The dowser and the magician

I was the guest of dowser and house healer, Tim Walter recently. Despite a few internet issues, we made it through a laughter-filled and quite joyous chit chat about magic and dowsing and so on. If you do not know of Tim, I can really recommend his video channel as being filled with informative content.

He describes the video as follows;

The Dowser (me) and the magician, author Gary M Vasey, in conversation. It is fascinating to talk to people who have had unusual experiences in their lives. It’s especially interesting when those people have a scientific/logical based training and understands that life is not what it often seems. Author Gary M Vasey is one of these people and it was an absolute pleasure to talk with him about his life, about the nature of real magic and of fear, ghosts poltergeists, earth energy and dragons and manifesting in the magical energies of creation. This is part 1 of two parts. Part 2 will be uploaded soon.

I had also interviewed Tim a while ago for my own podcast – The Magical World of G.Michael Vasey and you can catch that chat here….

Listen to “Episode 14: House healing, Dowsing and the Nature of Reality with Tim Walter” on Spreaker.

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