The Velehrad Dragons – Part Two

If you read my blog about the earth energies at Velehrad inside the Basilica there and then our discovery of the two dragons overhead of that earth energy then you may have picked up that my Czech friend Jan was quite stunned by this. He even asked the question if I thought it was deliberate? I told him, it was a case of hiding something in plain sight and that the Basilica was likely built on a pagan site of veneration anyway. But there was more….

As we took the tour of the foundations of the Basilica complete with exhibitions of various types – where we also saw the black moth or butterfly, there was one exhibit that dealt with some archeological excavations of the site. It was a poster board collage of photographs and text in Czech but I had a speaking guide in English to help me. There, in the center of the collage, was a floor tile with dragon. The archeologists expressed puzzlement as to ‘why a symbol of evil was found in the Basilica/Monastery.

AsI pointed this out to Jan, I told him “Perhaps they once knew and maybe they still do.” There was the evidence. Right in front of us.

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