Feeling Sheepish

For years, I have churned out books, music, poetry, photography, thoughts, podcasts, videos and goodness knows what. I’m not sure I ever built much of an audience or following except maybe around my paranormal books. To be honest it never used to bother me that much – I’m an addicted creator – an artist who cannot help himself. I always thought I would make a few bob off of the back of the content I produced and maybe one day, I could ease up a bit and live off of my creativity and hobbies.

Unfortunately, I like many others never saw the shift to free stuff. People simply expect stuff for free now… or pretty much close to free. And then there is Amazon that on the one hand opened the world of publishing to everyone but, with the other, took all the profits. I sell books for 2.99 and see only a small part of that sales price. I could make a little on running ads on my websites – but adblockers have put paid to that as well. Every which way you turn….. but I churn on and have even added a podcast series now.

Where am I going with this? Why do I feel sheepish?

Well, I make a reasonable living so you know I just basically put up and shut up making nothing on stuff I liked to do. It’s a hobby after all. I enjoy it. Then as I hit 60, I thought well, I’m going to have to keep the day job til I drop because books and stuff generates only net expense. (ex wife had and already spent my private pension). I was aware of Patreon and platforms like it where people support you with small monthly sums in return for stuff. I dismissed it.

But recently, I realised this could be another way to help pay the cost of generating better content. This could be the way to afford the website upgrade I want to do and…. maybe it could be an alternate way of getting paid for books, photos, blogs, podcasts and so on. EVERYONE else seems to be doing it even if I feel sheepish copying them.

So….. I set up a Patreon account. Check out my page and see if you might like to support my future efforts. Like I said, I have no following or fans that I can appeal to – but I will give it a try and maybe I will be surprised.

Here is my page – check out what I got to offer for a small monthly payment.

And thanks – for looking.

As I state there…

I’m always creating things – blog posts, books, photos, poetry, podcasts, music and magic. I cannot help it! I must have an outlet to create. These days, artists and magicians must rely on the goodwill of the world to make any money with their art. The world has essentially moved to a content for free or virtually free model and those who suffer are the artists and magicians. So I decided to do what others do and seek sponsors on Patreon.com –  People to support my passions – my magic.

Will you?

My passions-
Podcasting on magic, the paranormal and general weirdness at The Magical World of G. Michael Vasey podcast
Collecting paranormal stories via Myhauntedlifetoo.com
Reviewing strange books on magic and the paranormal via strangebookreviews.com
Making music – find it at all online music stores
Taking magical photos
Blogging and writing poetry on garymvasey.com and garymvasey.net
Writing books of poetry, about the paranormal, magic and other strange topics.

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