To the Girl

To the girl of my dreams that I have yet to meet

You better hurry, make it before I die

To the girl who tempted me so and whose name

I do not know, what was your secret?

To the one who loves me with a love so pure

I’m sorry I truly am. You deserved to be loved back

To the one I dreamed of when just a boy

If you were ever real, don’t leave it longer

I cannot wait

Time is passing

Don’t leave it late

I ache

To the girl who stole my kiss and bit my lip

Standing outside giving me hope only

to steal it away the very next day

To the girl I slipped 6000 miles in space and time

Yet knew it could never last

But took the chance anyway

You are the memories of a life swept fast

You took a role and made the cast

of my life

Time is passing

Don’t be late

I ache

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