Peter C. Whitaker will be a guest on The Magical World of G. Michael Vasey on December 22nd. We discuss a lot of things – even politics – and explore his reasoning for writing about challenging topics like this….

Peter C Whitaker

Having decided to go ahead with the idea of writing a novel that takes euthanasia as its theme then some organisation is required. This is not quite like any book that I have written before. Everything that I have penned to date has been a work of fiction. They have each been constructed in a logical fashion. I have written several posts about my preferred working method when it comes to writing, but I will summarise it here just as a reminder.

First, I have the idea and I test it by writing a rough outline. I usually do not bother with dialogue and I do not define any character who I do not identify as major to the story. The aim is to get the original idea, and any associated ideas it gives rise to, on the page.

Second, this stage only appears if step one has been successful…

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