Media is the Enemy

If you are north of 40-years old, you likely recall a time when the media outlets reported and printed news. Yes, there was a mild editorial bias and differentiation. Among UK newspapers, The Guardian leaned left, the Telegraph right and so on but that bias was more or less limited to the editorial. The news stories were factual news uncluttered by opinion.

I wrote recently about the real pandemic of post-modernism infecting our young people – particularly those in Liberal-Arts. Well, what passes for a reported these days is likely to be 24-30 years old with strong ideological views. In post modernist fashion, they view objectivity as bias – and they have been taught to take a political position and justify it through any facts they can while belittling other views and hiding any ‘facts’ that don’t fit their viewpoint. As I stated in yet another article – it started with climate change – and has now extended into almost everything.

A few years ago, I got into an email conversation with a BBC ‘journalist’. I’m a commodities industry analyst looking specifically at technology but plainly, I have to follow the supply/demand news to do my job. He had written an article about Cocoa which on the face of it, was about supply issues. Actually, the article was a poorly constructed rant about how man made climate change was destroying Cocoa growing locations. Well, I found multiple faults with this article and I carefully wrote a long and detailed email to this person explaining his mistakes both in facts and logic.

The response was really quite a surprise. Firstly, he insulted me called me a deranged climate change denier and then proceeded to double down on his argument. I was very confused by this. Now, I’m not. He was 26 years old and had attended a Liberal Arts school. He was a climate change activist and supported a very left wing political party according to his twitter profile. I now  know that he was expressing post modernism in which the facts don’t matter – just the outcome.

This is now your typical ‘journalist’.

These people are not interested in presenting factual news. They are only interested in ideology. They are not interested in facts unless they support that ideology. Interaction with one of them always starts with an insult and ends in a lie (on their part).

Those that own the media outlets have their own reasons for allowing this to happen. What this is, I do not know? To spread fear and confusion maybe?

I do know this however. Whether it be CNN, Fox, BBC, or even Bloomberg or Reuters. Factual news no longer interests them.  Bias is no longer limited to editorial.

Media lies. Media is our enemy.