Government attitude and the media is simply amazing. The Government has introduced regional maps that are updated weekly. Areas are painted white, green orange and red depending on severity and what restrictions are in place. I think it’s useful. This last Monday, they issued a second map. after a week of media headlines screaming about the virus and 18k infections and so on, the media had to explain why the map now showed only two green areas and the rest all white after previously showing 5 green areas…. quite a laugh reading those stories honestly.

I am not for a minute underplaying this virus. what I am noting is how the media seems out to scare us all to death using misleading statistics and attention grabbing headlines. That has to stop.


51dDKpIDJsLWhen my book – Chasing the Shaman – was published, I ordered two author copies. A month later, I received an email from Amazon UK saying that I was being refunded for my purchase as the package had returned marked ‘undeliverable’. I thought that a bit strange as I have ordered many items – not just books – and amazon faithfully delivered them to the same address. Maybe, it was a COVID issue?

So, I ordered two copies again.

I then went on a book Buying spree…. I bought three by Alan Richardson, two of Slavic deities, one by Allen Greenfield and another on the Trickster in the Paranormal, as well as a couple of others. I have a nice little pile of books to get through sitting here now. All ordered after my second order of Chasing the Shaman and all delivered to my address – mostly within days of ordering.

Then the email arrived. A refund. Undeliverable.

I contacted Amazon UK. I spoke to Tracy – a lovely lady who was eminently helpful but couldn’t help me understand why my book – just MY book – was undeliverable to an address used successfully many, many times.

I’m still waiting to get further response from Amazon. I just ordered my books again.

Third time lucky maybe?


Episode 10 -Magic and Mysticism with Stephen Tanham

Version 2In the latest episode of the Magical World of G. Michael Vasey podcast, I talk with a founder of the Silent Eye School of Consciousness – Stephen Tanham.

Steve is a mystical teacher, writer, poet and prolific photographer. He is a founding Director of the Silent Eye School of Consciousness, a not-for-profit, international distance-learning organisation that provides a mentored path to deep and practical spiritual consciousness. The Silent Eye programme works on the basis of a three year internal journey across an inner landscape mapped by a spiritual version of the enneagram.

The Silent Eye’s mentored journey may be considered in three stages as:

– Understanding our selves – the character;

– Alignment of self with the spiritual;

– Opening the faces of Spiritual Love.

Steve’s spiritual path to the Silent Eye includes growing up in a Rosicrucian family and rising to become the leader of the local affiliated body, then Regional Monitor, and finally Grand Councillor for the North of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

A desire to widen his knowledge of the Western Mystery Tradition led to seven years of service with the Servants Of the Light, (SOL), headed by well-known author and magician Dolores Ashcroft Nowicki. Steve ended his days with SOL as a member of the ARC – Administrative Resource Council, where he was responsible for taking  the School’s lesson systems into the internet age. He is a Third Degree Initiate of the Servants of the Light- its highest honour.

Steve Bio Grasmere pic - 1In 2012, Steve left SOL to establish his own school – The Silent Eye, soon to be joined by co-Directors Sue Vincent and Stuart France. The Silent Eye has students (Companions) on four continents. Its website is

Steve lives in the English Lake District with his wife, Bernie, a cat and a dog. His books are available on Amazon (UK and International).

In the podcast, we discuss magic versus mysticism, growing up in a Rosicrucian family, how an interest in Qabalah led him to the Servants of the Light and how he helped organize the administration of that school and how and why he set up the Silent Eye along with Sue Vincent and Stuart France. It’s an open and honest discussion. Please do listen in and share it on social media.

You can find out more about Steve by visiting his Sun in Gemini blog at and the Silent Eye at its website. I also interviewed Sue Vincent in Episode 2 of this podcast series.

Steve is also the author of a number of books that can be found on Amazon. In particular, I can recommend his book – The Beast in the Cafe – as one that captivated me.