All my life I have had the most amazingly intricate and details dreams. Often, the dream becomes a mini series that picks up once again each night spreading over days and weeks. I recall just bits and moments of them but enough to marvel at their depth and complexity. Do I lead two lives? One by day and one in dreamworld – a sort of parallel universe?

This morning for example, I awoke and realized that I had dreamed about flying to south America business class. Where it was we went, I am unsure but I had been there several times before in past dreams and in my dream had memory of those earlier dreams. Once there – it was beautiful place – I mislaid my phone and was quite concerned as to where it was. I also had a strange plastic device that functioned as a sort of radar. It was a single piece of translucent plastic shaped like an ‘S’ When switched on, a keyboard appeared on the lower part of the ‘S’ and a screen on the top part. Using it, I located my phone and also tracked vehicles in the area. It was an amazing thing whatever it was. The dream was really detailed and involved numerous subplots. So much that I wake up feeling tired.

When I was a small boy, I used to dream about this creepy looking big house built on a pinnacle of rock just offshore. Massive cliffs were everywhere and this house sat alone connected to the mainland by a short and flimsy bridge. It started with me peeking through the window where I saw the most engaging girl. Her face a vision of beauty. I was in love with her. Slowly, night after night, I got braver and braver and eventually she saw me and invited me in. We had so much fun but she was scared of her Aunt who was an ugly and wicked witch. I think these dreams went on for months until together, we disposed of the witch.

That dream sequence has left its mark in my real life. If I am honest, I spent my life looking for that girl. All women in my life were I suppose compared to the dream girl and found wanting in some way. It is a subconscious thing of course but I know the truth of it. Sometimes, I think that girl may be me – my anima – and so I was always looking in the wrong place. At other times, I still wonder if somewhere, she is out there looking for the little boy that came to play with her each night in her dreams?

Dreamworld is a puzzle. I wonder if it is the real me and I am the dream so that my ‘waking’ life is the dream of the other person I am in that world. Where ever Dreamworld is, I rather enjoy being there. Do you?

One thought on “Dreamland

  1. Funny how much this has reminded me of an infrequently recurring location I find myself at. It seems to be a significant manor house in sprawling grounds, with a lake, and a tree-lined drive opening to a large gravelled parking area in from of the house.
    Sometimes it appears to have a martial presence, sometimes the trees are little more than saplings, other times the trees are full and mature and the lake is looking overgrown and unkempt. The only constant is the imposing bulk of the building.
    I don’t recall ever entering it and often wake, startled to be there again, before falling asleep straight back to where I interrupted the sequence.


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