A Word on the Vaccine

This last week, a number of people in the magical community appear to have taken it upon themselves to push the new COVID19 vaccine. Not only that, but in the process, they have made it sound as if anyone who doesn’t follow their instruction is a crazy right wing, flat earth, anti-vaxxer conspiracy believer. I’m sorry but while everyone has a right to provide their opinion, the idea that anyone who disagrees with their high and mighty, by virtue of high position in a magical order, opinion is essentially a sub human being of right wing persuasion is not at all something I would expect from such enlightened people. It’s more the sort of thing I expect from rabid ideologues actually.

I’m sure that these very same individual would be first in line to tell us to respect a woman’s right to choose as it is her body?

Well, it’s my body. And I will choose what I put into it as is my right.

Furthermore, this sort of moral indignation and leftists viewpoint doesn’t belong in a group of people who I hope have seen a little bit of the light – of actuality. I would hope that they would respect other people’s freedoms to chose just as they themselves are free to chose. I would have hoped that they would refrain from sounding like left wing politicians in insulting everyone who doesn’t agree with them. I would have thought that the proper and correct way to communicate their advice would have been something like this…

You will soon be presented with a choice to take a vaccine. I have made a personal decision to have the vaccines as soon as I am able in the hope this will reassure you to have it too. I do realise that it is your decision and so I also urge you to do some research and come to your own conclusions.

Certainly, that would be my way of communicating anyway.

I think that to engage in name calling, innuendo and politics is frankly disgusting behavior designed only to force and shame people into doing something for fear of being labeled or canceled. Isn’t that the way these days? So yes, I would expect better of these magically-minded individuals – much, much better.

And since common sense, freedom of choice and critical thought are today apparently right wing ideals, I can only surmise that the new age movement has finally found its unreal utopia in the silliness of left wing, post modernist politics where reality is bent to support whatever you believe. Quite the reverse of magical thinking and actuality.

Please. Think for your self. Do not be intimidated by the left wing, new age bullies. Because that is all that they are – bullies. Make your own decision and whichever way you chose to go, good on you.

Me, I’m unconvinced of safety and efficiency of an untried and untested experimental vaccine. I will take a wait and see attitude. mRNA technology may prove to be an absolute miracle of ingenuity. It may be quite the opposite. I had my flu vaccine a month ago. I just gave my dog his rabies shot. But this COVID vaccine needs broader testing. That is my opinion. It doesn’t have to be yours. I would never infringe on your rights and tell you what to do. Those that are now engaged in this push and shame behavior are not my friends and they are not enlightened people. They are playing politics with your body. That is NOT right.

7 thoughts on “A Word on the Vaccine

  1. This vax issue is a classic example of why I’ve never been a “joiner”. My body is a sacred temple on Earth for the while i’m here and I treat it as such. Until the rest of humanity starts to love themselves as the exquisite and powerful beings they are it’s just about impossible to have anything more than a discussion about the day’s weather. 😄 .

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  2. Yes – I too was shocked but Utopia and new age have always been mixed in weird ways…. My own inner travels showed me that their Utopia is one of two out of balance extremes and the key is finding the balance. There are many people like this in the new age and occult movement now and they play their games of bullying and canceling even there. I agree – it’s my body. I will decide what I put in it.

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  3. I thought I would read these folks were completely against it. I am shocked. A new witch hunt has begun.

    I feel we need only wait it out a year or two, then these political bullies will see the results of this vaccine and regret it. From my research, the vaccine has been rushed, which is never good when it comes to science and human health. Previous coronavirus vaccines have caused more harm than good.

    The vaccine for dengue fever was given to children in the Philippines and about 600 have died, apparently from the vaccine, which made the illness worse when the children were exposed to it naturally. This is still under investigation.

    Since I’ve never had a flu shot and haven’t had the flu since the 1980s and haven’t had a cold since 2014, I’m opt out of the vaccine. They can call me names and egg my house. I don’t care. My health is my business.


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