The Dragons of Velehrad

Velehrad is a small village with a significant past and is the center of an important pilgrimage in the Czech Republic. It is thought of as the 9th Century capital of the Slavic state of Great Moravia and recent archeological work has turned up some evidence of that period. These days though, it is know for the Basilica there. The Basilica of the Assumption and of St. Cyril and Methodius.

800 years ago, it is said that 12 Cistercian monks founded a monastery in Velehrad. A national pilgrimage to Velehrad takes place every July which draws thousands of pilgrims. Pope John Paul II visited the monastery in 1990, his first visit outside the country after the fall of Communism. On July 5th every year, the site is inundated with pilgrims to celebrate the evangelisation of the Slavs by the two Greek missionaries (Sts. Cyril and Methodius) in the 9th century. It features some Romanesque remnants and is a very beautiful building.

I noticed immediately that at the back of the church around the alter and in the Romanesque part, there is a tremendous Earth energies. While we we were there, several people had arrived seeking healing and undoubtedly, it is these pulsating energies that they seek and utilise. My friend, who usually professes to feel nothing at all, also felt the energy. I took a few moments to meditate and redirect the healing energies to another friend in need of it and trust that it found its way.

My friend Jan is gradually becoming aclimatized to my views on the magic of the land himself. He has a healthy degree of cynicism but having visited a couple of other sites with me this year, beginning to wonder about such things. So it was I felt a bit of a cosmic joke that as we walked around the Basilica and towards the end with the energies, I looked up and saw a dragon. “Is that a dragon?” I asked incredulously. We both stopped and peered up and indeed, there was not one but two dragon heads on the ends of drainage pipes at that end of the Church right over the part of the church were I had felt the energy strongest. Jan already knew that dragon’s often symbolize the Earth energies and so the point was not lost on him either. “Do you really think the builders knew about the energy?” he asked. I don’t know but I have seen this before – clues hidden in plain sight.

Interestingly enough, there were also numerous examples of spirals on and around the church.

The incredible wasn’t over for the day however as the powers that be had something else in store for us. We decided to visit the underground part of the Church where we examined various pieces of masonry and so on before walking around the entire building in a maze of narrow and dark corridors and crypts. Again, I felt the energy strongest at the Romanesque part of the Church. There were some interesting symbols on old tombstones as well.

As we walked I was talking to Jan about the Butterflies. Indeed, I had been pointing out the Butterfiles all morning outside and marveling that there were so many at this time of the year. I had just told him about my last blog on Butterflies in fact when out of nowhere, a large black Butterfly or Moth suddenly appeared flying around INSIDE this part of the Church! It seemed like a final bit of proof, if any where needed. Another synchronicity to guide us on our way….. and later that afternoon, we would need guiding as we searched for an ancient stone that didn’t seem as if it wanted to be found….more on that later.

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