Freedom to Choose

This post is wonderful. I agree with every single word. I read some of the comments – well meaning people with distorted views of reality based on pursuit of a utopia that doesn’t exist – not without a horrendous downside for everyone else anyway. Just ask anyone in the country I live – Czechia – they lived under utopian Soviet rule where friends reported friends to curry favor and buck the system, where people were sent to be ‘re-educated’ and many many more downright horrors. People have lost their ability to think critically absent emotion and fear…….. for humanity’s sake, I hope these people wake up and recover that ability before they wake up in their utopian hell.

Diana Tibert

This is not about writing; it’s about freedom. Freedom is what every human wants and deserves. Without freedom, we are slaves. Without freedom, we do not prosper. Without freedom, we do not have personal rights. I would give up everything for freedom.

Freedom is what my father, my grandfather and all veterans fought for in the great wars. Freedom is what our ancestors sought when they left countries where they were mere peasants under a monarch’s rule. Freedom is the ultimate goal in every society.

Fighting Against Freedom

There’s been horrible rumblings in society over the past ten months about taking away a person’s freedom to choose what goes into their body. I’m going to come right out and say this, and if you don’t like it, too bad.

This is my body. I decide what goes into it and what doesn’t. If you think otherwise and try to go…

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Happy New Year

I will say Happy New Year to all and sundry despite thinking the New Year a very weird day. It is just another day after all – nothing special. Yet because it is the end of the calendar, people give it status. They then go out and celebrate wildly ensuring that their start to said New Year is slow and possibly hungover. Huh?

Happy New Year.

Time to Regulate Social Media?

The thing about social media is that it brings people together. I started using Facebook before it was a thing – in 2007 or thereabouts. It was still called The Facebook and was primarily used by students. My son who was at Macalester College showed it to me. Pretty soon, I was able to find old and current friends, and family and communicate with them even from 6000 miles away. It seemed pretty ace.

Of course, as Facebook has become more sophisticated – more than a free tool to communicate with friends and family, its downside has got bigger and bigger. Facebook knows a lot about us. This information is for sale either directly or via its advertising technology. That’s why you see adverts that appear to be made just for you. Add in places like Amazon and other big tech and you end up with a world I do not much like. There is nothing I can do that isn’t recorded, analyzed and used against me. Here in the Czech Republic, the Government has even used your debit cards against us. Yes, if you were supposed to be quarantining officially, then your transactions were monitored to ensure you were not out and about. Some people may support this but to me this is more than breach of privacy – it is totalitarianism. And I fear more is coming.

Did you know Facebook records everything you do – even those hasty posts that you later delete? What does it do with that privileged information? It makes money from it. Is that right? Is that acceptable? Are you happy that those tech billionaires get to make money out of your private data? I’m not. These Tech firms need to be regulated and quickly but I will bet the biggest user of that information is your Government.

Social media also allows people to build echo chambers where they can meet like minded people, read the kind of materials they want and never be challenged. With a little manipulation here and there, using that behavior information they collected over the last 5 years about you, they can push you in that direction as well. People begin to feel that they know. That they are correct and that their way is the only way. It is quite natural if your views are reinforced in your echo chamber. This is how suddenly everyone thinks themselves qualified to hold an opinion about everything isn’t it?

Offer a different perspective and its deep doo doo for you. Even offer scientific proof and before you know it, Facebook fact checkers (what the hell?) have labeled your third-party published peer reviewed scientific paper as dubious and you are a subhuman conspiracist, anti-vax, flat earther who belongs in jail. Other people who have never met you feel qualified to know how you must behave and think. Just today, a lady told me that I ‘must be one of those people who go to social gatherings mask less and parade in the streets with other fascist tossers‘ She is confident that she knows me, how I think and behave based on the fact that I have a different opinion, backed by scientific research though it is. No doubt, she learned about my type on CNN.

In the end, I don’t think social media to be anything but a problem. I still use it because to stay in touch with friends and family is important – especially in these times. However, even as a tool for advertising this blog or my books, it has no value unless I pay. I am looking for a FB alternative – there are a few out there emerging. I like Amazon in many ways – it allows me to do things I couldn’t even 10-years ago. I detest Twitter – we all shout from mountain tops and hope we shout the loudest? What is that about? Yet, I was told by an expert if I want to market my podcast, it is the place and I must have an account.

So, I’m back to it is time to regulate these tech firms. The damage they are doing and are capable of doing outweigh their usefulness. Something must be done – not to constrain free speech – but to limit how data is used, how echo chambers get built and to educate people that you should behave on social media the way that you would in civilized society. On the latter point, I’m guilty too – I do not suffer fools and I certainly do not suffer them on FB! An area I must improve.

(For the record, while I see face masks as having limited value, I do follow the law and I do wear a face covering indoors. I live alone and I do not like crowds so prefer small get togethers. I avoid political gatherings at all costs – I cannot abide politicians of any persuasion. I would view my politics as middle of the road – socially liberal and fiscally conservative. I am increasingly concerned by consumerism but not at all worried about the planet – it can and will look after itself.)

