Big Brother

I’ve always been one for gadgets and high tech. I was always excited by Sci-Fi and was an avid boyhood watcher of “Tomorrow’s World”, a TV show that looked at where technology was going. I have my iWatch, iPhone, iPad, iMac and so on and have become very attached to the phone and the watch in particular. I have occasionally laughed at the state of the antiquated US banking industry that still has paper checks – they haven’t been used here since 2002.

But today, I’m troubled. You see, it seems that the Government is about to use its emergency powers under the guise of this supposed pandemic, to mandate my phone company to provide details of my every movement. This on top of the use of my data by facebook and so on in ways I can only imagine to try to influence my buying habits and behavior. We are about to migrate from tracking me to sell me stuff to tracking me to control me.

I can’t have that. No Government has the right to track its citizens. This ‘pandemic’ isn’t the driver either. My chance of catching and dying from COVID is minimal – around .27%.

My privacy and my right to move when and where I want when I want is now under threat via the technology I always had so much interest in and saw so much benefit from.

Well, you know, I really don’t need an iPhone or an iWatch. I lived most of my life unconnected to the network and I sometimes yearn for those days. Does anyone else remember not being inundated in spammy email, text messages and social media. It was bliss.

So, if the Government persists my response (as well as fighting the Government in any way that I can) I will be to go back to a normal, old fashioned watch or perhaps just a step counter unconnected to the net or phone. My phone will stay at home just like the old days and not travel with me at all – and if it does, it will be switched off until I need it. I will stop by the ATM and withdraw more cash and I will use only cash for my transactions. I will do everything I can to go back to an off the grid existence.

No Government, no company has any right to my data. None.

7 thoughts on “Big Brother

  1. I’m with you when it comes to this tracking. I never opted in. I feel this “pandemic” is just an excuse to track and control people. I’m shocked by the number of people who are eager to be tracked and who consent to give up their rights. It’s scary. The government has an easy job because the daily injection of fear through mainstream media has weakened people.


  2. I recently put new batteries in my old, mechanical watch. I don’t even wear it for time keeping, more b/c it’s a pretty. 😁
    You make valid points about resistance to tracking. Do what you need to do to feel free, as free as one can feel on this planet. Sometimes I envy the birds. They go where and when they want with views of the world I can only imagine, yet they don’t require passports, security checks, ID etc. They remind me of the fee souls we really are.


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