The dowser and the magician

I was the guest of dowser and house healer, Tim Walter recently. Despite a few internet issues, we made it through a laughter-filled and quite joyous chit chat about magic and dowsing and so on. If you do not know of Tim, I can really recommend his video channel as being filled with informative content.

He describes the video as follows;

The Dowser (me) and the magician, author Gary M Vasey, in conversation. It is fascinating to talk to people who have had unusual experiences in their lives. It’s especially interesting when those people have a scientific/logical based training and understands that life is not what it often seems. Author Gary M Vasey is one of these people and it was an absolute pleasure to talk with him about his life, about the nature of real magic and of fear, ghosts poltergeists, earth energy and dragons and manifesting in the magical energies of creation. This is part 1 of two parts. Part 2 will be uploaded soon.

I had also interviewed Tim a while ago for my own podcast – The Magical World of G.Michael Vasey and you can catch that chat here….

Listen to “Episode 14: House healing, Dowsing and the Nature of Reality with Tim Walter” on Spreaker.


Back in my student days, we had debates about all kinds of issues in the Student Union. You know, abortion, Palestine, patriotism, northern Ireland etc. etc. I recall being at first a fascinated participant and later a disenfranchised cynic. I mean who cared what the predominantly left leaning students at Aston thought anyway? However, it was democracy at work and I took that for granted. I could grab the chairperson’s attention and get up and make my points – for or against the motion. I may get cheered and booed from various factions but I was allowed, if not actively encouraged, to speak.

In fact, I enjoyed quite an illustrious political career as a student. I spent 3 years on Student Council (elected by the general student body annually) at Aston and 2-years at Strathclyde where I gained my seat by being electing Post Graduate Convener two years running in competitive elections. The secret was to work to get the overseas students vote….there were rather more of them. However, as an aside, this required a little deftness and tact – especially as the Iran-Iraq war spilled out onto campus…. Can you imagine – me? deft and tactful? Wow! Things have changed.

I also was a successful campaign manager – yes, for the main positions in the students union – which were sabbatical positions – there were campaign managers. I had an exceptional record at getting my candidate elected even when they belonged to the Liberal party! Having achieved that feat, I was in demand. I do believe this was the beginnings of my career as a marketeer… it came natural.

I learned about politics doing all of this and soon got bored. I saw how it worked. I saw what was involved. I was unimpressed after my initial enthusiasm. Being approached in an under street crossing by a suspicious looking suited gentlemen who asked me if I might like to keep an eye on the ‘lefties’ didn’t help. I realized even then that the state had long tendrils… I kept quiet about that until a story broke in The Sun or similar about another student having a similar experience. Anyone right of center was being asked to ‘report on dangerous lefties’ it seemed. Yes – I was in the young Conservative movement the entire 6 years I was at college…..

Anyway – what was my point? Well, I can’t imagine that things are the same on campus now. In fact I know they are not. Imagine making an anti-abortion argument these days just as an example…. you would be skinned alive, canceled and hated as a fascist misogynist asshole and barred from the debate. Democracy and freedom of speech as I knew it have all but disappeared on campus. Back then, you were asked and encouraged to take that view to drive the two sides of the debate! I’m not sure how you feel about that but I feel very sad…. generations fought and died for us to have those rights and now they must be turning in their graves as the young voluntarily give these rights up.

I guess in the end, what put me off politics as well was ideology – on both sides. Imagine arguing a position because that was the party line? Yet – that is politics todays just as it was then except meaner and nastier. All the issues that we had motions on and debated at Aston for example, I felt had a sensible middle ground achievable with common sense. I still think that. I wish others did too……. do you?

Unfortunately, I think with tactics like cancellation, abuse and so on, common sense was the first casualty in politics and I avoid politics now like the plague. I feel I have been silenced and if I wasn’t me – annoyingly vocal and tactless – I would have been.

First, catch your..? #cancer

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

“… knowing you are going to die makes clearing out the cupboards so much easier!”

The sound of choked laughter came through the phone. “You should write that,” said my friend, once his calm was once more regained. The sentiment had, I think, taken him off guard, but it was a simple observation. Even in such circumstances, there are up-sides.

Like, I seem to have pretty much ‘retired’. At least, temporarily. I certainly won’t be back at work until the chemotherapy is done… and who knows after that? And all my worries, although they are exactly same as ever, are now definitely finite. Except, that has always been true, I just know now that they are. And that conscious knowledge is the only thing that separates me from any other person in the street.

