Singing My Own Praises? Not Really.

I hate to think about the number of times I have been right about things and yet, no one believed me because my opinion was politically incorrect. I said Trump would win in 2016, no one believed me. I said Boris would get a landslide. The list of these correct pronouncements is endless yet still, no one ever listens to me. For months I have been saying that the COVID-19 vaccine probably won’t help much and that we need to learn to live with the virus. This and my other pronouncements around the virus have been very unpopular. I said back in March that the mortality rate was much lower than people then thought because many people were sick but asymptomatic and not counted…. very unpopular pronouncement but entirely correct.

I’m not trying to blow my own horn here. I’m not looking for praise in the fact that I am often right. Who cares after all? It’s just Gary wittering on about something as usual with a bee in his bonnet. So what is my point? It is simply this – if you step back, analyze the evidence in a scientific way (logical and objective – not political or emotional), it is possible to arrive at solid conclusions and test them. Science and the scientific method is the way to go.

But there is a problem here. The left primarily has hijacked the word ‘science’ and made it synonymous with “belief”. You see it everywhere and in particular with US Democrats…. trust the science and similar silly phrases. What the left views as science isn’t. It is the pseudo science of mantra, ideology and belief and you had better not get crossways with it or you are ‘anti-science’ or even worse – a ‘denier’. (I’d love to place one of those emoji’s here that shows shock for effect). The right on the other hand seems to have dismissed scientific method at times altogether without trying to twist or change its meaning. Science has been politicized and we will all now be much worse off for that.

Today, there was the story on Reuters that the COVID-19 vaccines will likely not be very effective. They might reduce the symptoms a little and any benefits will be short-lived. Well, that was obvious from day one which is why I have been saying this to anyone who will listen – basically no one. Why? Wishful thinking. People want a solution and so they wish there was one. They don’t want to hear they may be wrong.

I will repeat also why Trump won in 2016 and may do so again in 2020 – though I am less certain this time. It is the same reason Boris won in the UK. The left has abandoned the working class for an ivy tower, nonsensical, minority-focused ideology. It is of no interest to working people at all….. it is that simple. It reminds me of the agricultural plan and strategy pursued by the post war Communists that left millions dead from starvation…. to turn our world upside down creating myths to aid minorities over the majority, by destroying our cheap energy infrastructure in favor of more complex and volatile renewables and killing what is left of industries in the name of ‘green’, you basically get the whole western world to commit suicide while the Chinese Communists watch on gleefully awaiting their moment to fulfill their stated destiny of world domination – they will simply walk in and take over.

Glad I won’t be around to see that one come true.