Review of Chasing Dragons in Moravia

Alan Richardson left a review on and I am grateful to him for that review which goes as follows…

Vasey’s new book continues to bring insights and his personal experience of a whole field of esotericism that is both ancient to the larger world, but completely new to me. I had never heard of Peres and Veles before, yet I was enthralled by his invocations of both, and his honest responses when – as often happens in this kind of Work – nothing seems to happen. When in fact, as time reveals, everything was always happening.

The second in my Connecting with the Magic of the Land series, the book picks up where Chasing the Shaman finished and is an account of invoking a dual pair of Slavic gods – Perun and Veles. Combined with trips to parts of Moravia (southern Czechia) in search of Earth energies and Stone Circles, there is magic afoot.

The third part of this trilogy will be Chasing the Goddess and will be an account of using the winter and spring moons to invoke Morena (death/winter) and Vesna (fertility/Spring). I’ve already started this journey and already it is giving me food for thought…….