A Warmer World

I marvel at just how clever and effective the climate change alarmists are almost everyday. How is it that they can so easily cover up the obvious fact that the world was warmer in the past? That they should want to do this and indeed need to do this, I do understand. You can’t argue the world is on fire and it’s our fault if actually, a couple of thousand years ago, the world was warmer than today can you?

Yet, in roman Briton, wine was exported to the rest of the empire. Vines grew very well in the warm and lush British climate of those times. Yet if you try to find reference to this fact online, you may these days have a hard time doing so. But if you google the right combination of words, and get past Google’s censorship of anything that could be remotely construed as against the party line, you can find plenty of evidence including this piece of research that concludes “This paper presents stratigraphic and palynological data from Wollaston in the Nene Valley, Northamptonshire, which, it is argued, provides conclusive evidence of viticulture on an large scale.. Other articles explain not only were the Romans growing vines almost to the current Scottish border but that there was consternation at the time about English wines supplanting Italian ones. However, google this and you will be informed that this is all falsity by any number of climate change alarmists….. in denial of reality.

In fact, the idea that the climate was warmer in the past – considerably warmer – is pretty obvious despite the attempted cover up. How often do we read about new archeological discoveries being unearthed due to melting ice? OK, so how the hell did it get there then??? These people lived under the ice? Ot could it be that cooling came later and displaced the population? Logic would tell us it was the latter. Then there is Greenland. Why was it called Greenland do you think? Because it was white with snow and ice or because in earlier times, it was a green, lush land with an ideal climate? Do the research and you will discover it was the latter.

If you have had an open mind enough to read this far, can I ask you, did you know that polar ice caps are ABNORMAL for planet Earth? Through geologic time, the Earth has not had ice caps for a majority of the time. Did you know that we live in glacial times – ie cooler times – than is normal for the planet? That we are in what is called an inter glacial period in which the planet warms slowly and progressively until a point when that reverses back into a new glacial period? That this pattern has been in existence for a very, very long time? Probably not. Why would you? Such things are now hidden and made difficult to find for they do not support the current political ideology of man made climate change.

And when they say that science is settled did you know that most scientific papers now show that CO2 has little is any impact on temperatures? Of course not. Why let facts get in the way of the ideology?

We live in an era where the truth is buried and ideology reigns supreme. The end result of all of this can only be bad. Stopping people from having access to cheap and efficient fuels and forcing them to adopt more expensive and unpredictable fuels can only have one aim….. the impoverishment of the vast majority of humanity. I can see no other objective here. Just ask Californians…… they are already experiencing the brown outs, unstable power supply and the most expensive power in the USA.

7 thoughts on “A Warmer World

  1. I agree completely. From what I’ve read over the decades, we are currently still in an ice age, hopefully the tail end of one. As you said, an inter glacial period.

    As for how anyone can believe the nonsense touted by mainstream media, it’s easy. People are too busy to look for themselves. They are taught what to think, not how to think. These ill-prepared ill-educated people will be the first to suffer the consequences. Yet, because of them, we will all suffer in some way until this craziness ends.

    Let us not let facts get in the way of a good story, one of doom, gloom and control.


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