Isn’t Life Weird

I was thinking today about relationships. I’m single – again – and getting older. I’m told I look younger so I am not mentioning my age……But, I was thinking… isn’t it a miracle to meet someone special?

Its happened a few times in my life so I have faith that it will again but that faith is tested at times.

Yesterday, I tried a dating site – Badoo – I have to say I thought momentarily I had accidentally logged into the local women’s prison website by mistake…. Is that how it feels for you ladies too?

I’m not looking for anything special or outrageous… Just a normal lady who looks good and has a sense of humor and a level of commitment. Thats pretty much all I can offer in return after all.

I have to say that I make great money, not short of a bob or two, drive a Mercedes, co-own my own business, write books, make music, podcasts, do magic, like nature… and am younger looking than my age – but apparently this is not enough. I’m not sure what the secret sauce is. to be honest. I would have thought any one or combination of the above? But this I have discovered is simply not true.

I think I should declare myself a bachelor and just forget about the whole thing ….. finding someone – that special person – it is a miracle… so rejoice if you have that special person in your life…