Stop the Madness

I have written a few articles recently of a political nature and this is another. It’s not that I favor a particular candidate or party because to tell you the truth, I think politicians snake oil salespeople and worthy only of our derision. We need a new system. One free from the clutches of interest groups and ideologies but what that system might be I do not know because very few people are knowledgable enough these days to really run a country. It’s not that people are thick or something – far from it. There are just too many complexities, too many divergent opinions pandering for your attention and no one is qualified nor experienced enough to know everything.

However, those who worship at the alter of post modernism are slowly changing things anyway. In my blog – It started with climate change – I tried to show how science has been hijacked by these people and that the last 40-years of climate change discussions (during which time the world has NOT ended btw – nor will it), the post modernists learned how to subvert. With COVID – another overhyped ramp up the fear strategy – they have learned more besides.

Let me give you some examples and cut straight to the point. Hysterical loonie leftie post modernists celebs like Jane Fonda want to take away your democracy if you won’t listen about climate. The Guardian wants to put you in jail if you disagree with its thrashings on climate. This isn’t just a few loonies talking – this is how post modernism works – My way or the highway!

In the US, increasingly, the post modernist left, alarmed by a renewed wave of populism that may push Trump into 4 more years are beginning to threaten revolution, armed insurgency, mass civil disobedience and blocking the vote.

The problem is this. Post modernists don’t believe in democracy. They see democracy as a failed system in which these threats to humanity never get dealt with. They believe their pseudo-science. They believe that there is consensus. They want COVID to be a horrendous death mongering pandemic. They want the climate to burn up the planet. Why? Because that’s how the wrestle control away from us all. It’s too urgent to allow democracy. It’s too urgent to allow people to hold an opposing view.

The problem is that climate is not an emergency – except to them and COVID isn’t a mass killer pandemic p except to them. They live in a parallel universe.

Post modernism and globalism are linked. The UN promotes a post modern agenda and has done for years. Bill Gates really does suggest that each of us should have chip implanted in our arm and have our health monitored on that chip which would allow us to be controlled by the ruling elite – presumably he would be one.

This is not conspiracy theory. This is real. A group of left wing post modernists is trying to steal our world from us. We must stop them.