Post Modernism is the REAL Pandemic

In the last 20-years, the young in academia have been indoctrinated with a thing called post modernism. Originally a way of looking at literature, this ideology has now spread into all aspects of life. If you don’t know what post modernism is here is definition to help from wikipedia – now a platform for post modernist views.

Postmodernism is generally defined by an attitude of skepticismirony, or rejection toward what it describes as the grand narratives and ideologies associated with modernism, often criticizing Enlightenment rationality and focusing on the role of ideology in maintaining political or economic power. Postmodern thinkers frequently describe knowledge claims and value systems as contingent or socially-conditioned, describing them as products of political, historical, or cultural discourses and hierarchies. Common targets of postmodern criticism include universalist ideas of objective realitymoralitytruthhuman naturereasonsciencelanguage, and social progress. Accordingly, postmodern thought is broadly characterized by tendencies to self-consciousnessself-referentialityepistemological and moral relativismpluralism, and irreverence.”

I would argue that almost everything wrong with the world in 2020 can be laid squarely on this ideology which inverts everything normal and good and makes it evil and abnormal. It has perverted science from an objective pursuit of truth to defense of an ideology through selective choice of evidence. It has polluted the minds of the young and is the reason why our media no longer provides news (perhaps with a slight editorial leaning) but churns out propaganda of fear and conflict. It obligates its zealots to see things in terms of a war between a majority and a minority in which the minority must be promoted at the expense of the majority. It is why pedophiles and criminals are allowed to post on Twitter and other social media but if you or I say something perceived to be remotely politically incorrect – we are banned from the platform.

It has turned our world into one in which is is OK to vandalize, loot and burn but it is not OK to voice a contrary opinion. It has birthed wokeness (an utter stupidity in of itself) and political correctness. To a mind educated in the 70’s and 80’s and encouraged to soar and explore, it is an evil backward step that seems to proclaim the end of decency, truth and beauty.

Post Modernism is evil. It’s followers are zealot-like ideologues recognized by their approach to discussion – start with an insult and finish with a blatant lie. It is destroying north America as I write and has already infected western Europe. It is the true pandemic that threatens humankind.

It is a threat to magic as well as it does not value self responsibility nor imagination. Indeed it vilifies both. Instead, it is a form of anarchism that is totally destructive to all concerned. It has taken root in our institutions and educational establishments and is spread like a virus by ideologues pretending to be educators. It may already be too late to fight as anyone under 30 who had a liberal arts education is now infected with this monstrosity and most left wing politicians see it as their vehicle to power not realising they are its next victims.

I may sound a bit overdone but seriously, this ugly ideology is the true pandemic threatening our existence.

It is why the past and history is being corrupted because rather than accept that past values were what they were, they revise things in the light of this ideology. It is why statues are torn down and historical figures cancelled – as if you can cancel a historical person. If you destroy history, then you can no longer learn from it.