Chasing Dragons in Moravia……

So here is a bit of a puzzle.

I wrote an autobiographical book about finding my place in Czechia through connecting with the magic of the land. It was called Chasing the Shaman and it continues to do rather well for such a book – a sort of magic/Earth energies/autobiography thing. What started everything to kick into place was my discovery of a mysterious shaman operating in plain sight right here down my street. His wonderful stone arrangements lay for months yet no one disturbed them and his continual visits were documented with gifts of tobacco and new stones.

I never did find out who he was and his activities stopped earlier this year. But mine didn’t. He had led me on a journey I had not anticipated nor expected into the Slavic Deities and customs here in Czechia and beyond. I started mapping Earth energy lines with my dowsing rods, visiting magical places with rumors of dragons and imaging myself as Perun – God of Thunder and Veles – God of the Underworld. I made relationships with trees and with the Goddess in nature discovering a whole new world right on my doorstep – and a whole new me to boot. I put this into a new book that I called Chasing Dragons in Moravia. The cover of the book features a Czech stone circle called Karluv Stul (King’s Table). I don’t know if it were my timing but this book officially bombed. I think two people have purchased it. The question is why?

Anyway, I’m now engaged in a furtherance of the activities in that book and working the Winter and Spring with Morana and Vesna – two Slavic Goddesses that represent death and winter, and fertility and spring. I am combining that with working under a Slavic shaman out of the US that I discovered and her moon work. This had me build my Morana effigy on the Winter Solstice, for example. The plan is for a third book called – yes – Chasing the Goddess. Meanwhile, I am documenting some of the work here as well.

My Morana Effigy

Anyway, please do give the books a look. Alan Richardson, who did read Chasing Dragons in Moravia had this to say…

Vasey’s new book continues to bring insights and his personal experience of a whole field of esotericism that is both ancient to the larger world, but completely new to me. I had never heard of Perun and Veles before, yet I was enthralled by his invocations of both, and his honest responses when – as often happens in this kind of Work – nothing seems to happen. When in fact, as time reveals, everything was always happening.

The New Normal

So here is what we can glean about today’s world.

  1. We use a test that should not be used to detect a virus to detect a virus. However, it doesn’t actually detect the virus at all. Just a fragment of RNA that may or may not come from a virus. This test uses a cycle to essentially boil the ocean looking for that fragment of RNA. Apparently, at over 35 cycles, it has a 97% false positive rate. Yet, most countries are cycling 40+ times.
  2. When sick people usually stay home. If they get really sick they call a doctor. These days, if you get sick you are encouraged to ‘test’ – see 1. above.
  3. The only way to resolve the situation is to be vaccinated apparently and according to the powers that be. Vaccinated with a vaccine that is experimental (and is under strict rules until 2023 when it will be deemed to no longer be experimental), based on an all new bio technology that could be the biggest breakthrough in medial science ever but…… it really hasn’t been tested in order to know for sure. Moreover, this vaccine doesn’t actually stop you from getting the virus, doesn’t stop you being infectious, might not work against new variants of the virus at all and, needs to be re-applied every 9 months or so. A license to make billions for the pharma companies involved. Don’t you think?
  4. Lockdowns are now viewed as not just normal but appropriate – well, that is unless you have a small business. The fact that lockdowns plainly do nothing but delay the inevitable – which is exactly what we were told they were supposed to do in the beginning remember? We now see no end in sight and this is simply the new normal. Yes, get vaccinated, wear a dirty rag over your mouth and stay home because actually, the vaccine isn’t the answer at all.

And we do this for what reason?

There is a virus that can make some people very ill indeed. We know which people it can make very sick. This virus probably isn’t going to go away. Just like the flu and the cold, humanity simply must learn to live with this virus. The survivability rate is up there in the 99%+ range – just like a virulent flu and much less than other diseases we can get. But, this magical virus has every symptom you can possibly imagine. You must be afraid – very afraid….. every time you start to relax and think the end in sight, a new symptom, a new vairiant is reported just to keep you at home, locked up with a rag over your mouth hoping for a vaccination that actually does nothing.


Had you told me life would have been like this in 2020, I would have thought you mad. But now. It’s the new normal.

Unless we wake up and ensure it isnt.

Your choice.

‘P.C.’ World?

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

I’m in bed, desperately trying to get to sleep. It is after midnight, I’m warm and cosy, I’m more than tired, I have a long day ahead… and I am going to have to get up and get back on the computer. Words and images are dancing on the inner screen and giving me no peace.

I know what did it… We had been talking about censorship… the banning of books, the tearing down of statues, the demonisation of past heroes because they no longer meet our strict criteria of modern mores. It had been compounded by opening a book I love but which was written well over a century ago. The language, by modern standards, is hard going, although the ideas expressed are crystal clear.

We forgive the archaic forms of speech, knowing them to be the literary language of the time… taken in context, there is no other…

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Mapping Earth Energies

This afternoon, I braved the subzero temperatures to a little more mapping of the Earth energy lines here in Brno. I started last year at the Castle – Špilberk – above me where I found three energy lines passing through or actually around the castle site. Periodically, I get the dowsing rods out and go looking to see where they go.

