Snapping with an iPhone

One of my pals here in Brno is a man named Walter Novak. I met him a few years ago when he was sent by the Prague Post (now defunct) to photograph one of my Brno ExPat meetings. A friend of mine, Joe, and I ran these to try to build relationships in Brno between foreigners quite successfully for a few years. Indeed, almost all my friends here originate from those meetings. Walter is an award winning photographer who spent much of his professional life in the USA just like me. He is very accomplished and has met more stars and celebrities than I have had hot dinners making him very interesting to have a beer with. BTW – he has published a wonderful book of images of rock stars that you can purchase from him….. here is a video we made to promote that book featuring one of my own songs as background music.

The View from my Window – G. Michael Vasey

About a year ago, Walter encouraged me to start photographing things too. With just an iPhone and use of an editing software package on the iPhone. I am so glad he did.

In that time, I have seen the world with a different eye. It is hard to explain but suddenly, clouds, sky, landscape, people….. they become possible photos as you see a new beauty, a new depth to things that you never saw before.

So, now I have added photography to my hobbies and passions. You can see a few of my shots here. Even purchase one or two if you like them. You can also get the odd photo as a gift from contributing to support my work at Patreon and much more beside……