Revisiting the King’s Table

This weekend, I needed to get into nature – into the bosom of the Goddess so to speak. For me, the connection to the land and to the Goddess is something that fades if I let it dragged away kicking and screaming by the mundane everyday. Then suddenly, I wake up again to her call and realize….. it’s been too long.

A few months ago, I got a message out of the blue from a guy in the USA. Over the past few months I hear from him periodically. I don’t know how he found me. He doesn’t want anything except to tell me a few things it seems on a spiritual level – to share a few of his moments with the Goddess and connect. Last Sunday, out of the blue, he sent me a message… “Hey, shaman! You need to get into nature.” He was right.

So yesterday, off I went. I took a friend along as well and we had a really nice day. We stopped off initially at Velehrad and explored the Earth energies either side of the alter. He could feel it too – he even picked it up at the same point I did, which was reassuring. Renowned for its healing energies, my purpose in visiting was to send some the way of a friend who needs it.

However, a couple of new thoughts about the place emerged as well. First, Velehrad could be thought of as ‘Big Castle’ or similar except there is no Castle and it isn’t a big place. Though it could also be a pointer to it’s possible history as the capital of the ancient Moravian Kingdom as ‘Great Castle’ or similar. Now, I suspect the church is built on an ancient pagan center – a spring. It struck me, that perhaps it is actually named or the Slavic deity – Veles? Veles’ Castle. That resonates with me.

Second, an exploration of the area around showed a stream passing close by and, as my friend remarked, the water was extremely ‘clean’ looking. I suspect it is spring water and hasn’t traveled far. I suspect the site was a pagan site of worship and marked by a spring. Can’t prove it but….

From there we went to Kraluv Stul. The so called King’s Table and I dowsed along with my friend who was amazed to find he could do it and that he picked up the same features as I. Firstly, the vortex off center in the circle and not by the big stone at all and secondly, what seemed to be three energy lines passing through the vortex and…. marked by small stones in five of the six instances.

I again did a little meditation aided with a candle, some small polished stones and some water from a well in Yorkshire. I again aimed healing energies where they were needed and made a few silent requests of my own. I had hope the activity would change the energy of the place – wake it up so to speak – but I can’t say I felt any difference. Who knows? Certainly, several other people visited that day and one or two of them demonstrated a reverence that suggested to me, the site was actively used already.

After a 10km hike through the misty, damp forest – through the bosom of the Goddess – we returned to the car for the trip home in the twilight. I felt a sense of renewal and connection again. And I made a vow, to try to stay more focused from now on.

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