We are all dying by degrees, as part of the natural lifecycle… but being aware of…

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A Questionable Science?…

I agree…

Stuart France


‘If the Test works – Why the False Positives?

If the Masks work – Why the Six Feet?

If the Six Feet works – Why the Masks?

If all Three work – Why the Fear Tactics?

If all Four work – Why the Vaccine?

If the Vaccine will be Safe – Why the No Liability Clause?

If COVID 19 exists – Why has it not been isolated?’


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Isn’t Life Weird

I was thinking today about relationships. I’m single – again – and getting older. I’m told I look younger so I am not mentioning my age……But, I was thinking… isn’t it a miracle to meet someone special?

Its happened a few times in my life so I have faith that it will again but that faith is tested at times.

Yesterday, I tried a dating site – Badoo – I have to say I thought momentarily I had accidentally logged into the local women’s prison website by mistake…. Is that how it feels for you ladies too?

I’m not looking for anything special or outrageous… Just a normal lady who looks good and has a sense of humor and a level of commitment. Thats pretty much all I can offer in return after all.

I have to say that I make great money, not short of a bob or two, drive a Mercedes, co-own my own business, write books, make music, podcasts, do magic, like nature… and am younger looking than my age – but apparently this is not enough. I’m not sure what the secret sauce is. to be honest. I would have thought any one or combination of the above? But this I have discovered is simply not true.

I think I should declare myself a bachelor and just forget about the whole thing ….. finding someone – that special person – it is a miracle… so rejoice if you have that special person in your life…

Singing My Own Praises? Not Really.

I hate to think about the number of times I have been right about things and yet, no one believed me because my opinion was politically incorrect. I said Trump would win in 2016, no one believed me. I said Boris would get a landslide. The list of these correct pronouncements is endless yet still, no one ever listens to me. For months I have been saying that the COVID-19 vaccine probably won’t help much and that we need to learn to live with the virus. This and my other pronouncements around the virus have been very unpopular. I said back in March that the mortality rate was much lower than people then thought because many people were sick but asymptomatic and not counted…. very unpopular pronouncement but entirely correct.

I’m not trying to blow my own horn here. I’m not looking for praise in the fact that I am often right. Who cares after all? It’s just Gary wittering on about something as usual with a bee in his bonnet. So what is my point? It is simply this – if you step back, analyze the evidence in a scientific way (logical and objective – not political or emotional), it is possible to arrive at solid conclusions and test them. Science and the scientific method is the way to go.

But there is a problem here. The left primarily has hijacked the word ‘science’ and made it synonymous with “belief”. You see it everywhere and in particular with US Democrats…. trust the science and similar silly phrases. What the left views as science isn’t. It is the pseudo science of mantra, ideology and belief and you had better not get crossways with it or you are ‘anti-science’ or even worse – a ‘denier’. (I’d love to place one of those emoji’s here that shows shock for effect). The right on the other hand seems to have dismissed scientific method at times altogether without trying to twist or change its meaning. Science has been politicized and we will all now be much worse off for that.

Today, there was the story on Reuters that the COVID-19 vaccines will likely not be very effective. They might reduce the symptoms a little and any benefits will be short-lived. Well, that was obvious from day one which is why I have been saying this to anyone who will listen – basically no one. Why? Wishful thinking. People want a solution and so they wish there was one. They don’t want to hear they may be wrong.

I will repeat also why Trump won in 2016 and may do so again in 2020 – though I am less certain this time. It is the same reason Boris won in the UK. The left has abandoned the working class for an ivy tower, nonsensical, minority-focused ideology. It is of no interest to working people at all….. it is that simple. It reminds me of the agricultural plan and strategy pursued by the post war Communists that left millions dead from starvation…. to turn our world upside down creating myths to aid minorities over the majority, by destroying our cheap energy infrastructure in favor of more complex and volatile renewables and killing what is left of industries in the name of ‘green’, you basically get the whole western world to commit suicide while the Chinese Communists watch on gleefully awaiting their moment to fulfill their stated destiny of world domination – they will simply walk in and take over.

Glad I won’t be around to see that one come true.


Does she know?

Does it show?

Is there hope for me yet?

Will I not again regret?

