Chasing Dragons in Moravia

I have just completed a follow up to Chasing the Shaman that I have called Chasing Dragons in Moravia. It’s already out on Kindle and shortly, the paperback will also be available – it includes photographs. It’s not overlong but I hope it is an interesting account of the last 6 months or so in which I took on the forms of Slavic gods Perun and Veles….. and yes, weird things did happen.

The funny thing is that as I pulled this together from blog posts, notes and so on, it all fell into place like a jigsaw. It was an easy write because I suddenly understood all of the connections. And what could the connections be between Moravian stone circles and Churches, Castles guarding the gates of hell and these dual gods of the Slavic pantheon. Well…. quite a lot and most of it is in the book.

I’m now off on another journey – I’m going to explore some Slavic Goddesses. I have no idea what will happen but sometimes, I just dream about meeting an aspect of the goddess in a forest here and being enticed off to another world. So if I simply disappear. You can rest easy. I am with Her.

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