What if Nothing is Real?

Anyone that knows me will know I am not content with mainstream explanations. I will go away and read the science – the papers written by scientists and usually peer reviewed to boot. They will also know I am interested in reality and what it is probably down to two things that happened to me as a child. The first was having this vision that I wasn’t really here but attached to what you would now term a virtual reality machine. The second was the little green man that jumped out of my wardrobe mirror, shot me and then jumped through the window. I can hear one of two of you murmur I may not be quite sane. OK but do bear with me.

rede1If you get into physics – quantum physics in particular – it becomes apparent rather quickly that nothing is what it seems and everything is vastly confusing. There may be billions of parallel universes and it may be that the observer decides on what happens to them. It may even be that none of this even exists unless there is an observer. This is something that prompted me to write the novella – The Last Observer – as it seemed to me that magic – the real kind – is a way to play with reality. Magic? I hear you say….. mad as a hatter. Let me tell you, if you read some quantum physics you would also be mad as a hatter. It has that effect.

Then there is the idea that actually everything we see, touch, feel and so on is empty space. There is actually nothing there…. an atom – it’s a nucleus and electrons spinning around it. It is barely a thing – it is almost entirely … well, nothing. Space. No thing. Probe deeper than that and those particles become nothing but energy or is it data?

07-magickAlmost any topic that I look at these days and drill into deeply enough ends in a similar result. Take COVID-19 and the pandemic. Right, well, start looking at PCR tests – these are the tests used to determine if someone is infected. The more you dig, the more you can find that not only is the test probably not suited for such a use but it may not be measuring COVID-19 at all. You will find along the way that at a MINIMUM… MINIMUM! 20% of all test results are false positives. That means that out of 10 million supposedly infected globally, at least 2 million NEVER HAD IT! In fact, if you drill into tis with an open mind, COVID-19 seems to evaporate into an irrational fear. Just like the solid chair you are sat on is actually nothing at all, so does this whole pandemic evaporate into nothing at all as well.

Yes, I know. People tragically died, people have been sick. It is as real as the chair at the level of your day to day consciousness. But what exactly is that anyway? Consciousness? Hmmmm – try researching that particular thing and like grains of sand in your hand, whatever you thought it was will eventually drain away until you are again left with nothing, nothing at all.

So. What if my little vision when I was a kid was a glimpse of reality. What if this is all an illusion created by us individually and collectively? A Virtual Reality in which we, the master and creator had forgotten that was our role. What if we are the Gods but somewhere along the line we forgot?

realityWhat if COVID-19 and the pandemic was just a creation of our combined consciousness out of control because we had forgotten how to use the controls. Or, what if it were the creation of a cabal of those who hadn’t forgotten and now use us as energizers of a matrix-like reality of their making? Sounds like Sci-Fi…..

But you know what. The more I go down this rabbit hole. The more I believe that.

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  1. Thanks for the well thought through comment….. However, this doesn’t come from my intellect. It would not. I am an objective scientist. It comes from a much different place – my intuition. It comes from gnosis as well. I also have a view based on the same instinct or intuition that if you do not accept the premise then for you, it doesn’t exist i.e. paranormal skeptics are confirming their bias.


  2. The problem with your series of specific end-questions and, in fact, the problem with the dialectical platform upon which ALL your assertions and questions are laid, is their fragility as propositions exclusively “of” the Intellect. As such, they fly in the teeth of human experience. Keats suggests, “the axioms of philosophy are not axioms until we feel them on our pulse”. . .a good launching point for a counter-argument to the one you put on the table, viz, that “the idea that actually everything we see, touch, feel and so on is empty space. There is actually nothing there…. an atom – it’s a nucleus and electrons spinning around it. It is barely a thing – it is almost entirely … well, nothing. Space. No thing.”

    I totally agree that the world of quantum physics will fuck your sense of The Real into a quagmire of utter bewilderment because it argues convincingly from atomic DATA that what we perceive as ‘the world’ may be an illusion. Prior to quantum physics, David Hume argued (citing the intense ‘reality’ of vestigial dream images after awaking from sleep) that all that a human could verifiably Know was “the perception that he was having a perception”. The realm of dream and perception is ominously presented in Lewis Carroll’s “Through the Looking Glass” when Alice says they should wake up the Red King, and one of the characters stops her, declaring in high alarm, “No! No! We all exist in his dream. Wake him up and poof! . . .we’re gone.”

    I guess my rather simple-minded point is that as a model for living our lives and functioning together, we as individuals trust the illusion of our senses and the way in which our senses ‘paint’ a world of solidity and real substance. If a tree falls in the forest 100 miles from a human ear, does it make a noise. From one perspective, the answer is No. But through the wonder of language and memory, and my stored knowledge of the concept “noise”, I can comfortably assert “yes”. . . and get on with things. Is this just a pragmatic cop-out? Absolutely. Does such a cop-out diminish or eradicate the activity of speculative thought or arcane kinds of research that seemingly spin off into never-never land, going nowhere? Absolutely not. What it DOES do is separate the sheer thrill of feeling a race car– under your hands–going 250 miles an hour , and the kinds of mental speculation that could result in humans propelling themselves into netherspace at warp speeds faster than the speed of light.

    It is the simultaneous embracing and dramatically exceeding of the proposition “Nothing is real except I perceive it so.”

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  3. Oh no, this is my usual 3am thought line when I wake up and wonder if everything is real, is the wall real? etc. It frightened the hell out of me as a child and even now I get very anxious about it.


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