Darwin and Sheep

I would like to understand exactly when common sense, free speech, self responsibility and critical thinking became labeled ‘right wing’? Can anyone tell me?

As a geologist, one of the things I am aware of is Darwin’s theory of natural selection. While, I’m not convinced it is as straight forward as he imagined and Darwin’s theory has been modified and critiqued, it is still an observable fact that natural selection is an important criteria in the survival of species. The ability to adapt to environment is paramount to survival in nature. Those that are particularly good at adapting are known as opportunistic species and it goes without saying that until now anyway, Homo Sapiens has been one of the best examples of an opportunistic species.

So, when I see the very criteria by which humanity has been successful in adapting and surviving as a species come under assault by a political group who promote sheep-like adherence to a set of nonsensical values, I grow concerned that humanity may soon run into trouble. Indeed it already has. Let me cite a few examples…

How do you dumb down a massively complex system like the Earth and get people to actually believe that one part of that system (so complex that we really do not understand it at all) – namely CO2 – is the on/off switch for climate?

How do you convince people that something you mostly need to be tested for to know you have it at all is so dangerous to our survival that we have to lock everyone up, destroy our livlihoods and wear face coverings? You tell them daily that people are dying…. but only of that one thing – nothing else.

The rot starts in school where a teacher now indoctrinates as opposed to teach by and large. School is now where our children learn by rote a whole bunch of blatant nonsense as opposed to how to critically think, how to do research to inform decisions, what science is and is not, and how to be responsible.

Now we have a whole system whereby people will deem this article dangerous thinking and try to cancel me, libel me or somehow make me go away. It reminds me of when I was younger and wondering how the Soviet Union could ban the writings of people speaking common sense.

Because rather than being right wing, common sense is dangerous to a system built on follow one another into oblivion type thinking…… I am not a sheep and that is now dangerous to the system…. but it is good for our survival as a species.

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