A fantasy

Out of my league

But they forgot to tell me

and I still believe

Anything’s possible

Anything at all

Just wish on a star

Any one will do

One shooting on through

Follow it across the sky

I won’t lie

I’m fading away

Not sure if I can fight another day

The sand is almost done

From top to bottom

The grains reflect the Sun

Marking time awhile

So I better succeed

And as I agreed

With myself some time ago

I will succeed

It’s written in those stars

Beerlight bars

And far away memories

Of other world journeys


Dream Women and Soul Mates

I have written a few poems recently dealing with the dilemma of finding the woman of my dreams. I’m gonna lay it out here tonight cos I must admit, I begin to wonder if such a thing actually exists at all.

You read about soul mates and true love. I used to believe it too. I did. But as I get older and as each relationship that started with so much hope fades to nothing, I wonder if I am chasing ghosts? You see, growing up I used to dream about this girl – powerful and vivid recurring dreams. I fell in love with this dream woman I think. She was dark haired, dusky and beautiful – exotic in a slavic sort of way. She was my best friend and I knew her soul. I was too young for it to be overtly sexual.

I was talking to a very good female friend the other day – Sue – and I heard myself say – maybe I have compared all women with my dream girl? And I as I get older, I begin to despair. Who was she? Where is she? Why has none of my relationships ever matched up?

I have a theory actually. It is this. The girl of my dreams is actually my own soul – my anima – my opposite. It makes sense. But while others find a representation of their anima or animus, I seemingly have not. I wonder why? Am I looking too hard?

It sounds like I’m whinging. I’m really not. But as I grow older, I do find myself musing more and more about the dream girl of my youth and why I never found her in life? Will I still?

I think I see glimpses of this dream girl in women that I fall for. I see them in the guise of my soul mate only to find out as time goes by that they are nothing of the sort. And as I ask in my last poem – maybe the woman I seek is my soul not my soul mate. And if so – what does that mean?

I’d love some feedback on this – anyone have a similar feeling? Are there women out there that can cast a light on this? Do other men have a similar issue? Is there a solution? Is it too late? Will I go on writing poems about the search? And how is some people seem to find that one special true love that lasts a lifetime and beyond?


I’m talking to you but maybe just to myself

I’m trying to find the woman I dream of

But feel I am picking through flotsam and jetsom

Scammers and ego maniacs, humanity I guess

But I don’t find her and the harder I look

The harder my search becomes

Then I question what I look for at all?

Maybe I’m designed to be single?

Maybe the love I hold is not meant to find its target

Maybe I’m the only one who feels like I do?

And maybe the one I seek is inside of me

My soul not my soul mate

Is that my fate?

To have a date

With my inner self?

The Perfect Monster

Those who know me know I collect scary stories for fun. But just recently, it has come to my attention that, if you believe everything written in magazines and papers, there is a monster beyond all others. A scary beastie that has super powers to get you – so beware!

It first came to my attention a couple of weeks back when I had (and still have) neck pain. I googled the symptoms looking for some remedy I had overlooked. Could be COVID google told me. Really? I thought. COVID? So I randomly googled foot ache and COVID – yep. Foot ache is a symptom too. Over the course of the next 30 minutes, I discovered that any symptom you may experience could be COVID. It’s apparently something of a super bug.

Then, I began to read articles that tell me it can live for 9 hours on your hands. It’s in the air! It’s become even more powerful at infecting us. It can cause all kinds of horrendous long-term issues – even if you never had it! That neck ache? Yes well there has been a 40% increase in neck aches since COVID started and the two are related somehow…. they are pretty sure.

Can’t sleep nights – COVID!

Foggy brain – COVID!

Seeing ghosts? – COVID?

Yes folks, this super bug can be caught walking alone in the middle of a forest and exhibit such symptoms as wakefulness, having to pee and dreaming about sex. Miraculously, it is morphing and changing and taking over the planet as we speak.

The more I googled and read, the more I became convinced that people are plain stupid.

The last article I read tells me that COVID is so clever, it infects almost 80% of us WITHOUT symptoms so that it can have us infect everyone around us with a much stronger, meaner version.

You can test positive with this virus also simply by having a flu vaccination, a common cold, switching your sample for one taken from a banana, or simply not testing at all but registering for a test and not showing up. Once you have had it though, the advice is not to test again as apparently you will test positive forever and need to quarantine for eternity.

One more thing to note about this super monster is that it doesn’t affect politicians. Nope, they are able to go to restaurants at midnight for meetings, arriving and leaving without a facemask and never catch it!

My solution to the epidemic? Let’s all become politicians.

Yes, this COVID seems to be the perfect monster lurking in the closet….