What has surprised me a lot is that, so far, churches lie perfectly aligned on these lines. One east-west line I discovered passed straight down the knave of the St. Wenceslas Orthodox Cathedral. Yet , that church was only consecrated in 1931. It has a Russian-style cupola, covered in gold leaf in 2003 and a set of melodic bells that chime each hour. It is only a few hundred meters away from my home.

Špilberk Castle and below in the trees is the St. Wenceslas Cathedral.

I suspect, though have not yet mapped it there to prove it, that in the other direction, this line will also pass through St. Peter and St. Paul Cathedral on Petrov Hill. I will probably try to confirm that this week. About this church, I learned the following….

The cathedral – nicknamed Petrov, like the hill – dates back to the 11th and 12th centuries, when a Romanesque chapel was built on the top of a hill. At the end of the 12th century, a small church with an apse and a crypt was built there, and in the 13th century it was expanded into a Romanesque basilica, the remains of which were discovered during an archaeological study of the cathedral at the end of the 20th century; the site is now open to the public. The church was then rebuilt in the early Gothic style and made a provost church and a collegiate chapter. The artist behind the 18th-century Baroque interior was architect Mořic Grimm. The current main altar was created at the end of the 19th century. The ‘Kapistránka’ pulpit located on the left side of the hall is a remarkable piece of art; it is named after the Franciscan friar St John of Capistrano, who preached in Brno in the second half of 1451. The bells on the cathedral towers ring at 11 am instead of at noon in remembrance of a legendary trick that Jean-Louis Raduit de Souches played on the Swedish army as it lay siege to Brno. As the story goes, Swedish general Torstenson claimed he would abandon the siege if his army failed to conquer the city before the bells started to ring at noon. For this reason, de Souches decided to have the bells ring one hour earlier.

The other east-west line bends south from the Castle and goes straight down the knave of a small Chapel on my street. This one is just a little older….

The Bethlehem Church is located on Pellicova Street on the southern slope of Špilberk Hill, in the places where the stairs from Pekařská Street open. The church was built on the initiative of evangelicals in the years 1894 – 1895 and became the first evangelical church in Brno , in which it was preached exclusively in Czech . Its construction, under the direction of the Brno builder Alber, was financed by donations and public collections. On the facade of the church there is an inscription “We preach Christ” , which is the first Czech inscription on a public building in Brno . At present, the church is used by the congregation of the Czech Brethren Evangelical Church.

Today I headed off in the other direction down that line. I wasn’t at all surprised to find it passes straight down the knave of another church – St. Augustines – a Roman Catholic church built in the functionalist style in the years 1932–1934 according to the project of the architect Vladimír Fischer. Again, I wondered how this could be so?

Looking down the knave of St. Augustines and straight down the energy line to…
St. Augustines

I had intended to do more today but it is so cold and windy, I needed to head home for a hot cup of Tea after an hour and a half of walking. But again, who sited these churches with their knaves along energy lines????

I’m Fine….

I was taught not to tell lies. Thou shalt not lie or something similar says the Bible. If I lied, I got punished.

Sometimes, when I think on things, I think you know I’m not a bad person. I really don’t lie, I don’t cheat at games or business, I’m not a jealous person, I don’t scheme and I don’t really understand those that do. I’m not lazy – well not in most ways – I know how to put in a hard day’s work but I don’t go to the gymnasium much…. I don’t really ever think about wanting something as I have everything I want at least in terms of things – if not a lot more than I really need. I have broken a few commandments but ones like killing, coveting, and so on not broken.

And then my mind wanders a bit and comes back to that thought about telling lies. Of course i have lied. Over and over and over again like everyone else. Every time that I said I was fine, when I wasn’t. Every time I told someone don’t worry when I did. We all do it. We lie. To save the other person some grief. My Mum used to call this fibbing or white lies. But they are lies.

Life is weird isn’t it if you think on it.

Don’t lie.

Don’t let anyone know how much you hurt. Cos, I’m fine. Even when I’m not.

I lied.

And you do too. Don’t you?

Happy holidays

Happy Holidays everyone. Happy new year – though I expect more of the same until people wake up to the fact they are being lied to and manipulated. As we move more fully into the age of Aquarius, I expect the worldly powers to continue what they started and ordinary people awakening to push back. I suspect 2021 will be a year of cvil unrest and I hope a few turncoats will come clean about the nonsense going on in the world.

Meanwhile, truth is often humorous….. and says a thing so much better…. so I leave you with a chuckle…

Meet Peter C. Whitaker

The last of my podcast series for 2020 is available from today and it features an interview with Hull-based writer Peter C. Whitaker. Peter writes about some taboo topics as well as pursues story ideas ranging from 1066 to dinosaurs. We cover some interesting ground including how he approaches writing, how he got started and how his own disability has proven to be a driving force in his choice of topics. We touch on the paranormal and take a quick dive into politics as well.

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