Addicted to Fear?

I think I inherited from my father what he called an inquiring mind. He was writing to the local paper about climate change when I was a teen convinced, as am I, that it is just a normal part of life on a living planet. It was his questioning and his approach to solving problems that really motivated me to go to college and get a PhD for Geology. The level of curiosity he engendered in me for the natural world was my motivator.

I’ve watched and commented on the climate change agenda for the last 30 plus years. Over that time, we have been told over and over again how we have just a few years etc. etc. and I frankly find it amusing. The constant beat of the fear drum with a stream of biased and mostly over stated news though is effective and has convinced the masses. Those who like myself, stand up to this barrage and call it for what it is – nonsense and propaganda – are name called, threatened and in some instances, fired from jobs. This I view very seriously for when there is no debate, then we are not conducting science but religious persecution. Then we have the silly ‘settled science’ mantra – science is never settled, doesn’t prove anything and is clearly in the business of hypotheses.

But, those who control the agenda have learned some invaluable lessons from the climate change hysteria. They learned how to marginalise and neutralise debate and dissent, how to drive the masses with fear and doom and much more. And they have applied them boldly around this COVID issue too.

People are afraid but of what I do not know. If they took a little time to think about things they might realise that COVID is not the end of humanity, not a killer of gigantic proportions, that what we have is a test that is not designed to test for a virus and produces meaningless results, a media that transitioned from sex sells to fear sells better and cowardly politicians who are eroding basic freedoms with their ineptitude.

It is the climate scam all over again but bigger and better.

A big part of the climate thing was models – the ones that are continually wrong – but who cares right? The same with COVID – models showing deaths and more deaths but….. already, they have been shown to be wrong. Yes, people are dying and I know this sounds cold but people – we all die. We were born to die. How we die is the key. COVID is highly unlikely to off you unless you happen to have an illness already or are already very old. It is just like the flu but a tad bit more effective.

Meanwhile, the lockdowns and silly rules made up by politicians and ‘epidemiologists’ (who are so specialised that they cannot know what ill effects their recommendations will have on the broader population), impact all of us. The answer really is quite simple and it isn’t a vaccine. It is common bloody sense. Protect those who are vulnerable and let the rest of us get on with it. Quarantine is keeping the sick from the healthy NOT the other way about.

Yesterday, I went for a massage before the business was closed for what could be forever. The young girl who manages the desk there told me how scared she was and what a good thing the lockdown was. She was amazed when I told her that according to survival rates from the CDC, at 20-years of age, her chance of dying was about 0.001% and that she would likely have few if any symptoms. In fact, she stood more risk of being knocked down by a tram on her way home. Now me at 60, well its a 0.5% chance of dying and probably a worse illness. She looked at me incredulously and said – so why are they making a big deal out of it? Good question – and try to answer that yourself, I said.

Humans love to be scared it seems to me. It’s why rollercoasters are popular and shows about ghosts and so on. Fear is a big motivation – bigger than sex. Don’t be frightened. Do the research – use your brain, be sensible and understand that fear is being used to control your behavior and that you actually like being afraid. But you may not enjoy the consequences of it in the end so please – THINK.

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